Chapter 233. A Forgotten Castle and a Sealed Queen (13)

The confrontation between Percival and Asmona was longer than expected as they continued staring at each other. Originally, this seemed to be caused by Asmona remaining stationary due to her tactic of employing light armor and a large shield. 

However, the reason for the prolonged confrontation was mostly because Percival was adapting to his new body and was being cautious. The adventurers in the exercise hall that came to observe began yawning and grumbling about their boredom as the confrontation dragged on.

Then, a familiar voice came from behind. "What, where did that monster come from?”

Rosellis suddenly appeared from behind me and swallowed dryly as she looked at Percival's aura. Rosellis looked surprised as she felt the battle for dominance that no other adventurers felt.

"Oh, you're here. I guess you must be done with that business of a demon sighting around here?” 

Rosellis nodded lightly to my question and couldn't take her eyes off the exercise hall. The battle between the invisible martial auras was that fierce. "Yeah, we're dismantling and getting the by-products at the Asteria Market."

After thinking for a moment, Rosellis glanced at me and asked, "I heard you brought that monster. How do you know him?"

"He's just someone who is close with my relative.”

Although, the relative is someone from 500 years ago. I continued with a light smile, "He's just a sleepy ahjussi who's been stuck in a corner of the countryside for so long that he doesn't know anything about the world."

He was a real sleepyhead who had been stuck for 500 years. My research results showed that when I stepped foot into the ruins, he had spent 500 years half-sealed using time-freezing magic.

Rosellis smirked and laughed at my harsh assessment. "Well, it makes sense for him not to know anything about the world if he’s been stuck in the countryside training up to that level. But he doesn't look like a sleepyhead."

As she spoke, the tense battle of auras ended, and Percival began to move first. Percival quickly narrowed the distance and struck down with his sword at Asmona's head.


Asmona lifted the shield, blocking Percival's sword, and with the sword in her other hand, she held it to the side of the shield and stabbed at Percival's abdomen without hesitation. Percival moved his body toward the shield and hid in a blind spot caused by the large shield. Asmona, however, tackled fiercely with her shield as she was accustomed to others hiding in her shield’s blindspot.

Percival easily avoided Amona's tackle by backing up. "Your shield is solid. I have a friend who also uses a solid shield."

At Percival's words, Asmona looked both nervous and excited. "Is that right? Usually, only shield soldiers use a shield, and it’s rare to find someone who uses it well. I'd like to meet your friend."

"Haha, if you want to meet him, you'd better ask him, not me." Percival nodded and smiled at me.

Percival's friend who uses a shield was likely referring to Gwalchavad, who was the second stone statue. According to the statues’ memories, Gwalchavad was a freak who bashed the enemy with a cross shield full of divine power.

  • How about you don’t say unnecessary things?
  • Hahaha, sorry.

Percival apologized obediently at my warning.

Looking at Percival's body movements, I was sure he was quite talented, but there was a problem if he talked freely like this. However, if I suppressed his soul, he wouldn’t be able to show his skills, and his effectiveness would fall.

Ehew, I have no choice but to be careful.

"I’ll be serious now." 

Saying so, Percival narrowed the distance once more and raised his sword high. Asmona held her shield and prepared to stop the sword that was about to strike down. However, Percival did not strike with his sword and instead jumped high. He stepped on Asmona's shield and aimed for her back. Asmona energized her entire body with mana and swung the large shield.


Percival put sword aura on his sword and hit upwards from under the shield while leaning down to avoid the shield. Then, he stabbed Asmona in the solar plexus.


Asmona used the weight of her shield to turn and block Percival’s strike with it. Yet, Percival raised the blocked sword and aimed for Asmona's chin.

At that moment, Percival's sword cracked. Percival stepped back, clicking his tongue. "Darn. It seems to be my loss.”

The cracked sword made a cracking sound and split in half. It was natural that the sword’s durability wouldn’t hold up. After all, he used sword aura on a weapon that was already in terrible condition and continuously hit that solid shield.

"No, it is my defeat. I was carrying a proper weapon, but you were not." Asmona seemed to think her loss was certain if that sword remained intact.

"I think it's just a matter of time when the equipment is poor. So, my defeat is correct." Percival clicked his tongue, looking at the sword that was broken in half. The condition of the sword seemed to have been more of a mess than I thought.

"Looking at your form in combat, you look like you usually fight in sturdy heavy armor, but all you are wearing is light armor that covers your vital points,” said Percival.

"You found out?”

Percival nodded. "Based on what I felt, it seemed like your body was too light, and your movement was about an eighth faster than expected, creating a small gap."

"Haha, you are correct."

