Chapter 212. Aquarius (10)

Aquarius walked forward slowly. As soon as this thought entered my mind, Aquarius disappeared. The moment I felt something terrifying, I layered dozens of barriers around me.

"Hi?" Appearing right next to me, Aquarius gave a gentle hello and kicked me.



Dozens of barriers were broken through in one fell swoop, and his kick made contact with my side, driving me into the ground. Immediately before slamming onto the ground, my defense bracelet was subconsciously activated, eliminating the damage and shock from hitting the ground.

"Kulok!" Hot blood came out from my mouth with a cough. I think my ribs just got broken with that blow, and I suffered internal injuries.

Aquarius rushed toward me, kicking the air from where he had just hit me.

I cried out just before Aquarius kicked me. "Emergency escape! BLINK!"

My vision slightly blurred due to my magic, and I teleported high into the sky.


Aquarius crashed into the place where I was a moment ago, and the whole area collapsed centered around him. Frightened by this, I took a potion out of my pocket space and drank it.

"Ugh, bitter. Healing! Rejuvenation!" Elder Mirpa's special medicine and recovery magic instantly stuck my ribs back in place and healed my internal injuries.

Aquarius laughed as he blew away the dust formed from the ground collapsing. "Hahahaha! I heard that teleportation is very difficult. How fun!"

I laughed as well, looking at Aquarius. "Ahahahaha! At my level, teleportation magic is no big deal!"

Suffering internal injuries and having my ribs broken was part of my daily life when I was in my hometown. There was nothing new about injuries like this, but I guess I was too immersed in my peaceful environment.

The kick I just got hit with wasn’t enough to make me unable to react; it’s just that my senses have become very dull. It's the only drawback to peace. Aside from that, everything else about peace is all good, so let's continue to live a peaceful life.

To do that, I’m going to have to finish off that monster, aren't I? Oong! Oong! Oong!

I took out the noisy sword from my clothes. "So you want blood because you’re a sword too, huh? What a psycho you are." Oong!

I felt like it was shouting no, but I must be mistaken.

Oong! Yeah, I know how you feel, but I'm not a killer like you.

Oong! I sensed that it was saying it was misunderstood, but I ignored it and infused mana into the sword.

Then, a sword blade made up of divine power rose from the sword. The aura of the Holy Sword and the Demon Sword clashed and fought for control of the space.

"Oho! What's that sword? It feels very holy.”

I answered Aquarius with a laugh. "Ahahahaha! It’s an insane sword that’s bloodthirsty. It’s the sword that will end you.”

Oong! The Holy Sword cried loudly as if it agreed with me. Maybe

"Hahahaha! That's a great sword!” Aquarius laughed happily before he disappeared before my eyes again.

"Golem!" At my command, the golem stretched its body and reached out its hand to the area between me and where Aquarius just stood.


Aquarius was blocked by the golem's hand, but the golem's left hand was completely smashed in return for blocking him.

"Tch!" Aquarius clicked his tongue and tried to leap through the air, stepping on the fragments of the golem’s left hand.

At that moment, my dragon tooth soldiers charged at Aquarius. Aquarius swung his Demon Sword and tried to cut down the dragon tooth soldiers charging before him. As the dragon tooth soldiers were about to be cut by the Demon Sword, I put up dozens of barrier layers on the dragon tooth soldiers.


While the magic and the strong aura of the dragon tooth soldiers blocked the Demon Sword, another dragon tooth soldier attacked from behind. With the joint assaults of the dragon tooth soldiers, Aquarius quickly rotated and blocked the dragon tooth soldiers' swords with his Demon Sword.

While Aquarius was blocking a dragon tooth soldier’s sword, another dragon tooth soldier aimed at his side, and he deflected it with a kick. While Aquarius was dealing with the dragon tooth soldiers, I prepared the chirps quickly to complete a great magic.

"At last, God's punishment rang out in heaven! The spear of the thunder god!"

I pulled back the dragon tooth soldiers just before the magic was fired. Tens of thousands of lightning spears rained down towards Aquarius from a vast magic circle created in the sky. Aquarius moved quickly and avoided the spears of the thunder god, and while he was preoccupied, I hid behind the golem.

"Hahahaha!" Aquarius smiled and avoided the spears of the thunder god while shooting sword aura at the chirps forming a magic circle in the sky.

The chirps were shot down by the sword aura, and the magic circle was disrupted. Naturally, as the magic circle was disrupted, the tens of thousands of lightning pouring from the magic circle also disappeared. This was a basic tactic initially used to deal with a magic caster.

"Come! What's next!" I aimed my magic wand at Aquarius as he shouted inquisitively. 

Then, I fired. "Lightning that Races Across the Sky! Fire!"

Aquarius laughed at the Lightning that Races Across the Sky, which I had poured all my mana into. "Hahahaha! There you are!"

He cut the Lighting that Races Across the Sky with a deadly aura blade on his sword. He was a monster that could cut down my extra powerful magic, so it was natural that he was able to slice this level of magic. 

I teleported behind Aquarius and whispered, "No, I’m over here?”


Like what was done to me earlier, I suddenly appeared next to Aquarius and cut his side with my Holy Sword. Aquarius could not block it with his Demon Sword because of the Lightning that Races Across the Sky but instead urgently defended by surrounding his whole body with a strong aura. If I was holding an ordinary sword, he might have been fine, but it was the Holy Sword, one of the four God Swords.


Naturally, I cut down the strong aura protecting Aquarius and crushed him to the ground like what happened to me before.

"Tch, it was too light.”

