Chapter 242. A Forgotten Ancient Castle and a Sealed Queen (22)

Even though we were quite far away, the magic of the last queen was so powerful and vast that my whole body became numb. It reminded me of the Turtle Carrying A Mountain I had faced a few months ago. No, this mana was more ferocious.

"A monster like that was around, but the Holy Kingdom was still ruined? What kind of monstrous group was the Giant Tribe?" It was at that moment when I understood that the Giant Tribe was extinct. This level of power was enough to contend against my father.

Percival and Tristan shook their heads with puzzled faces at my admiration.

- No, Her Majesty was indeed strong, but she wasn’t this formidable.

- If Her Majesty had that much power, the war with the Giant Tribe probably wouldn’t have dragged on for that long.

The two men were nervous at the power of the last queen.

"Your Majesty! Do you recognize us?" Even with Percival's cry, the last queen only let out a low roar.


"I don't think she is in a state where she can hear you," I said. Percival gritted his teeth at my words and remained silent.

At that time, Aries had landed a little ways off from where my group and I were, and he shook off the dirt with magic and said, "Looks like her sense of reason is gone."

As expected, he was alive. For people at the level of Aries’s subordinates, the wave of mana was not blockable, but considering that they were fine, Aries must have protected them.

"What caused that, I wonder?”

When I asked, Aries looked over the last queen with emotionless eyes. "Although a narrow-minded person like yourself may not know, it is hypothesized that there’re spirits without physical bodies in the reverse world."

This was a hypothesis I've heard many times somewhere. "The theory of the Demon King?" I asked.

According to that theory, if an unknown existence from the reverse world occupied the body of the last queen, the current situation could be considered the worst. To think that the person who inherited all of the Holy Tribe’s possessions was not just any magician, but the one who became the Demon King, how terrifying.

Aries looked at me with astonishment. "How is it that you know of this?”

The theory of the Demon King was apparently developed after Elder Mirpa and a few of her associates performed research together. Yet, how did Aries know of this?

"I heard about it from my teacher. But how do you know about it?”

"The theory was created after four people gathered to research it: the Magic Kingdom’s Spatial Specialist, the elementalist of the Butterfly Tribe, the Crow Tribe’s alchemist, and me. Who's your teacher?"

If Aries made the theory alongside three of the four great madosas, it was reasonable to think that he was the remaining great madosa, the Curse Specialist.

I shrugged lightly at Aries's question. "Do I have to answer that?"

"Hmm, since you speak so rudely, perhaps you’re a disciple of that Spatial Specialist. No, that son of a bitch wouldn't take in someone like himself as a disciple."

Let's make note, the Spatial Specialist of the Magic Kingdom is a son of a bitch.

"It would be hard to become a disciple of the vulgar lunatic alchemist as a foreigner of that tribe stuck in Olympus. Learning from that sucker elementalist who only cares about his children would be difficult as well. Are you a disciple of a disciple?"

After meeting with those two people, I could tell that Aries's ability to judge people was excellent.

"It doesn't matter whose disciple I am right now. It seems more important to deal with that white-faced lunatic."

Aries nodded at my comments. "Certainly, that monster's condition is more interesting. It's worth researching.”

I asked about how to run away or deal with it, but it truly seemed that only those who were out of their minds could become madosas.

"What do you think? Can you get it back to normal?" I asked without any expectations. No matter how you looked at it, the last queen’s state seemed like it’d be hard to get back to normal.

"Well, considering the Demon King, I think it's likely impossible. More research is needed."

"Is that so? Then, we'll need to kill it.”

Percival and Tristan looked at me in surprise at my words.


"Master, sir! That's a little…."

I looked at the two panicking and spoke coldly, "You said your mission is first, to stop the devil from coming, and second, to assist the queen. It’s unfortunate, but that monster can no longer be considered the last queen.”

I would guess that Merlin considered this situation and may have assigned stopping the Demon King from descending as the first mission. Then, the druid's forest in the castle should have been acting as a seal to the last queen, not to prevent intruders.

"Such..." Percival gritted his teeth.

"That's the Demon King. If it gets out of here, it’ll be the second coming of the Demon King."

I would have never thought that I might have to fight the Demon King in my life. I looked at Aries and made a proposal. "Hey, let's cooperate."

"I refuse."

It was ridiculous that Aries refused immediately, so I asked, "Why?"

"My purpose is the knowledge of the last queen, not that irrational monster."

"You said you’re going to research that thing!"

"If you kill it, I can't study it. And it's more efficient to capture an angel-shaped gargoyle and research it than to experiment with that dangerous thing."

I cried out in bewilderment as Aries spoke ever so naturally. "But if that gets released, it'll cause a calamity!"

"If it doesn't get released, then that's it. This place is within the barrier I personally set up and cannot be destroyed with that monster's intelligence."

"Uh... That’s right?" The thought of simply running away popped up. Even Percival and Tristan were hesitant to fight, so was there a need to risk the danger? Honestly, no one would know if we ran away. 

"Wait! So you're gonna run away?” Hillis asked as she listened to the conversation between Aries and me.

