Chapter 49

‘Can I activate them? That’s the question.’

He never expected to jump from Purple Gems to Blue Gems. Sungyoon was a low-level Connector, so he might destroy the Blue Gems by activating them. Nervousness passed through Sungyoon’s eyes.

Emily was also nervous. She helplessly stamped her feet as she watched Sungyoon. He had suddenly asked for her mace and shield, and she had immediately accepted his reasoning. She had fallen back in fear when faced with the oppressive presence of the Bigfoot. It would be much better for both of them if she handed her weapons over to him. The Blue Gems had been prepared as a last resort, so she could afford to give it up.

However, she had the same worries as Sungyoon. He was a Purple Gem user. Could he activate the Blue Gems? Moreover, it took time to activate Gems for the first time. She wondered if Tim could last that long.

However, Emily’s worries vanished in no time.


Emily became surprised. A mere 10 seconds had passed, yet Sungyoon was holding the mace and shield in his hands.

‘Thankfully, I was able to activate it.’

Sungyoon let out a sigh of relief. He tightened his grip on the mace and shield.

“Please continue to support me.”

After saying those words, Sungyoon ran towards the Bigfoot.

Boom! Boom!

The Bigfoot continued to drive Tim backward, and his face was gaunt from exhaustion. Sungyoon overclocked the two Gems.


Tim’s shield had numerous cracks as if it would break at any moment. Sungyoon moved in front of Tim to take the Bigfoot’s attack in his stead. A heavy jolt impacted the top of the shield.

‘I survived it!’

The sturdy wooden shield had been reinforced with a steel plate. The rectangular shield was large enough to cover Sungyoon’s body. It did a marvelous job of blocking the Bigfoot’s attack. His overclocked Purple Gem shield had been in rough shape even before the fight, and it had broken without putting up much of a resistance. This was why he had been worried. Fortunately, the Blue Gem shield performed better than he had expected.

“I’ll defend! You should attack, Tim!”

Sungyoon had picked up his name when the siblings had talked to each other. Sungyoon urged him to take action. Tim’s shield was close to breaking, so he wouldn’t be able to defend any longer with his shield.

“Thank you!”

Tim quickly retreated backward, and he started looking for openings in the Bigfoot’s defense.

Its first prey had finally weakened to a point where it would have been able to complete its hunt. However, a new prey had shown up to put up a fight against it. The Bigfoot was at its wit’s end from the annoyance it felt.


The Bigfoot executed a fierce attack towards Sungyoon, who had disrupted its hunt. It planned on venting its anger on Sungyoon. Sungyoon silently blocked the attacks. He wanted to counterattack, but it wasn’t the right time.


While the Bigfoot was focused on attacking Sungyoon, Tim stealthily approached the Bigfoot from the back. He swung his ax towards the Bigfoot’s hamstring.


Blood sprayed into the air. The ax embedded itself deep into the large thigh of the Bigfoot. It struggled in pain, and it swung its fist towards the one that had caused the pain.

However, Tim had already extracted his ax and retreated to a safe distance. He had learned from his past mistake where he had almost died because he was a bit too slow in extracting his ax.


The Bigfoot didn’t have a plan as it turned its body towards Tim. The wound to its thigh and side had been afflicted by Tim’s ax. It was enough to fan the Bigfoot’s anger. Also, it knew Sungyoon’s attack couldn’t damage it. The Bigfoot had experienced Sungyoon’s pathetic attack.

However, Sungyoon’s attack differed from before.

‘I’m pretty sure this is how you use a mace.’

Fortunately, one of the weapons that he had learned to use was the mace. He basically only knew how to swing it. However, that would be enough in this situation.

The Bigfoot’s gaze remained completely fixed on Tim. Sungyoon lowered his shield, and he took a big swing with his mace. Of course, his target was the thigh, which had taken damage from Tim’s attack.


The heavy iron head of the mace impacted its thigh. It hit the Bigfoot right above the wound where the blood was flowing freely. Of course, the creature was swept up in extreme pain.


Its eyes flipped backward as it rampaged. However, Sungyoon had already retreated out of its attack range.

‘It works!’

It was different from the time when he had attacked with his spear. The big dent in its thigh gave visual proof of his mace’s effectiveness.

This time the Bigfoot tried to run towards Sungyoon.


However, the Bigfoot’s body tilted to the side. It was barely able to maintain its balance, and it could no longer move normally. Sungyoon and Tim’s eyes shone.

‘It lost its mobility.’

The attack inflicted by Sungyoon and Tim had been very effective. The Bigfoot was limping as it moved around, and it was no longer able to utilize its powerful charge.

When the two men made eye contact, they silently nodded to each other. They started to slowly circle around the Bigfoot. They were like two drooling hyenas circling an injured lion.

-Koo-rook! Koo-roo-rook!

It was starting to realize that the prey had become the hunter. The Bigfoot’s roar was filled with anger. However, the two humans were unfazed.

Sungyoon was the first to move. He moved first, because his shield was intact. He was in a better situation than Tim.


Sungyoon raised his shield, and he charged towards the Bigfoot.


The wrinkled face looked back and forth between the two, and it punched towards Sungyoon. However, its leg was injured and useless. Its balance was off, so its attack was much weaker than before. However, Sungyoon didn’t plan on letting the attack hit him. 