Cartoons often describe excessive weight as a seal that hides one’s strength, but rather, a bearable weight could become a powerful weapon. And if you normally trained with that weight, it was actually detrimental to take the weight off.

Percival grinned when Asmona affirmed his thoughts. "It's a matter of habit, so it’ll probably be hard to break. Well, it's not significant enough of a drawback that it needs to be fixed. Armor is a lifeline for a knight on the battlefield. But if you want to reduce the gap, you can reduce it by putting more weight on your clothes with magic."

Asmona was serious and nodded at Percival's advice. "I will need to find a good enchanter."

Percival glanced at me when Asmona spoke.

  • Why? What are you looking at?
  • I'd like to gift the girl that sparred with some clothes she needs.

I was dumbfounded by Percival's words.

  • Are you leaving this to me?

Percival licked his lips.

  • That’s not it, but it's not a difficult task for you, Master.
  • Oh, you used to talk down to me, calling me an evil man. When did you start calling me ‘Master?’
  • Well, that's my fault. I will serve you sincerely from now on. I will persuade and lead my colleagues to follow Master well.

Percival looked at me with eager eyes.

  • Alright, it's not difficult. I’ll get it ready right away.

Well, since this was the first time, it would be better long-term to hand over a carrot than the stick. [1]

- Thank you. Oh, and I’d like a proper weapon instead of this piece of garbage iron that can't even be called a sword. I think a mithril sword would be better than adamantium. I don't think one made with dragon bone would be bad either.

Percival smiled brightly as he handed me the sword broken in half.

Should I just give him the stick instead?

* * *

Just past noon after Asmona and Percival’s spar, 400 knight school students and instructors arrived at Asterium by train. Just getting off the train, the knight school students were excited about the new environment and chatted with each other.

"Quiet! Are you here to play!?" The noisy students shut their mouths at the commanding instructor's scolding.

Dano approached the instructor with a light smile on his face. "Good work."

When Dano saluted and spoke, the instructor laughed as well. "Hahaha, we're always the same. Rather, those at the guild are suffering because of us."

Then, the instructor looked at the students and yelled, "As of now, you will be serving as soldiers in the knight school! Do you understand?!"


"The adventurers who help us are clearly your superiors in rank as well as instructors who will provide you with teachings! Do you understand?!”


"Anyone who is disrespectful, the instructors will personally turn you into monster food! Understood?!"

"Yes, sir!"

When the students of the knight school answered with force, the instructor nodded with a satisfied face. "Line up and move to the designated accommodations!"

"Move forward!"

Following the instructor's orders, the knight school students walked in step. At the end of the line, I could also see Lisbon and Alphonso. Alphonso saw me and waved his hand happily, but he was soon scolded by the instructor.

After watching the students leaving the train station, the instructor greeted Dano and me. "It is nice to meet you. I am Aldante, the general instructor at the middle-rank knight school."

“I am Dano from the Adventurer's Guild.” 

“I am Den, also from the Adventurer’s Guild.”

The instructor who heard my name looked apologetically towards me. "Oh, you're going to the Alps because of us. I am sorry. Because of our superior...”

I waved my hand at the instructor's apology. "It's okay. We will both have a rough time."

It seemed they were also being screwed over quite a bit due to their superiors.

"Thank you for saying that. We will do our best to protect your safety."

"Haha, thank you."

On the contrary, I hope there will be no need for me to protect them.

* * *

Aries followed his disciples into the Alps.

"It is this way." Delta, one of Aries' disciples, used the mana flowing through the forest as a guide.

Malecia was following behind Aries, and as Delta led the way, he asked, "Do we have to walk when you’re a madosa? Wouldn’t it be easier to fly?"

Delta sighed. "That's why those ignorant of magic are no good. The space in this place is distorted by a mixture of the reverse world and the world of materials. If you fly recklessly in a place like this and encounter any peculiarities of space, you could fly to the end of the continent.”

At Delta's words, Iota smiled bitterly. "It would be fortunate if you were only teleported somewhere. If something were to go wrong, you could be sucked into the reverse world. If that happens, it’s the end. It's impossible to return unless you're a monster who can force open the reverse world."

"Well, if you're as skilled at space magic as the Magic Kingdom’s space specialist, you might have a chance of coming back."

Even as the madosas said so, they cast glances at Aries cautiously because they felt like amateurs in front of a master. Aries looked ahead as if he enjoyed his disciples acting cautious and glancing at him.

"We've arrived," said Aries

Everyone looked ahead. The scene in front of them was a vast castle standing tall in a distorted space. The ancient castle, forgotten even in literature, was returning to reality.

1. Better to give a horse a carrot to motivate it, than to beat it with a stick.

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