Chapter 246. In the Meantime, During Official Duty, It Became This Jerk’s Birthday ~ (2)

It's been about over two weeks since I last checked on the last queen’s condition. It has been well over a month since I came to Asterium for a business trip, and was now past mid-May. The Knights School, including Lisbon and Alphonso, had already returned to the capital a few days ago. Although the business trip was longer than previously expected, the others and I at the Adventurers’ Guild headquarters prepared to return to the capital today.

"You look happy to go back."

I looked at and asked Flam who was packing.

Flam scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "Hahaha, I'm worried about Arwen."

"Arwen, your sister?"

Flam had a sister who couldn't speak. I remember that fortunately, she was a cute little girl who didn't look old or gruffy, like Flam. 

He nodded at my question. "Yes, she gets lonely quite easily, so I don't know if she's doing well because I’m not around to take care of her.”

"But I thought you have a teacher."

If there was a teacher who had taken care of Flam and his sister Arwen, he would not have to worry so much, but he must be a good for nothing. 

Flam smiled bitterly at my words. "Haha, Teacher-nim is someone who always busily moves around."

“Then is your sister all alone?” 

Flam, who was done packing, shook his head. "No, there are people to take care of Arwen so I am not too worried, but she doesn't give much affection to others."

The last time we went to see a play together, it did seem that my friends and I made her felt uncomfortable.

"Your sister must miss you a lot because of the long business trip.”

"Hahaha, I don't know about that. She always calls me a fool and gets angry."

I smiled lightly as Flam shrugged.

"Well, that's what siblings are like. Even if siblings fight, they get along later as if they had never fought.”

I always teased my older brothers and my small sister for being stupid, too. Well, they were actually stupid.

"Ahahaha! Is that so? Well, Den, you did say you had lots of siblings, so I guess you understand."

Flam and I grabbed our luggage and headed to the Asterium train station with the people of the headquarters.


Unlike when we came on the business trip to Asterium, for the train returning to the capital, we were able to take first-class cars due to Duke Asteria’s consideration.

The duke came to the train station to see off Guild Director Glont and also told me that I did a good job and gave me a precious looking watch as a gift. Since it’s my birthday soon, the duke said it was my birthday gift in advance, but I don't know why he would give me a birthday gift.

But since I got it, let's cast magic so that I can use it well for a long time.

"Ootcha! We've arrived at the headquarters!" Demuir stretched and shouted as he entered the Adventurers’ Guild headquarters. 

Fiona clapped and drew attention from the people at the headquarters. "Now, let's put the weapons in the armory and get off work right away. Let's do our best at filing the paperwork starting tomorrow!"

Demuir whistled and cheered. "Whew~! Awesome!"

"Wah! I'm off work!"

Fiona laughed as she saw me and Demuir hurraying.

“You all worked hard.” 

“You all worked hard.”

"Well done, everyone!"

The people at the headquarters said good work to each other and immediately left after putting pistols and swords in the armory.

"Den, are you going straight to the boarding house?"


I shook my head at Flam's question.

"No, I have somewhere I need to stop by."

I was planning on stopping by the workshop to check the security magic again and look at the last queen who I sent to the workshop through Percival and Tristan.

"Oh, is that so? I was going to ask you to help me choose a present for Arwen, but I can't help it if you're busy. Have a safe trip home." Flam turned away with disappointment.

I followed after him and said, "It's not exactly a busy matter, so would you like some help?"

It didn't matter since it wasn’t like the workshop would disappear just because I came a little late. And since Percival and Tristan were by the last queen’s side, I didn’t have to worry about her personal safety.

"Oh, really? Haha, thank you for this," Flam said.

I shrugged lightly. "But don't people usually buy gifts locally?”

"Ahahaha, I forgot. We were pretty busy at Asterium."

Certainly, I was comfortable because I volunteered to go to the Alps and was left out of most of the hard work. But others were quite busy managing adventurers.

"That's true. Then do you want me to give you some of the specialties I bought?"

"Oh! Is that ok? Aren’t those gifts to share with your colleagues?" Flam felt sorry.

I smiled, saying that it was fine. "It's okay. I bought a lot. And not only me, Lisbon and Alphonso also bought some, so many of them will overlap."

"Is that right? Then, it’s shameless of me, but I will take some."

Pretending to put my hand in the bag, I reached into my pocket space and handed over the hairpin and ribbon that I was going to give to Alice and Yuria.

"Oh, I'll give you this, too." Additionally, I took out the choux cream from my pocket space.

"Isn’t this the choux cream from the famous choux cream store? It's as fresh as you've just bought it, when did you buy it?"

"Haha, I bought it before I got on the train."

Actually, it's been a while since I bought it. But it was fresh because it was put in the pocket space. In the pocket space, it was difficult for microorganisms to grow, making it perfect for preserving food.

