Chapter 148. Labyrinth Exploration (14)

I answered the stone statue's question truthfully.

"I'm going to similarly turn them into golems or use them to make dragon tooth soldiers."

Those statues would be reborn by hand anyway, so hiding the facts wouldn’t change anything. It would not be bad to have special dragon tooth soldiers to lead the mass-produced dragon tooth soldier army in my plan to deal with my father. Although it bothered me that it contained an actual soul, the core of the golem was enough to use even if the soul was taken out.

No, I didn't need such a unique ego. It could lead to a disaster if it suddenly didn’t listen to my orders when it’s important, so it might be better to just liberate them.

Stone statue No.12 had asked me if I had a hunch of my thoughts.

- Although it makes us angry, we do not think we will be able to beat you with this dull body, that’s not even our own.

That’s of course.

Rather, the mere fact that they could make such sophisticated movements with a dull body of a golem showed how much of a monster they had been during their lifetime.

- When you take our souls, could you not free the souls, but instead make bodies for us again as you said?

I couldn't understand what stone statue No.12 was saying.

"You want me to not free you? Isn't it usually the other way around?"

In these cases, wasn't it normal to act like a noble knight, saying that you don't listen to evil people?

- We have a mission to accomplish.

Them saying they have a mission made me want to free their souls even more. I’ll decline being involved in anything bothersome.

- Wicked man, you will probably think it is bothersome.

How did you know?

- If you are similar to Modred, you will definitely think that way.

I promptly replied to stone statue No.12.

- I am certain you will say ‘No, I don’t.’

"No, I don’t."

Wow, I got goosebumps. Stone statue No.12 spoke at the same time as if it were reading my thoughts. When its prediction was on the mark, it said joyfully,

- Wicked man, not only do you really resemble him in appearance, but also in your thoughts.

However, he soon lamented with a somber voice.

- Why did you betray us, Modred?

I felt like I was feeling down for some reason, so I changed the topic to liven up the atmosphere. "So what's your mission?"

- Reconstruction of the Holy Kingdom.

With that, I immediately prepared my martial arts.

"I'll free your soul immediately.”

Say something that makes sense. How can you rebuild a nation that collapsed 500 years ago?

- I am joking. It is hard to guess how much time has passed, but it really seems the Holy Kingdom has fallen.

The stone statues groaned at the bitter voice. Unexpectedly, stone statue No.12 seemed to be able to use his head. 

"It was destroyed 500 years ago.”

- Wicked man, are you saying that much time has already passed?

I said with a sigh, "Can we stop saying wicked man?"

- Ahahaha, that’s not possible, wicked man. You look so much like Modred, whom we love and hate.

I probably looked like him because he was my distant ancestor. I couldn't ignore the genetic factors because my personality changed quite a lot after I reincarnated.

Stone statue No.12 spoke as it pulled out a sword.

- But after you take our souls, if you allow us to fulfill our mission, we will serve you with loyalty, wicked man.

When stone statue No.12 pulled out a sword, the other stone statues drew their swords in unison.

- So bring us to our knees!

- Come, defeat us!

"What do you mean ‘bring us to our knees’, you masochists!"

Excluding the stone statue fighting Malecia, there were six. It would be difficult to deal with them with only martial arts.

I took out the Witch of Pride’s bracelet from my pocket space and put it on. Of course, I set the upper limit of mana amplification so that the ruin wouldn’t collapse. If I had it my way, I wanted to fight by waving around a magic wand, not this bracelet, but if I did, the ruins might really collapse.

"Can you tell me what your mission is before we fight?”

- You will be able to hear it after you defeat us, wicked man!

The stone statues left the vicinity of the mana stone and rushed towards me. Please bracelet, show me what you've got.


I used flying magic with the intention of flying high but only ended up floating about a meter high. I think my calculation was wrong. I touched the bracelet and revised the upper limit of amplification.


I failed to control it and suddenly soared up and almost hit the ceiling of the ruin. After barely managing to stop, I took the bracelet off and put it back in my pocket space.

Damn! I won't use it!

It was too difficult to control. It wasn’t that I couldn’t use it at all, but it was too much to try using in an actual fight without any practice. I should practice handling the bracelet as soon as I get out of here.

If by chance, I accidentally touch the mana stone in the center while using the bracelet, the ruin might really collapse. If you look at the magic of this room which was in the center of the labyrinth, it was all held up by the mana of the mana stone in the middle of the room. It felt like I was watching Jenga being supported by a single wooden stick. Rather than being buried alive, it would be better to be a parrot that only cries out magic bullets. 

The pervert who designed this delicate labyrinth in the ruin was definitely the great madosa, Merlin. It showed his absolute determination to destroy the mana stone rather than allowing someone to have it. To give you a brief review of my thoughts on the ruin, to be honest, I kind of liked this perverted bastard.

I raised my martial arts to the maximum extent possible and shouted.

"Let's play!"

My senses became extremely invigorated by the mana flowing throughout my whole body. With a magic-like flight, there was no way to destroy the ruin by mistake, so I decided to fly as much as I wanted and smashed the stone statues with my fist.

The stone statues that came at me were numbers 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 12. I flew up high and kicked the chest of the No.2 as I was falling.

