Moon's Labyrinth

Moon's Labyrinth

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Hungry Panda (배고픈판다)
His friend and his wife betrayed him. The only thing left to him was his massive debt and his precious daughter.  He was without hope as he lived at the bottom. However, a last chance had come to Sungyoon.  He was a ‘man without a heartbeat’, and he will explore the Moon’s Labyrinth. He’ll explore the parts of the dungeon yet to be seen! 
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145 Reviews
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4 years ago
Edit 2: I remembered that today was the end of my subscription, so I went on the reviews to read them as a change, I was sad to find 4 "thumbs down" reviews, like why? Apparently I noticed that their problem was mainly due to these 2 reasons, "Not enough action" "Boring due to unnecessary events"

I want to discuss this in the review so that newcomers would decide whether to read it or not.

I just have to make one point clear before discussing the 2 reasons mentioned above, have you ever seen a Chinese novel explains how the hell "Ji Ning", I mean the MC explore the way of "dao" in just 50 chapters? Or even 300 chapters?

Not enough action - This novel has plenty of action, you should just wait for it, it will eventually arrive ;)

Boring - Well, if you can't sympathize with the background of the characters by reading those "unnecessary" events, then don't read the novel, in my humble opinion, this novel actually needs those events, they break down the action part, and after reading all the chapters, you wouldn't be able to wait for those "unnecessary" events to actually take place, and to be completely honest, I wait for those events more than I wait for the action ones, that's how satisfying those events are, sometimes it takes 2 chapters or even 3, but mostly and unfortunately they are usually 1 chapter in the beginning.

I feel sad that this novel is just 300+ chapters, you might think it's not enough, but with the current pace, it is indeed enough, however for us readers, enough is never enough.


Edit: Okay boys, time for the change in review, I once reviewed this as "Highly recommended", sorry that was wrong, this is "Fckn oVerWhelmingLy Recommended". The respect I have for the author, oh my god. He is making us live what is happening, I feel like they are real instead of just "he powers up, he becomes strongest, he kicks ass", he is giving us a 'Story', but what I do not understand how is it going to go? It's only 300 chapters, I can't imagine how it's just going to end like that, on this pace, it should be a 1000.


I started reading this and I was sad to see it not getting translated instead of DP, EYEM and RR. I regretted my choice in not voting for it instead of DP, hidden gems are always like that, their description is not like the real stuff, if you could read till chapter 10, you wouldn't want not to continue it. If this novel was a short novel of 10 chapters only, then that chapter would've been the most amazing ending I ever read in all novels. And thank god it isn't the end of the novel, because I really want to read more of it.

This opinion might change later on but I am not sure it will, the good sides about this novel is till now it only keeps on touching the "human side" of the humans, it will change am sure because it's a "superpower" novel, but you will definitely like it.

Highly recommended.

4 years ago
I called it that this story would be good and I don't regret voting for this story.

11 chapters in and I'm not ashamed to say that I've already balled my eyes out. I would really like more and the story is so good so far.

I really want to learn more about the world he's in and it reminds me of Second Coming of Gluttony in a way. Except just that there is a hidden world of some sort and the main character has to build himself up again.

Of course, the best points will be his extremely cute daughter and the reactions of his ex-wife and "friend" when he gets back on his feet!

4 years ago
A good start, full of feeling.

Really, i need to say more? Ouf.

Okay I will try.

In a normal in wuxiaworld, you would one chapter where the mc is betrayed. And then, he would have his revenge because he knows a lot of things or have a cheat.

Now, we have 10 ten chapters of prologue.

A Man betrayed by his closest relations (and they are a kind of believable evil if you accept they are master actor) and try to keep his head up even if his society oppress him. (He can't go bankrupt!!)

Those ten chapters were a novel by himself and I recommend this novel only for those 10 chapters.

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