Oh, it was Saintess Hillis. As a saintess, she could not run away with the Demon King in front of her. Percival and Tristan might curse at me, but all I had to do was put them in my pocket space and run away. Hillis, on the other hand, had to be persuaded.

While considering the physical persuasion of knocking out Hillis, the last queen began to move as if it had fully charged up its mana.


I picked up Hillis and flew high into the sky as I asked, "You can fly, right?”

Above the level of a  bishop, one would also learn flying magic. A saintess was not included amongst the religious ranks but was recognized as being just below the pope.

"Huh? Yeah! I can fly.” Hillis flew through the air, infusing divine power into her clothes.

"Hey! You're really running away!?" Aries and his subordinates were indeed running away indifferently.

"If you're going to take care of it, do it well. I’ll teach you about its particular weakness. There will be a medium for it to remain in the current world. You’ll have to break that to deal with the monster. Do what you want." Aries left those words and took a gargoyle that was regenerating from powder before escaping the barrier.

"I know that already!" I've studied so hard to create the reverse world, so how would I remain ignorant of even that much! I made a hand sign in the shape of a mountain at the spot where Aries disappeared.

"Master! It’s coming!"

At Tristan's cry, Hillis and I dodged the sword aura of the last queen. Tristan and Percival seemed to feel a sense of crisis at the last queen's attack but were unable to take up arms willingly. Well, it made sense that they couldn’t raise their weapons towards the person they used to serve.

As I infused the Holy Sword with mana, I instructed, "Tristan, take Hillis and Percival and find the medium in the castle and destroy it!"

"Okay, Master!"

"Den, what about you?!" asked Hillis.

I took off my cumbersome helmet and put it in my pocket space, and said, "I will be dealing with that woman. Hillis, smash any item that's giving off suspicious mana."

“All right.”

Hillis nodded, and I charged at the last queen, shouting at the hopeless-looking Percival, "Wake up, Percival! There’s still a good chance the last queen hasn't been completely taken over yet!"


The Holy Sword and the last queen’s greatsword collided, creating sparks.

"Is that true?!" Percival looked at me with a sober face.

"That’s right! Merlin said he was going to save the queen! Do you think he wouldn’t have taken any precautions?! Hurry and go destroy the medium!”

"Okay!" Percival ran into the castle, which had been cut in half forcefully.

I feel bad for Percival, but that was only a possibility. Still, it wasn't entirely impossible either. Since Merlin was the one who perfectly placed the souls in the golems’ core, it was likely that he implemented some safeguards. However, this left a question of whether the last queen’s body could endure the process of extinguishing the unknown existence. Aries knew this, which was why he just gave up on the last queen and left.

"Ootcha!" I swung the Holy Sword, dodging the blade of the last queen.


"Incantation omission! Lightning that Races Across the Sky!" I launched a giant magic bullet towards the last queen at point-blank range, but the last queen deflected it with her greatsword. Then, she swung the greatsword at a speed almost invisible to the eye.

"Emergency Escape!" I teleported behind the last queen and stabbed her back with the Holy Sword.


However, I was blocked by the black mana surrounding her entire body.


The last queen turned around and swung her sword at me, and I ducked to dodge it.


A massive sword aura shot out behind me and destroyed everything. In the gap created from swinging the greatsword, I stuck my magic wand at her chin and fired my magic. "Incantation omission! Dragon Breath!"

The flames of the highest temperature directly hit the last queen's head. I then put a strong aura on the Holy Sword and stabbed the last queen in the stomach, but she didn't get a single scratch.

"What a monster!"


The last queen released mana from her whole body, and I was swept away by the mana waves. As I flew, I barely managed to regain my balance, landed on the ground, and stuck my tongue out. "Wow! This feeling of hopelessness. It feels like I'm fighting against my father."

This was the first time I had this feeling ever since a long time ago when I was thrown in front of a dragon at the age of 12. At the same time, it was pretty fun to feel the blood I inherited from my father boiling up inside. It’s been a while, but I activated mana around my entire body and released my martial arts at full power.

"Fusion Transformation Enlightenment! Firefly's Bright Annihilation!”

My whole body began to emit a subtle golden glow. I felt an indescribable force spreading from my heart throughout my whole body.

"This is difficult, so let’s have a short battle!"

I teleported behind the last queen and kicked her head. Soon, my shining legs were surrounded by a strong golden aura, breaking the black barrier that surrounded the last queen and sending her far away. I teleported where the last queen was sent flying and swung the Holy Sword.


The last queen instinctively put her greatsword out and stopped my sword. I raised my leg high and slammed down at the last queen’s neck.


The area collapsed around the last queen when I slammed down on her.

"Lightning Races Across the Sky! Multiple shots!" I then continued to shoot Lightning Races Across the Sky towards the last queen, who was stuck in the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! 

"Summon Chirps!" Then, I teleported far away and moved the chirps to form a magic circle.

"Incantation omission! Beautiful and brave at the end of the legend! The Symphony of the Falling Star! Stardust of Falling Star!"

The light of destruction fell from the sky towards the last queen.


The queen was embedded in the ground, but she raised her body and gathered an inhuman amount of mana on her greatsword in response to the white pillar. White and black mana mixed together to cause a large explosion.

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