Chapter 147. Labyrinth Exploration (13)

- You insolent fly!

The stone statue provoked Dane Walker but in ancient language...

“My name is Dane Walker. I'm a citizen of the empire. Where are you from?”

To someone who barely knew it, it might as well have been talking in an alien language.

Facing the stone statue, Dane Walker was occasionally looking around when he was surprised to see that the half-white mask-wearing monster was talking to the stone statue in the ancient language.

Seeing such a monster appear out of nowhere and smash the stone statue’s head with his bare hands then speak the ancient language fluently, Dane Walker’s mind became complicated and wondered where that monster came from.

However, Dane Walker's complicated thoughts did not last long. The statue kept attacking fiercely whenever he showed any gaps. Fighting against the stone statue with his life on the line, he constantly used magic as he felt the limitations of his mana.

His main magic was electric magic among elemental magic. His magic was powerful against living beings, but not very effective for statues that were fully made of stone. However, the stone statue didn’t sit around allowing him to chant powerful enough magic that could destroy it. As such, he had no choice but to fly and avoid or block the stone statue’s attacks.

"Thunder rumbles and cuts across the clouds with its powerful wings!"

Dozens of large thunderbirds shot out of Dane Walker's hand and rushed towards the stone statue. However, the impact of the thunderbirds only left dents and did not cause much damage. Although it was high-level magic, it only provided as much damage as a magic bullet at best. The environment had insufficient mana, so it consumed more mana than usual.

On the other hand, the opponent would not even get a graze with ordinary magic. He was the type of opponent who would make you curse.

- You insolent person that dares to set foot in this place, die in repentance!

He couldn't understand it because it spoke in an ancient language, but he could tell it wasn’t anything good from the tone.

The stone statue swung its sword at Dane Walker, the wind pressure prevented him from being able to maintain his flight properly. In front of a huge sword approaching with powerful force, he felt a deep sense of helplessness and his life flashed before his eyes.

Ah, am I going to die like this?

He stared into the empty air with blank eyes then clenched his teeth. Thinking that he couldn’t just die in this ridiculous fashion, he gathered as much mana as possible.

"Gather! Gather! Gather!!"

Clenching his teeth, the mana of lightning that he gathered started changing from yellow to white little by little.

At that moment, the nature of Danewalker's mana began to change. His desperate efforts gradually tore down the wall that was blocking him, but the situation was too urgent to overcome. "Thunder! Fire!" The magic he shot while both his mind and body were exhausted, appeared as a distinct beam rather than lightning.

Hit by Dane Walker's magic, the stone statue melted from the high heat and fell to the ground in half.

Now at the crossroads of life and death, Dane Walker felt boundless ecstasy. His hand trembled and he dryly coughed up blood, but on the contrary, he felt liberated from countless hardships.

In his blurring vision, the head of the stone statue that he fought against broke apart, Dane felt his consciousness slowly fading and crashed to the ground.


Dane Walker felt like he heard someone's congratulations, but he was unable to register it due to dwindling consciousness.


After breaking the head of the stone statue and taking the core of the golem, I grabbed the tumbling Dane Walker and slowly put him down on the floor. "Congratulations."

I said congratulations, but it was unclear whether he had heard it as he had already lost consciousness.

I knew from the first time I saw Dane Walker that he had seen the wall of the Magic Way, but who would have thought that he would cross the wall like this. Because they had ignored the security magic while opening the stone gate and activated the stone statues, I was actually purposely not helping them as punishment but it turned out to be beneficial to him.

I wonder if he saw his life flash before his eyes?

When crossing the wall of the Magic Way, it is said that the process of looking back on oneself is important. Therefore, it is said that many people go over the wall during the crossroads of life and death, but it was the first time I actually saw a person crossing the wall at the crossroads of life and death.

In particular, the magic he used at the end was similar to my "Thunder that races across the Sky," but I don't know how he succeeded without using runic or ancient language. Had he used it when he was in good condition, he could probably easily extinguish a small hill.

I put him in a corner and set up a barrier. Well, he probably wouldn’t die even in an unconscious state with this. In addition, I had shared some of my mana.

I had also suffered all sorts of hardships under Elder Mirpa to overcome the wall of the Magic Way. But as opposed to Dane Walker, who dramatically crossed it, I found that I had already crossed when I looked back at some point.

When I was in my hometown, my small sister who was stuck at the wall once asked me, "Hey, how did you get over the wall of the Magic Way? Are you happy that you’re the only one who made it over?"

When I answered that I had crossed it without knowing, my small sister's look of contempt left quite an impression on me.

In fact, I felt it was unfair to me. So I asked Elder Mirpa to assign some of the work that he had assigned me to my small sister as well.

I remember that my small sister, who happily started the special training, eventually cried and begged that she couldn't do it after just two days. After that, she looked at me as if I were some evil villain, but I thought it was very funny.

It wasn’t like I couldn’t understand her giving up, so I even sympathized with her. But personally, the training ordered by Elder Mirpa was tolerable compared to my father’s. Since I wasn't at least thrown in front of a dragon. Of course, if I have the chance, I would never do it again.

