Chapter 362

It had been a while since the three ladies had met their grandson, so they did their best to make Shinwoo very comfortable. When Shinwoo had been young, both his parents were usually very busy, so he was frequently in his grandmothers' care. If one considered the amount of love his grandmothers had shown him, he might be closer to his grandmothers than to his parents.

“How’s work? Is it going well?”

Hweeyoung asked as she peeled an apple. It was very unlike his normal self, but Shinwoo directly took a piece of the apple from Hweeyong with his mouth. It looked as if he were a baby bird taking food from the mother bird.

“It’s ok. I can’t complain.”

“You should always be careful. Your life's on the line.”

Aiin quietly spoke. The three of them had lost their husband in the Great labyrinth. Of course, Jungbum had died at the hands of Hyunwoo, but this didn’t mean the labyrinths weren’t any less dangerous.

“If you don’t know something, don't forget to ask me.”

Plu-El also spoke up.

Unlike Connectors, who visited the Moon for some period, Plu-El and her people had lived on the Moon. Regarding labyrinths, her advice was more helpful than most others'.

The three of them spoke from different perspectives, but in the end, they treasured Shinwoo. Receiving this love, he once again felt overjoyed.

“Now that I think about it, how are my uncles and aunt doing?”

“Your uncles are doing the same. They came for a visit a while ago.”

“Nothing particularly good has happened, and nothing bad has happened either. They are doing wel...

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