Chapter 73

Woosung continued to look at Sungyoon with suspicion. In fact, his suspicion had deepened. He had insulted the man, yet he hadn’t shown any signs of displeasure towards him. It made him think Sungyoon had an ulterior motive, and he had worn a mask of kindness to dodge the fallout. Basically, Woosung saw what he wanted to see.

However, Woosung couldn’t reveal his thoughts right now.

“We’ll be going now, noona.”

“Uh? We are leaving already?”

Woosung had been trying to come up with a way that would allow him to monitor this man. So, he became surprised when he heard Woosang’s words.

“What do you mean ‘We are leaving already’? Noona probably has work to do. She isn’t on vacation like you and me.”

“S... still, it has been a while since we’ve gathered in one place. Shouldn’t we talk a little bit more?”

“You should do that. I can come at another time.”

Sungyoon tried to help out from the side, and Woosung’s opinion of him rose a little bit. However, Woosang shook his head from side to side.

“No, we shouldn’t let personal affairs mix with business. We are adults and productive members of society.”

After saying those words to Sungyoon, Woosang spoke to his little brother.

“Also, do you really think noona will talk to us in her current state?”

Woosung’s gaze naturally headed towards Jimin.

Jimin had her arms crossed, and she was tilting her head, looking at her brothers. They had known each other for a very long time, so Woosung knew what Jimin was trying to say with her body language.

‘Buzz off.’

He had no choice. He quietly followed his hyung.

“You have a good family. The way they express their love is a bit clumsy, but they are really worried about their noona.”

After she saw her two brothers exit through the office door, Jimin replied.

“They are still very immature.”

She had spoken in a flippant manner. However, Sungyoon didn’t miss seeing the corner of her mouth lift a little bit.

“Let’s stop talking about those boys. Let’s talk about business.”

Jimin erased the smile from her face and once again put on the cold face of a president.

“You said your party members were called the Ross siblings? I contacted their company. The company already knew about the siblings partying up with you.”

“What did they say?”

“I get a feeling that they aren’t opposed to it. Still, we need to be precise in our dealings. When Mr. Sungyoon goes back to the Moon, I plan on entering into a simple contract with them. Do the three of you divide the moonstones into thirds?”


“Then, things will remain relatively the same. The unofficial contract between the three of you will become a contract between the two companies. Just think of it like that.”

“What about the Devices and Gems?”

For a variety of reasons, the Ross siblings had conceded their loot to Sungyoon in a one-sided manner. Sungyoon worried their actions might cause problems with their company.

“They don’t really care about that. Their company only has rights over the moonstones gathered in the labyrinth. The Devices and Gems acquired in the labyrinth are strictly given to the Connectors. Although there are some companies that are quite vicious in taking Devices and Gems for profit, the Ross siblings aren’t involved with such a company. Since the Ross siblings have not conceded the rights to the Devices and Gems, the company has no say in this matter.”

Jimin had seen through his worries. She spoke as if to reassure Sungyoon.

“That is a relief.”

“However, this agreement only pertains to the Beginner’s Labyrinth for now. After being assigned a Personal Labyrinth, the party will be disbanded. This is the term set by the other company. If the Ross siblings receive a top-grade labyrinth, it’ll be very hard for you to form a party with them.”


He had already expected this. It couldn't be helped, so he spoke in a calm manner.

“Here is the next order of business.”

Jimin placed a document in front of him. It was a contract. Sungyoon was meticulous in reading the contract.

“You are going to hire a transport company for the moonstones?”

“Yes. I’m sure you will be acquiring much more moonstones from this point on. You can’t carry them all into the spaceship. The carry-on fees will be massive. From now on, when you pass a certain threshold, the moonstones will be transported to Earth. Please use this company.”

She placed another paper in front of him. It was a map of Armstrong City. It depicted the Aldrin Spaceport at the center of the city, and it had all the roads and buildings drawn in. His eyes were drawn to a building with a red dot.

“It is a map of the way to that company. They will fill in the rest of the details.”

Sungyoon folded the paper and put it into his pocket.

“Lastly, we have to talk about the man named Nicholas.”

Jimin’s mask-like face was colder than ever. Sungyoon’s eyebrow twitched. He had a low sense of self, so he was able to take insults without blinking an eye. However, he couldn’t easily forgive someone that had put his life in danger.

“He was arrested after that day, and he is stuck in a detention center somewhere on Earth. He is denying most of the charges, but the investigation brought up too much evidence. His guilt is a foregone conclusion, and they’ve found a motive too.”

“He had a motive?”

It hadn’t been a prank or a mistake? He never expected someone to have a motive behind wanting to trap him in the sealed region.

“Do you remember a Connector picking a fight with you when you were with Chelsea?”