Considering the fact that Elder Mirpa, who trained me, was amazed by the fact that this was possible, it would seem that I was simply a subject of an experiment.

After laying Dane Walker on the floor, I saw Malecia struggling. All he had to do was blow off the head in one go, but he was senselessly hitting him everywhere.

"Ahjussi! Why are you fighting so hard when you only need to break the head?”

Malecia was furious at my question. "Do you think it’s as easy as saying it?!"

I looked at the stone statues that I had taken out. It wasn't that hard.

Malecia broke the stone statue's legs to steal its mobility then attacked the joint of the arm holding the weapon to weaken its power. At the same time, I could see at a glance that his strength was faltering after having used up a lot of mana in the first battle against the stone statue.

He was helping prove that both your body and mind suffer if your body was lacking. In fact, if it weren't deep underground, it would have ended in a single shot of magic, but I didn't necessarily feel tired of this drawn-out battle.

At that moment, stone statue No.12 that was holding the most impressive-looking weapon among the statues, called me in the ancient language.

- Wicked man who resembles the hateful Crows!

I also answered in the ancient language so that the stone statue could understand.

"Do you mean me, you stone head?”

- Impertinent! How dare you call a holy knight a stone head!

It drew the sword in anger but did not move away from the mana stone in the center of the room. I shrugged and sneered at it.

"You have a body made of stone, so of course your head is a stone too. Well, even if your body wasn’t made of stone, the fact that you're a stone head is still the same.”

- Such insolence! You resemble Modred! What a wicked way of speaking!

"Don't you think you might just be naïve?"

Modred seemed to be referring to my ancestor. I don't think his original name was Modred, but I couldn't remember very well. Even if it were me, I couldn't perfectly remember the family that I had only glanced at once when I was in my hometown.

- You've even inherited that smugness!

- That handsomeness too!

- You arrogant punk!

- Now that I see it, even I can believe it!

For some reason, the stone statues seemed to be looking at me and bursting into anger. I looked at the stone statues with interest.

"Who is the magician who created you all?"

I had this thought every time I heard the stone statues speak, but it didn't seem to be just at the level of programming. The stone statues responded at the same time.

- There is no need to answer you! Wicked man!

- It is His Great Madosa Merlin!

- You think we will answer you so easily? Insolent!

The stone statues looked at the stone statue who answered.

- Uh, was it something we weren’t supposed to say?

When the stone statue No. 6 spoke in a bewildered voice, the others simultaneously reproached it.

- You idiot!

- You fool!

- You Tristan!

I'm sure the statues didn’t have any facial expressions, but why did they look so pathetic?

- Wait! The name of the holy knight cannot be used as a curse!

Stone statue No.11 spoke when No.9 objected.

- Then, we can just call by the names before we got to the round table.

- That's a good idea.

- That's a reasonable idea.

After stone statue No.11's opinion was accepted, they all reprimanded stone statue No.6 again.

- You Farhan!

- You Farhan-like bastard!

- You’re just like Farhan! You’re going to make him cry at this rate.

But anyway, if it was Merlin, he was a great magician who was often mentioned in the records during the era of the Holy Kingdom.

According to the records, there was also a theory that he could be from the Fairy Tribe because he lived for more than 300 years. Among the battle races, the Fairies were famous for longevity. If the average life expectancy of a citizen of the empire was about 50 years, the Fairies were at least 150 years.

Also, the Great Khan of the Fairies (king) was over 250 years old, so if medical technology developed, it could increase even further. Anyway, Merlin was a great magician who was well-known as a nature magician (Druid).

"So, your behaviors aren’t programmed, but instead, your souls are residing in the golem?”

What a natural magician dealt with was nature itself, and the soul was part of nature, so there was no particular reason why he would not be able to do it. If so, it made sense to be able to make golems with emotions like this. As I speculated, the stone statues pushed stone statue No.6 even more.

- You Farhan!

- Foolish Farhan!

- Farhan the moron!

- I... I didn't mean to!

When stone statue No.6 tried to explain itself, the stone statue in battle with Malecia cried out.

- Quiet! You're even worse than Farhan!

Its body was broken from the battle with Malecia, but it was still fighting hard.

- How! How can I be worse than myself!?

Stone statue No.6 shouted in a shocked voice. The name Farhan was being used completely as a curse.

Anyways, I seemed to be right.

I couldn't hide my surprise. How could he settle the souls in golems and maintain them for more than 500 years? It took a lot of effort to maintain even simple magic for that long. To be able to maintain super difficult magic related to souls for this long, I couldn’t help but admire it.

It would have been easier to just program them to act like human beings, but it seems Merlin was also some kind of pervert. The place where the soul was settled was probably the core of the golem, so I’ll take my time and slowly study it.

"I’m sure you must have had a reason for talking to me. What is it?"

When I asked, stone statue No.12 said in a serious voice.

- Wicked man, since you have knowledge of magic, I will speak bluntly.

- What are you going to do with the souls of the Knights of the Round Table?

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