"The wait to buy this must have been long. Thank you."

There were still a lot of choux creams in my pocket space.

"I feel bad just receiving them. Ah! Would you like to go home and have a cup of tea?"

"No, it's okay...”

"If I don't at least treat you to some tea, I would be ashamed of myself."

I tried to refuse but was forced to nod my head at Flam's despondent gaze.

"Then I'll have just one cup and go."

He led me with a bright smile.

When Flam lived in the training center dormitory, I often went over to hang out at the dormitory, but it was my first time visiting his house since we were given our appointments.

"Come on in."

He opened the gate and went inside. The place was a small private house with a small garden.

"You’ve kept the garden well.”

"Oh, the one who looks after Arwen said it was good for her emotions and created it." He opened the front door and shouted, "I’m home!"

A little girl flew out from upstairs at his shout.

"Aigoo, dangerous. Ugh!"

Flam tried to catch Arwen who jumped from the second floor, but was struck in the chest by her double side kick and collapsed to the floor. 


It was a perfect hectopascal kick. I don't know who her master was, but she was taught properly.

Arwen, who landed safely on the floor, hit Flam on the head.

- Who?

Arwen, who kept hitting Flam, found me, cast magic on her finger, and wrote in the air.

"We've met once before. Don't you remember?"

Arwen thought for a while about my question, nodded, then wrote in the air.

- Stupid’s friend?

"Hahaha, that's right. The friend of Stupid lying on his stomach there."

"Uuuuh, it hurts so much. You've improved while I’ve been gone. You must have worked hard."

Arwen nodded proudly as she watched Flam get up holding onto his chest.

- Because I'm smart, unlike Stupid.

"Hahaha, is that so? Oh, you've seen him before, remember?"

- I know. He's Stupid’s friend. Why'd you bring him?

Arwen glanced at me as if she was dissatisfied that I came along.

"Den bought some famous choux cream...”

- Welcome! Shall we get some tea ready?

Arwen swallowed and looked at the box of choux cream in my hand before Flam was even finished.

At her sudden change of pace, he smiled and asked. "By the way, are you alone?"

- Ahjumma left saying she has work to do.

"What ahjumma, if she heard it, she would probably swing a knife at you."

- I know. I'm not stupid.

I don't know who the hell was taking care of her that she would wield a knife at being called an ahjumma.

Arwen took tea leaves out of the kitchen and Flam led us to a table in the living room.

"She's a lot livelier than before."

"Haha, I know. It's probably because of the choux cream. The person who takes care of her manages her diet too strictly."

So there was a reason why she looked happy when she saw the choux cream.

"Teacher-nim brings some snacks when he comes over, but it seems it’s not enough."

Flam put the choux cream on a plate and Arwen put the tea leaves in the kettle.

"But seeing her write in the air, she must know how to use magic."

"Ahh, she’s learning magic from the caregiver. It’s too difficult for me to learn, but Arwen seems to have a talent for it."

Arwen nodded, looking a little prideful.

- Because I'm a genius!

"Doesn’t Teacher-nim always tell you to be humble?" Flam warned.

An upset Arwen kicked Flam's leg.

I smiled slightly at the scene.

"There's a saying- know thyself. Looking at her use mana, it's clear that she has talent."

It seemed like she was unable to hide her mana that well, but the mana I felt from her seemed to be close to the level of a great magician. Of course, I would have to see the magic being used properly, but she didn’t seem to be lacking to be called a genius.

It was like watching my childhood. It was a good time to throw her before a demon. 

"Is that so?" Flam, who didn't know much about magic, tilted his head.

"Oh, we don't have enough teacups. I'll bring some."

Flam saw that there were only two teacups on the table and headed to the kitchen, and Arwen looked at me as if she wondered who I was to assess her.

She wrote her innermost thoughts in the air while Flam was away.

- Just a mere civil servant. 

"Hahahaha, you kid."

This child didn't seem to have a pair of quite discerning eyes. I liked the cheeky look quite a bit. If I taught her properly, she could probably become a madosa before she turns 20.

- I'm not a kid.

"No, you are a kid. You haven't even built a pocket space yet, have you?"

If she had created a pocket space, there should be a subtle feeling of distortion of space.

She frowned as if I had hit the nail on the head.

"You have to at least make a pocket space if you don’t want to be called a kid."

She was choked up and scribbled roughly in the air.

- Can you make one? 

"If I can?"

- You're lying.

What to do, I like her talent.

I understood a little of the feeling that Elder Mirpa had when he couldn't teach me. I don't know who she’s learning from, but my hands felt itchy when I thought her talent might get wasted.

I pulled out a magic wand from my pocket space and smiled.

"I'll show you a new world, kid."

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