Chapter 360

Connectors lived simple lives. They entered the labyrinths, killed monsters, and collected moonstones. When it was time to rest, they went to the only city on the Moon and blew off steam.

Shinwoo was the same. It had been several years since he had entered this industry. He had made a name for himself to a certain extent, but his life didn’t differ too much from other normal Connectors.

After hunting in his Personal Labyrinth, he returned to the city. He parked his Moon Surface Vehicle in the large parking lot located on the city's side. Normally, his vehicle would be full of moonstones, but he had left his labyrinth earlier than usual. Therefore, he hadn’t come back with much profit.

‘I feel bad for my party members.’

Right now was supposed to be the busiest part of their schedule, yet Shinwoo had pulled out. His party members had said that it was ok, but he was his party's strongest member. So he felt bad for doing this.

‘I’ll have to treat them to a lot of alcohol next time.’

Shinwoo got off his car and took deliberate steps toward the city. When he arrived at the entrance, the large sign hanging above city gates came into view.

- Sungyoon City

Every time he saw that sign, he felt a bit uncomfortable. In the past, before he was born, this city was called Armstrong city. However, after the city was rebuilt...

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