Chapter 224. A Forgotten Castle and a Sealed Queen (4)

It’s been five days since everyone in the adventurer's guild headquarters was notified that they had to go on a business trip. Individual arrangements were completed over the weekend, but it took a lot of preparation to move a huge group.

In particular, the adventurer's guild was closely tied to the nobles and the temple, so they had to be notified in advance. In addition, even if the headquarters was out of the capital, the requests coming into the adventurer’s guild did not stop, so clients and adventurers who wanted to remain in the capital had to be connected with an adventurer’s guild branch near the capital.

"Then I'm off." I left the boarding house early in the morning and stood outside the front door with my bag.

"How long is your business trip?” Lisbon asked as he prepared to go to school in his knight school uniform.

I shrugged lightly and guessed, "I’m not sure. It will depend, but they said at least a week and a month at most, but I think it will be a full month.”

Alice asked in surprise, "What, you’re staying that long?"

Yuria and Alphonso also nodded at this.

"I can't help it. This time, Duke Asteria himself asked the capital for help. This is the first request he’s made in ten years since the last flood of demons, so an imperial order must’ve been used to help stabilize the situation."

I stopped myself from mentioning that the emperor himself gave these orders to Guild Director Glont and that the duration could be longer.

Then, Lisbon spoke with a look indicating that he suddenly remembered something. "Oh! Then we might be able to meet at the knight school practice if we’re lucky.”


At my question, Lisbon nodded. "Yeah, we have a training session for squires to assist stabilizing ever since the demon flood. Isn’t that right, Alphonso?"

Although it was said the southward movements of the great demon were sufficiently blocked, the damage caused was still great. Of course, it wasn’t necessary to get help from the knight school students, but it was possibly due to the imperial court's desire to give a good impression and provide decent training opportunities.

When Lisbon inquired, Alphonso clapped his hands as if he had just remembered. "Oh, so that’s it!"

Come to think of it, middle-rank and low-rank knight schools worked in groups. Students at the middle-rank knight school gained experience dealing with and teaching squires alongside students at the low-rank knight school, and vice versa; the low-rank students learn from assisting the middle-rank students. I was told that Lisbon and Alphonso were in the same group due to their requests. 

"So you're coming to Asterium?" At my question, Lisbon nodded.

"Well, that makes sense since Warrant and the front lines are dangerous."

That is, considering it was Lisbon who came to the front lines without telling Alice. It was a pity that I missed the chance to tell Alice; Hillis suddenly arrived at the boarding house, and I had to go on a business trip for the state conference.

"But where is Hillis?"

Mrs. Arscilla answered my question, "Miss Hillis said she was going to meet her friends and went out at dawn. She said she wouldn’t come back for a few days.”

"Oh, is that so?" I couldn't believe Hillis had a friend.

"Oh, it's already time. I’ll be going now."

I left the boarding house after being sent off.

* * *

In the adventurer's guild, resident adventurers and civil servants' assistants were carrying luggage. Flam also rolled up his sleeves and transported the luggage alongside the big men carrying it.

"Oh, you're here? Hurry and go to the armory. Fiona’s waiting." Finding me, Flam pointed to the armory, and I headed over.

"You’re here? Please fill out the distribution ledgers here."

I wrote down the serial number of each gun and sword in the distribution ledger as Fiona instructed and was given an officer’s rapier, a musket, and a pistol. Afterward, I joined the busy guild members outside as I carried things into the carriages.

When everyone was ready to go, we formed a line in front of the adventurer’s guild headquarters. The line included the headquarters’ employees, guild members, and any adventure choosing to come along. Unlike the previous compulsory conscription order, people had the freedom not to go, so there were only about 1,500 people, including resident adventurers and adventurers frequently commissioned by the headquarters.

"That's more than I thought."

During the flood of demons, conscription orders were issued, and, not just in the capital but also in satellite cities, adventurers were gathered to be troops at the corps level. However, it was surprising that such a number was assembled because participation was not mandatory this time.

Flam responded by nodding at my words. "I heard that because it's well-paid, even groups of adventurers from satellite cities have gathered."

Then this number was understandable. The capital had less work for adventurers as it was safe. Less work meant fewer adventurers working in the capital.

There were probably just over 500 adventurers operating only in the capital. Including floating adventurers entering and leaving the capital, the number would be five times more, but this was also a lot smaller than other major provincial bases.

"Oh, the guild director is coming,” Flam muttered, feeling the aura of Guild Director Glont, who had yet to emerge.

Guild Director Glont was not specifically emitting any aura, so Flam had sharp senses. As Flam said, Guild Director Glont emerged from the headquarters building, and the adventurers gathered in groups shut up. Unlike his usual appearance, Guild Director Glont was wearing a black adventurer's guild uniform and a reserve forces general insignia, resembling a serious knight.

