Chapter 361

After picking up his siblings from foreign countries, Shinwoo returned to Korea. Shinhwee and Shinhyun had incompatible personalities, so they frequently clashed with each other. They would keep it in check for the near future because of him. However, when he saw them fight again, Shinwoo let out a burst of forced laughter.

“I want you guys to go home first.”

“Huh? You aren't going to come with us, Hyung-nim?”

When she heard Shinhyun, Shinhwee acted like she was about to throw up. 

‘Barf! He said Hyung-nim!’ 

Shinhyun glared at Shinhwee.

“I get stressed out being with you two. I’ll bring the others. You guys can go first.”

“Are you talking about Shinbi and Shinjung? Do you know where they are right now?”

“They’ll soon be sent to the Moon as Connectors, so they are at the training field where you guys had gone in the past.”

“I remember. However, I preferred being taught by Dad.”

Shinhwee and Shinhyun bickered about everything, but Shinhyun grudgingly nodded to support Shinhwee's words this time.

“Dad has work to do. Also, he'll go on practice runs through labyrinths with them. He will do for them what he did for us.”

“Both Shinbi and Shinjung are at the training facility?”


“Shinbi might be ok, but do you...

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