Sungyoon stopped on a dime, and he took two steps backward. The Bigfoot was flabbergasted when its fist swung through the empty air. It had the effect of exposing the Bigfoot’s rear. Tim, who had been waiting for this opportunity, ran forward. He brought down his ax at an angle.


His target was once again the injured thigh. A new wound appeared on the Bigfoot’s right thigh. It quickly turned its body. But as soon as it turned, Sungyoon jumped in again.


Sungyoon was tenacious as he aimed for the right thigh again. The already bloodied and bruised thigh took damage again.


The Bigfoot twisted its body in pain. It flailed its arms in random directions, but the two humans had already moved out of its range.

At that moment, a faint light appeared from Sungyoon’s body. He glanced backward. He saw Emily pointing her short staff towards him.

‘Did she renew the support spell?’

It seemed the duration of her support magic was coming to an end.


In the end, the Bigfoot fell to its knee. It was too much of a burden to stand on the injured leg.

The three Connectors’ face brightened. They were now confident that they could defeat this terrifying Bigfoot. However, Sungyoon and Tim didn’t rush the fight. They kept circling around the Bigfoot, and they only attacked when they found an opening. It wasn’t just its thigh. New wounds were appearing all over its body.


The Bigfoot let out a short cry, and it fell to the floor. Sungyoon let out a sigh of relief. 

‘We just have to remain cautious as we wrap this up….’

It happened at that moment. 

“This is it!”

Until now, Tim had been conservative in his attack, and he had worked well with Sungyoon. However, he suddenly dashed forward. It seemed Tim believed the Bigfoot was helpless, and he wanted to get in the finishing blow.

The ax let out a fierce destructive sound as it moved straight towards the Bigfoot’s head.

However, Tim was being too hasty in his actions.


The Bigfoot had acted as if it was close to death. The Bigfoot stood up, and its bloody and wrinkled face glared at Tim, who was charging towards it.


Emily yelled out in fright. She thought the battle was over, so she had relaxed. This new development was like a bolt out of the blue.

Tim’s face turned pale. However, he had already ridden the bucking bull. He swung his ax. In fact, he put more strength into his arms. He wanted to kill it before the Bigfoot could kill him.

However, Tim was unlucky. The Bigfoot’s entire body was covered in wounds, but it wasn’t critically injured. It was capable of moving quickly. The only serious wound was the wound to its right thigh.


The Bigfoot’s hand struck the handle of Tim’s ax. The ax was sent flying from Tim’s hands.


The Bigfoot swung its hand one more time, and this time it struck Tim’s body.


Tim had an impressive physique, yet he was sent flying through the air. For some reason, it looked unrealistic, but it was reality. It was an awful reality.


Emily’s despairing scream rang out. Tim’s body flew through the air for a while before his body ruthlessly hit the ground.


Fortunately, Tim was still alive. However, it seemed he had internal bleeding. He coughed out blood.


The Bigfoot wasn’t done. Its anger wasn’t quelled yet. It was said that a wild animal was most dangerous when it was injured. It dragged its severely injured right leg. It used its two arms and its left leg to drag itself forward. It moved towards Tim at a frightening speed.


Sungyoon ran forward. Fortunately, Tim’s body was sent flying a long distance. Before the Bigfoot could reach Tim, Sungyoon reached the Bigfoot.


He swung his mace towards the arm that was braced against the floor. A sickening sound rang out from its arm. It fell to the floor as it lost its balance.

“Heal him!”

He shouted instructions to Emily, and then, he swung his weapon once again.


This time, he missed. The Bigfoot rolled to the side to dodge the attack. When he missed his target, he let go of his mace without hesitation.


The Bigfoot’s fist landed on his shield. However, Sungyoon had let go of his weapon. He had gone full defensive mode, so he was easily able to block the blow from the injured Bigfoot.

Sungyoon immediately ran backward. The Bigfoot tried to follow after him, but it basically had to drag its lower body. It was having trouble moving quickly.


Sungyoon unsummoned his mace. The mace, which had been rolling on the ground, disappeared. Sungyoon summoned his weapon once again. However, it wasn’t the mace. It was his original weapon. He summoned his long spear.

His spear couldn’t pierce through the Bigfoot’s hide before, but things were different now. The Bigfoot was injured, but the spear couldn’t do any critical damage. However, it was a clear threat to the Bigfoot. If the spear pierced through the open wound, its wound would worsen. A normal wound might turn into a critical wound.

The Bigfoot was afraid of the spear, so it hesitated in its action. The spear started to work against the Bigfoot. Its long reach shined in the fight. Of course, the Bigfoot’s decreased mobility had a part in it too.


The spear pierced through its side, where the mace had caved it in. The Bigfoot struggled in pain. Sungyoon kept stabbing various body parts. The Bigfoot was in a muddled state.


Unlike before, Sungyoon was resolved to attack the Bigfoot’s face. The Bigfoot swiped with its hand in surprise.

However, it was a feint. Sungyoon’s spear disappeared right before it hit the Bigfoot’s hand. Sungyoon had unsummoned it. The follow-through of the swipe left the Bigfoot overextended. One arm was being used to prop itself up, since its lower body was injured. The Bigfoot’s face was left undefended.

Sungyoon didn’t hesitate as he charged forward. He already had the Blue Gem mace in his hands.


It was out of character for him to do this, but he let out a heroic shout. He swung his mace, and it squarely hit the Bigfoot’s head.

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