Sungyoon went through his memories.

“… yes! I remember him.”

It was the time when the princess had rescued the two of them.

“No way...”

“That’s right. He is the culprit.”

Jimin placed another paper in front of him. It was a picture with a familiar face on it. It was only a 2D print, yet one could tell that this man had a flippant attitude. Sungyoon recognized him.

“This is the guy, right?”


Sungyoon was someone indifferent to what went around him, but it had been an impactful meeting. It was why he somewhat remembered Nicholas. It also helped that this picture gave off the same flippant attitude displayed by Nicholas in person.

“It seems after he got into an argument with Chelsea and you… No, it was more of a one-sided argument initiated by him, Nicholas held a grudge. So when he saw you enter into the Beginner’s Labyrinth, he pushed you into the sealed section.”

Sungyoon was baffled. He had never expected someone to push him into a death pit for a minor disturbance.

“He is trash.”

The words came out unbidden. Nicholas almost reminded him of his ex-wife and ex-best friend.

“Yes. He is trash. He committed the cardinal sin of messing with a beginner within the Beginner’s Labyrinth. Moreover, he had pulled off this stunt while he had been entrusted with cleaning the Beginner’s Labyrinth. The upper management of Armstrong city is very angry, so he won’t be able to get out so easily.”

Needless to say, Jimin didn’t plan on letting it end there.

“Of course, we have to take him for all he is worth for all the harm he caused you. He is a pretty high-rank Connector, so he won’t be able to claim that he lacks funds.”

It was as if her ice-like visage cracked, and it revealed a sharp smile. It was a scary smile, like a blizzard that entrapped victims in the bitter, cold land.

It showed how angry she was by what had happened.

“I’ll leave it all to you, president.”

By the look of her, there was no way she would extract less compensation for him. She will probably take him for all he was worth. This was why Sungyoon decided to leave the matter to Jimin. He would focus on the labyrinth once again.

“Don’t worry about it.”

It seemed that she wanted to lessen Sungyoon’s burden. Jimin had spoken forcefully, so he would be less worried.

“Do you have any other item you would like to discuss?”

“No. We did everything we can accomplish right now.”

“That means we have something to do in the future.”

“It isn't anything difficult. I just have to confirm something.”

Jimin took out her planner and rifled through the pages. Soon, she revealed her schedule written within the small calendar. She took out a pen, and she circled a date.

“You plan on going to the space center this Sunday?”


It wasn’t too long before Sungyoon would have to go back to the Moon.

“I’ll confirm it at that time.”

She closed her planner as she spoke.

* * *

After a short vacation on Earth, it was the day when he would be leaving for the Moon once again. Jimin brought Shinhae along like last time. They came together to the spaceport with Sungyoon.

However, this time, Jimin wasn’t here only to send off Sungyoon with Shinhae.

Sungyoon looked at the bracelet-type Device on his wrist. There were brilliant Gems embedded on the dull surface of the Device. On the Moon, this Device had been like a wedding ring, and it had never left his body. But it felt a bit weird wearing it on Earth.

He looked at his surrounding. He was encased in a room. The walls were made out of solid concrete, and the door was made out of thick steel. It looked like a jail cell or a fallout shelter. There was no furniture in the room. There were a couple of lights on the ceiling that illuminated the room, but the light had the effect of making the room look more cold and gray. It made one feel more depressed.

Of course, this room served its purpose. It was a place to check the power of a Gem so that he wouldn’t be able to cause any harm outside of the room.

Still, it wasn’t a place where he wanted to stay for a long time. Sungyoon decided to quickly check his Gems. He wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Jimin’s words could be heard inside his brain.

-Do you know why the space center collects the Devices and Gems from the Connectors?-

If one thought about it, it was an oddity.

-If I posed this question, most people would guess it is to stop Connectors using Devices and Gems for crimes. However, one would soon think that it couldn’t be true. Connectors can only use Devices and Gems on the Moon. That would be the truth. Most Connectors can only use their Devices and Gems on the Moon.-

Most… There was a significance to the word Jimin had used.

Sungyoon raised his hand. It was as if the Device on his wrist sparkled for a brief moment.

-Yes. Most. It means there are exceptions. Most people would be right in their guess. The Devices and Gems are confiscated on Earth, so Connectors can't commit crimes using them.-

He circulated his magical energy and let it flow into his Gem. The image of his very familiar mace was projected in his mind.

-It is a precaution against Connectors that can use Devices and Jewel rank Gems on Earth.-

He was on Earth. If he went outside, he could see the blue sky and the blue ocean. Fresh air and gentle breezes were about. It was a place full of life and energy.

However, one thing was different. Sungyoon was holding the weapon that he had held on the desolate Moon.

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