"Enlightenment! Meteor kick!" 


Stone statue No.2 blocked my kick with a sword and a clear sound of iron rang out. I spun in place and kicked the same spot.


This time, there was a sound of iron snapping and the huge sword was broken in half. I grabbed the half-broken blade that was falling with both hands. I spun and threw it at its neck.

Stone statue No.2 raised its arm to block the blade, but its arm was pierced through by the blade I threw and got stuck in its neck.

Because it lacked enough force, stone statue No.2 could still move, so I immediately kicked the embedded blade and cut off its head.

The head fell to the ground and shattered.

As soon as I took care of stone statue No.2 stone, stone statues 5 and 6 came together swinging their swords at me. I quickly slipped between the two swords and avoided it.

For remaking them as battle weapons, I thought that I shouldn’t make them this big. I ran up the sword of stone statue No.6 and headed to its head.

At that time, stone statue No.5 strongly struck the sword of stone statue No.6.


I stopped moving as I suddenly felt a huge shock wave. Stone statue No.9 used that gap and swung its sword where I was standing.

"Incantation omission! Thunder that races across the sky! Fire!"

Ahhhhh, mana is being drained from my body!

The magic I fired without a proper incantation was far weaker than its usual power. Still, it was enough to completely blow away stone statue No.9’s sword and make a huge hole in the ceiling.

- What kind of crazy magic is this?!

The stone statues were surprising, but I was relieved inside. Due to the lack of mana around me, the magic was weakened and wasn’t powerful enough to collapse the ruins.

Wow, I freaked out because I thought it was going to collapse.

While the stone statues were surprised, I jumped back on the arm of stone statue No.6 and ran towards its head.

“Enlightenment! Crushing stone!"

Stone statue No.6’s head was smashed apart by my fist.

I quickly recovered the core of the golem and then jumped toward the weaponless stone statue No.9. At the same time, I shot magic bullets towards No.5 and 10.

If the power was weakened due to the surrounding environment, then I just had to increase the amount proportionally. As thousands of rounds of magic bullets baptized No.5 and 10, they wrapped their arms around their heads to prevent their heads from breaking apart.

I accelerated straight to the head of stone statue No.9 and launched a kick.

"Hectopascal Kick!"

Stone statue No.9 blocked my full-fledged kick by crossing its arms, but its right arm completely broke off and my foot got stuck in its left arm.

At that time, stone statue No.12 slashed its sword at me to get me off of No.9.

I kicked the left arm of stone statue No.9 and smashed it apart to get my left foot out and narrowly avoided No.12’s sword.

- I'm sorry.

- It is all right.

Stone statue No.9 was completely shut down by the blow from stone statue No.12.

Stone statue No.12 punched me before I could rest again.

"Barrier! Barrier! Barrier!"

I put up three layers of barriers, but after getting hit by the huge fist, I was sent flying and ended up embedded into the ground.

Stone statue No.12 put its sword in the sheath and repeatedly clenched and relaxed its fist.

- It seems fists are more powerful than a sword with a golem’s body. I have never fought with this body before, so I did not know.

It appears the stone statues kept swinging swords because of their memories from when they were alive. I think human size would be good when remaking them. If possible, I'll try to remake them with bodies similar to when they were alive.

That is if I don’t free their souls.

"Oh, I feel like dying."

My body was screaming all over. Even with the barriers, there was no way I would be unscathed after getting hit by a fist like that.

I got out of the ground from where I was stuck and was resting again when a shadow fell over my head.

"Come on, wait! Stepping on people is just wrong!”

The foot of the huge stone statue fell down on me.

- This is efficient, wicked man!

Stone statue No.10 trampled me with its feet with all its might. I curled up as I put up a barrier.

What a crazy bastard!

The heavyweight of the stone statue broke the barrier like a glass window, and I continued to create more barriers. In order to use magic powerful enough to break stone statue No.10’s legs, I had to stop making barriers and concentrate.

However, as soon as I stopped making barriers, I would be crushed.

Just because I could break a rock with my bare hands did not mean I could bear the weight of something that looked over hundreds of tons. This was why magicians were at a disadvantage in close range! I took out a shovel from my pocket space and put a sword aura around it. Then, I dug the ground fiercely.

When I bought the shovel in Granwell, I never thought I would use it like this.

"My shovel is a shovel that will pierce the sky!"

As expected, it was much faster to dig with a shovel than with bare hands.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

As my barriers continued to be trampled and reinstated repeatedly in real-time, I dug a tunnel and succeeded in exiting behind the back of stone statue No.10.

I truly thought I was going to die. I swung the shovel to shake off the dirt, put it in my pocket space, and took out a magic wand.

When the magic wand was injected with mana, the atom-shaped mana stones floating at the end began to spin violently and emitted the sleeping mana. The surrounding area was filled with mana as if water had been sprayed on dry land.

The magic circle of ruin surrounding the area absorbed the mana, yet it also filled the surrounding area with mana faster.

Now it was a good environment for magic.

I flew up with flight magic and shouted.

"That’s right! What do I care if the ruin collapses?! Let's go all the way to the end, you stone bastards!”

I'm actually furious! Let's just see who ends up dying first.

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