Chapter 250. The Fairy Tribe Delegation (3)

I sat across from Arietta, brought out the Holy Sword from my breast pocket, and took out my magic wand from my pocket space. She was stunned at the moment.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, no, See the magic wand and Caladbolg gave me the chills."

Oh, was it because I had heavily beaten her with these when she was unsealed and had no rationality? Perhaps her subconscious remembers it.

I said with a smile, "It’s probably just a feeling."

"Haha, I guess so...?”

Arietta still looked at my magic wand with leery eyes. Somehow her reaction was interesting, but I didn't bring these out to tease her, so I moved on to the point.

"While you were traveling, I discovered a way to use the magic of the Holy Tribe.”

Surprised, her eyes spread wide open. "Is that true?! Oh word, I'm surprised you succeeded in what Merlin said was impossible."

"Well, that's how advanced modern magic is. Besides, I had plenty of materials and information to study from.”

To analyze the magic of the Holy Tribe, an analysis of the Holy Tribe’s blood and their core magic was needed. Merlin, a great madosa, could have likely found a way 500 years ago even with the old-fashioned magic system. However, it would have been impossible because a magician who served the Holy Tribe could not demand blood from the Queen of the Holy Kingdom’s lineage.

But for me, the dignity of the destroyed Holy Kingdom was not my business.

"Oh, so what's the method?"

"It's simple. I just need to create a tool that will cause an error in the Holy Tribe magic, so it will recognize me as a part of the Holy Tribe lineage.”

Arietta's blood was a prerequisite to making tools that could use the magic of the Holy Tribe. I wore a dark red wristband that used her blood as a catalyst.

"If you wear this and plant a chip connected to the Miracle Crystal in a magic wand, you can then use the magic exclusively for the Holy Tribe."

The Miracle Crystal was similar to the unique mana of the Holy Tribe, enough to confuse it.

"Can you use the magic of the Holy Tribe now?" Arietta looked at me with sparkling eyes.

I smiled, swung my magic wand in the air, and used magic. "I command you as the inheritor of the blood of the first petals of the World Tree’s flower, an arrow of blessing, appear before me and shoot down the enemy."

My mana which was converted to divine power through the Holy Sword went through my magic wand and an arrow of divine power was shot out, but blocked by the room’s barrier it quickly disappeared. 

Arietta clapped her hands, amazed, and said, "Ohhh! You used a very simple magic, memorizing the incantation and following the standard procedure! I've never seen anyone use magic that way before!"

It was as she said. The magic I just used was the basic of the basics, at the level of a magic bullet.

It was like multiplying numbers, but instead of multiplying immediately, you add the appropriate number of times. It was no different from doing ‘10 plus 10 plus 10…’ to get 100, rather than doing ‘10 times 10’.

"What can I do, since I’m unfamiliar with the Holy Tribe’s magic system? Arietta, if you want to learn to use the basic magic bullet, you’ll have to use the same method as me."

For the past two years, I had been busy studying how to use the magic of the Holy Tribe but had been unable to decipher it. Of course, I had made a lot of additional achievements in my research. 

Arietta smiled and waved her fingers at me. "In addition to the magic of the Holy Tribe, I have learned the magic of the common people from Merlin. Something like a magic bullet is no harder than a finger flick." Saying so, she flicked her fingers to make a magic bullet.

I honestly admired it.

"Your mana usage is very outdated.”

It was like looking at mana usage from 500 years ago. Oh, she was someone from 500 years ago!

At my assessment, Arietta became flushed and made excuses in embarrassment. "Well, that can't be helped! I have not had a chance to learn the magic of the future yet.”

"If it’s 500 years ago, wasn't it almost before the circle theory which is now dead? Or, was it right around when it was about to happen?" She shouted seemingly shocked.

"What?! The circle theory is dead? Oh my god! Why did the latest mana usage method die out!"

"That was 500 years ago. It’s already been 400 years since the limitations of circle theory were clearly pointed out."


"As the number of mana rings surpassed seven, most hearts burst because they couldn't withstand the pressure from the mana.”

Even for the Crows, who had physically strong bodies, eight mana rings was the limit. How do I know? There is a record that a magic-loving eccentric among my ancestors died when his heart exploded while making the ninth ring. He was called a great madosa at the time and also a monster who completed the magic circle to protect the village in Olympus Forest.

"I can't believe it." Arietta lamented in vain.

"Then aren’t the rings of my heart dangerous?"

"How many are there?" She frowned with worry.

I stretched her three fingers. "There are three."

"And here I thought there might have been about seven. It doesn't matter. I made up to eight to try to make my mana capacity bigger. Although I received a ton of curses from Teacher-nim saying that it was dangerous."

Thanks to this, I've so far never seen anyone who had more mana than me.

"Uh… I think that is deserving of some curses. You and your ancestors are similar in your recklessness.”

I shrugged when Arietta looked at me dumbfounded.

"It’s fine as long as you're not dead."