"I wish he would dress like that normally." Flam clicked his tongue, shaking his head, and the people at the headquarters nodded subconsciously.

If you looked at the current cool side of him, you wouldn’t even be able to recognize his usual perverted-looking self. Near Guild Director Glont, three platinum plate adventurers stood side by side: Rosellis, Dane Walker, and Ruin.

Dane Walker seemed to be better off now thanks to the medicine I gave him and the divine power of the Pagan Priest Ruin. This was also thanks to the fact that Ruin, a famous wanderer, was also staying in the capital to nurse Dane Walker.

Glont took a look at the adventurers and began his speech by mixing mana into his voice so it could be heard from afar. "I would like to express my gratitude to the adventurers for coming together like this."

As Guild Director Glont thanked the adventurers, their faces began to get oddly heated. I could see Guild Director Glont's popularity based on this reaction to a greeting that was nothing more than a formality.

"I am well aware that over a month ago, you were standing on the battlefield where the demons flooded in. Some of you may have lost a colleague there, and some of you may have fallen into despair."

The adventurers maintained a heavy silence at Guild Director Glont's slowly building speech. "Although the flooding of the demons has come to an end, the border area of the Demon’s Territory remains in a difficult situation. I know it is not easy to rejoin a battle. That is why I admire your courage. I greet you all once more. Thank you all for gathering here!"

The adventurers began to applaud as the Guild Director Glont bowed lightly. Actually, I asked the Big Mama Information Agency for information on the provinces near the Demon’s Territory for this business trip. From the information I received, although things there were certainly harder than usual, it should not be that much more difficult.

It seemed that Hestia and Duke Asteria had signed some kind of contract and sent three people to find me, including Leisha noona. I don’t know about my fourth sister, but if Mac hyung and Lancelot were there, they would be of great help. Furthermore, Elder Mirpa was said to be in the Demon’s Territory, so it should quickly return to stability. Although, I’ll have to be careful not to get caught.

I was clapping to match the atmosphere when Ruin shouted, putting divine power in his voice. "And there is some good news!"

Everyone's eyes turned to Ruin at his cry.

"This time, there's a lot of support from the temple for this dispatch request.”

"Ohhhh!" The adventurers cheered at Ruin's words. All of the temples in the Asteria duchy were also providing support, but the more priests who could heal wounds, the better.

"Not only the priests of the temple but the high priests of St. Percival will also head up to the Demon’s Territory!"


It was a massive deal that the high priests of that aloof temple were taking action. In particular, it was even more significant that elites belonging to both the great temple and Percival were going to the dangerous Demon’s Territory.

"And the most powerful knight division of St. Percival, the Consecrated Paladin Division, will also be fighting against the demon and monster rebellion!"


Wait, what? The Consecrated Paladin Division? The group of dullards that always stand by Hillis is going to leave her side? The same people who stare at me like they're going to kill me every time we run into each other?

"Even the Consecrated Paladin Division will be moving with us from now on!"

"Wooooow!" The adventurers showed their enthusiasm at Ruin's words.

Familiar faces appeared from behind the adventurer's guild headquarters building, receiving the adventurers’ cheers. "Nice to meet you, adventurers. I am Albatoss from the Consecrated Paladin Division."

I was dumbfounded and staring blankly at Albatoss when someone patted me on the shoulder from behind. I looked back, and my cheek was poked by a finger.

"Hi~ I'm Hillis, the priest who will be going with you."

The one who played this trick on me was Hillis, who completely concealed her divine power and mana.

* * *

The five madosas who spent over five days searching the Alps upon Aries's command felt pressured to find traces of the ruins quickly. However, there was a risk that if they acted recklessly under pressure, they could get on the nerves of the Butterfly Tribe people.

Of course, even though the Butterfly Tribe was not easy enough to deal with, neither were they. The children and young Butterfly Tribe members were nothing more than great magicians, but the middle-aged and older Butterfly Tribe members were all monsters who had risen to the level of a madosa.

Even though a battle with a madosa wasn’t decided by numbers, instead of being determined by how prepared one was and one’s level, if hundreds of madosas came at you like a pack of animals, preparation and what else would all be useless. It would be a little different if they were great madosas, but currently, it was suicide to fight against the Butterfly Tribe people.

"Damn, where is it!" The biggest of the five madosas kicked a huge rock with his mana-infused foot.


The madosa's mana-infused kick smashed the rock, throwing debris all over the place.

"Tau! What are you doing? Don't destroy the terrain! If we’re unlucky-"

"I know! You're saying we might catch the notice of the Butterfly Tribe people, Iota?" The madosa, who was called "Tau," made a fuss, calling out the name of the madosa who pointed him out.

At that time, a female madosa who was looking down at the ground from the sky said, "Wait. I don't think it was a useless act."

"What do you mean, Delta?"

At Iota’s question, Delta smiled heavily as she saw it from the sky. "I think I've found a trace."

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