However, my opponent was a monster who had cut down my Stardust of Falling Star, and he somehow managed to defend against my attack. But did I at least manage to break some ribs, though?

I pulled a mana recovery potion from my pocket space and drank it while controlling the chirps. “Ceremony omission! Incantation omission! Meteor Strike!"

With my magic, a sparkle in the sky started approaching this location. "Acceleration! Increase gravity!"

I increased the magic’s speed and power by raising the acceleration and weight of the meteor falling from space to complete it quickly before Aquarius recovered. And so, a fairly large meteor flew to the place where Aquarius was.


The meteor hit the ground, creating a deafening roar as it turned the area upside down and formed a huge crater. The power of the meteor buried the golem's lower body into the ground.


I purposely left out everything that could be omitted, but how many kilometers of land would get destroyed if I used it properly? Of course, it was impossible for me to use it in its entirety as of right now. The incantation for the magic was too long, and my mana was too limited to control it, so there was a possibility that my mana could flow backward if something went wrong. Even now, I barely managed to use it after taking all the shortcuts I could possibly take.

"I wonder if that was enough to kill him?" I mumbled a recovery magic and slowly went down to the crater. I thought that I should refrain from using any more high-powered magic as my mana circuits were screaming.

By the way, I don't know what kind of meteorite fell, but regardless of what type it was, a meteorite was quite good as a magic catalyst. I had a memory from when I got scolded by Elder Mirpa for trying to touch her meteorite. It made me look forward to getting one. 

As I was walking to the crater’s center to retrieve the meteorite, a pile of dirt suddenly rose from the edge of the crater. "Puat! Huk! Huk! Uahahahah! I almost died for real this time."

Aquarius’s mask was cracked, and his clothes had become rags, but all his limbs were perfectly intact. That's shocking. I can't believe he’s alive after getting hit by that.

"Excuse me, are you actually a person?” Now I'm just dumbfounded, not surprised.

Aquarius laughed brightly at my question. "Ahahahaha! That's what I want to say! How can you use magic only heard of in legends? As far as I'm concerned, that was magic that even great madosas couldn’t use."

I shrugged lightly at Aquarius. "Well, it’s magic I used by taking every shortcut possible. Shall I use it again?"

When I pointed the Holy Sword at Aquarius, he laughed airily. "Hahaha! What a bluff. I know that magic isn't that simple!"

Aquarius casually moved his arms and legs and spoke while looking for the Demon Sword he left under the ground, "You probably overworked your mana circuit or something with that magic just now. That's why you're aiming the Holy Sword at me instead of your magic wand." 

That’s correct. The mana circuit was a concept that one wouldn’t really comprehend unless one was a magician, but for a swordsman, he was quite informed about magicians.

"Aigooo! What a pain."

Aquarius clicked his tongue while searching the ground. "Tch, it was a pretty good sword, but it can't be used anymore.”

The Demon Sword found in the ground was broken in half. That's how it became the Three God Swords, not the Four God Swords.


The Holy Sword seemed to be happy that the Demon Sword was ruined. Still, the Demon Sword was a sword that could stand shoulder to shoulder with the Holy Sword. To see how the Holy Sword was so happy, it sure had a nice personality.

"Well, since it stopped the meteorite, it was worth its value. It's still a shame, though."

It was certainly an excellent blade to be able to stop the meteorite, but it was a waste. I kind of wanted it.

Oong! The Holy Sword cried dejectedly as if it had read my thoughts. What do you want me to do about it?

Aquarius clicked his tongue and got in a stance with the half-broken Demon Sword. I aimed my Holy Sword at him nervously. "Are you still going to fight? The duke probably arrived at the capital by now."

Aquarius laughed cheerfully at my question. "Hahahaha, I don't care about the duke anymore. It's been a long time since I've had such a fun fight, so it’d be a waste to stop now."

What he said just now was definitely how the people of my hometown think.

Aquarius covered the Demon Sword with a sword aura to make up the rest of the sword’s blade. Given that he was using sword aura rather than strong aura, it seemed that he was also nearing his limit. Not needing anyone's signal, Aquarius and I attacked each other at the same time.

"Magic bullets!"

Aquarius twisted his body to easily avoid the magic bullet I shot and aimed for my neck. I ducked down to dodge and slashed at the side that I had cut previously. Aquarius stepped back, avoiding my attack, and moved so fast that I couldn’t see him, then reappeared at my right.

Aquarius stabbed at my unguarded side, and I teleported behind Aquarius. I tried to cut Aquarius’s back immediately, but Aquarius threw his body forward and avoided my sword. Then, as he hit the ground, he immediately turned around and swung the Demon Sword at me, which I blocked with the Holy Sword.


Sparks shot out as the Demon Sword and Holy Sword collided.

“Isn't it cheating to teleport!” Aquarius cried.

I grinned. "A magician’s battle is normally full of cheating and foul play!"

I really had to dig deep here. An anomalous battle using teleportation was my ace in case I met my father.

Aquarius and I competed in a battle of strength for a while before stepping back. My god. It was amazing how he must have been reaching his body’s limits but was still able to match me, who was perfectly fine physically.  

Aquarius was also in admiration after clashing swords with me. "Kuhahah! This isn’t the power of a magician. Impressive!"

Aquarius and I charged at each other once more. When the swords were about to clash again, Aquarius used some footwork to create afterimage clones that split up and attacked me from both sides.

Wait? This is!

Without a moment to think, I ignored Aquarius’s clones and turned back and swung the Holy Sword.


A powerful shock spread as the Holy Sword and the Demon Sword collided, and Aquarius’s cracked mask broke apart, revealing his face.


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