I took out an empty notebook from my pocket space and a magic book that I had organized myself regarding the Holy Tribe’s magic. "Now, let's get down to business. I’d like to get some help in analyzing the magic of the Holy Tribe."

Arietta looked fed up when dozens of magic books piled up on the table. "You’re not asking me to give you instructions on all this magic, are you?"

"Not everything, but let's just say until I get the hang of it. If I read the instructions for about ten books, I should roughly know how to do it. Fighting!”

"Ten of these thick magic books?!" Arietta imagined a bleak future and couldn't shut her mouth.

"Ayy, why are you being like that when you already know? You know that ten books are not even close to enough for other people."

If it was an ordinary magician, even if a teacher kindly taught in addition to the instructions, learning it would still be 50/50. As I taught Arwen, I was clearly feeling the hardships of being a teacher. But still, she was able to at least learn five things when I taught ten, so she was pretty good.

"That's true, but aren't you the great madosa who made it possible to use the magic of the Holy Tribe that even Merlin couldn’t do? So…,"

I grinned as I watched Arietta drag on. "Who paid for the journey Her Majesty has been on?”

Arietta answered my question with bewilderment, "That, that's... you."

"I see. Who treated and healed the person who was on the brink of death so that she could travel?"

"That is also you."

"Whose chair is that you’re sitting on, the tea you're drinking, this house with the garden?”

"It belongs to you."

Arietta drooped her head down as if she were ashamed.

I went to Arietta's side and put my hand on her shoulder. "Well, that's fine. Since I have all the things that were in Merlin's lab and all the relics of the Holy Kingdom from when you were sealed, let’s say that makes up the cost."

Although it cost a lot of money, Arietta's knowledge was more valuable than that.

She was delighted at my words. “Will... will you do that?!”

Looking at her relieved, I smiled and nodded. "Of course, but if you leave here, do you have any place to go to?"


Looking at Arietta with a dumbfounded face, I spoke once more, "I asked if you have anywhere to go to if you leave here. My workshop is a place that boasts security to be able to perfectly defend against tens of thousands of troops. That's why the monthly rent is quite high, but do you have any money to pay?"

Arietta trembled at my warm voice.

I whispered slowly into her ear, "Do you know what to do now?"

"I... I will work hard to write a manual!"

It was good to see that she was motivated.

"Take your time. We have plenty of time."

At my gracious words, Arietta shook and nodded with motivation.

I looked at the clock, the time I told Hameln was near. Now that I'd finished my business, it was time to go back to the boarding house.

"Wow, Master is quite evil."

The knights, who were listening in on our conversation, looked at me and murmured. Those gazes were unfair … Who was giving free housing like a pushover that even Lisbon would be proud of?!


Marsen, the guardian knight of the Fairy Tribe, escorted a huge carriage on which the Khan was riding and looked at the wall of the empire’s border in the far distance. Calculating the time of his last visit here, he realized that it had been over two decades.

“Iyaa, it's been a long time.”

Crossing the border after a long time was very different than it was 20 years ago. At that time, there were no walls, and was a land that was still part of the Imperial State. To be exact, although the Imperial State was destroyed, the survivors put the royal offspring of the Imperial State at the forefront to barely maintain the lifeline of the Imperial State. Of course, it was not long until the royal offspring was captured and executed, and it all collapsed.

As Marsen began to feel sentimental, a young man with a youthful face leaned out of the carriage.

"Ohhh! Godfather, this is the empire! Come to think of it, this place used to be the Imperial State’s territory, right?"

"Well, I don't know, but that’s what they say. I mean, that is what they say, Khan Palamut."

Marsen awkwardly changed to honorifics as if he was unused to it.

Finding it funny, Palamut shook his hand with a burst of laughter over Marsen's honorifics.

"Ahahaha! Treat me as usual, Godfather, because it doesn’t suit you. There aren't many people in the empire who can speak our language anyway."

Marsen looked perplexed at Palamut's words. "No, but the Great Khan told me to follow protocol and formality because we are a delegation—”

"Then we can just do that when we go into the imperial palace. I'm already getting goosebumps hearing Godfather's honorifics."

Marsen smiled bitterly at Palamut's suggestion.

"Then shall we?"

"But by the way, I'm worried that the only ones who can speak the language of the empire are Godfather, and Godfather’s aide-de-camp."

"Oh, it's fine. There's a weirdo in the empire’s Adventurers’ Guild who can speak the Fairy Tribe’s language. He was someone who even knew the ancient language and collected old magic books even though he wasn’t even a magician.”

"Ohhh! That's a relief!"

Listening to the conversation between the two, Marsen's aide-de-camp sighed automatically. They lacked the common sense that if it was 20 years ago in a foreign country, the person would be old and retired. Considering that Marsen, the only one in the closed-off Fairy Tribe nation with extensive experience in foreign activities, was like this, he was worried about what kind of trouble Marsen would stir up.

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