Chapter 304

Almost everyone knew the Moon had stopped drifting away from Earth. Some had been worried that it might move toward Earth on a collision course. No, most people were worried about that possibility.

However, when the possibility turned into reality, everyone felt the immense pressure of that information.

“When is the estimated collision time?”

Sungyoon asked the question as he let out a brief sigh. He had experienced all kinds of hardship in the past, so he was the first one to calm down.

“It’ll happen after several hundred years.”

“That’s good news for now.”

Someone spoke up.

The danger wasn’t imminent, and many of them relaxed a little bit. With so much time left, they were pretty sure humanity could come up with a solution. However, Sungyoon and the more forward-thinking people couldn’t relax.

“It’ll be fine for the near future, but Kevil is conducting rituals that are influencing the Moon's movements. If Kevil continues to conduct these rituals, there is a possibility that the Moon's approaching velocity would be accelerated.”

The expression of the relaxed people stiffened again.

Bruce clicked his tongue.

“That means we have to stop Kevil at all costs.”

“That's difficult. The bastard is very stealthy in its actions.”


In the end, Bruce took out another cigarette from his cigarette case. He spoke as he placed the cigarette between his lips.

“I’ve talked it over with Ms. Plu-El.”

The Mayor interrupted them.

“The current situation continues to deteriorate. Armstrong city has fallen, and our supply chain of moonstones has been severed. The monsters continue to attack the Earth as the Moon moves closer. Moreover, many Connectors are starting to feel the urge to get back to the Moon. Isn’t that right?”

Most of the Connectors in the room nodded. Sungyoon was also going through some difficulties in recent days. The urge to return to the Moon had started to creep up in his heart.

“Ah! I have a question. What causes this?”

Bruce rubbed his hand over his heart as he asked the question. He thought Plu-El would have the answer since she was one of the Moon people.

“This attraction isn't due to the Moon itself. Instead, you are being drawn toward the magical energy on the Moon.”

“Magical energy causes this?”

Bruce asked her again. The other Connectors became interested in the topic too as the matter was directly related to them.

“Connectors are sensitive to magical energy. It's to be expected since their hearts constantly provide them with magical energy. Therefore, they are drawn to places with massive amounts of magical energy. The nearest and the only source of magical energy is the Moon. Of course, the Connectors are drawn to the Moon.”

“Does that mean we will no longer feel the urge if the amount of magical energy on Earth increases by a lot?”

In the past, Plu-El had explained that the consumption of moonstones through technology had started to increase the ambient magical energy on Earth.

“That's correct. If the amount of magical energy on Earth exceeds the magical energy on the Moon, the Connectors would want to stay on Earth.”

“That’ll only happen after a long time has passed.”

“It also might accelerate the timeline of the Moon colliding with Earth.”

Bruce lamented.

“Ah! I interrupted you. Please continue your explanation.”

After Bruce spoke, the Mayor cleared his throat once again.

“Everyone here knows about Hyunwoo Sung. He visited the Knight not too long ago.”

All of the Connectors in the room looked at Sungyoon for a moment.

“Wait a moment. I heard he claimed he knew how to defeat Grenoid. Don’t tell me you're about to give credence to his words?”

Bruce sounded baffled.

The others also spoke in loud voices. They were having a hard time on the prospect of believing the words of a traitor who had betrayed humanity.

“I understand your worries. Ms. Plu-El and I feel the same way. However, we have no other way to get out of this. If we don't do something now, there's a possibility that we can only watch the Moon collide with Earth in the end.”

“Shit! I hate traveling down a road paved by someone else.”

He especially hated walking on a road paved by a criminal. Bruce took a deep drag of the cigarette and reduced the cigarette to half of its size in one go. He once again flicked the cigarette into the ashtray.

“Hey, Knight.”

“What is it?”

“What did you feel when you saw him? Did you feel his words had credibility?”

“Are you asking if I played into his hands?”

“If that’s the standard, everyone on Earth has played into his hands. I just want you to speak about what you felt at that moment. No one will fault you for whatever you say. I’ll snap the neck of anyone who thinks otherwise.”

Sungyoon closed his eyes and tried to recall his state of mind during his conversation with Hyunwoo.

“My opponent was Sung Hyunwoo. Moreover, my wife was with me, so I was very nervous. I don't remember the exact feeling I felt at that moment. The only thing I can say is that he's cooperating with Grenoid, but he also has his own agenda.”

“I see.”

Bruce looked at the Mayor once again. 

“Are you sure that’s the only thing we can try?”

“If you have another plan, I'm willing to listen.”

“I suck at using my head. You should ask Russell.”

Bruce let out a long sigh as he got up.

“It can’t be helped. We have to dance to the tune of his beat."

Bruce then pointed at Sungyoon and continued.

"I’m guessing he's going to go too?”

“He delivered those words to me. Of course, I have to go.”


“It's going smoothly.”

The holographic screen in the air showed the cross-sectional diagram of the building. Most of the rooms were colored red, and some were blue.

“Soon, Son-in-law Woo will be able to open a portal between Earth and the Moon.”

Plu-El sounded a bit awkward when calling him son-in-law.

Sungyoon looked over the holographic screen.

“Only thirty percent of it has activated.”

“According to the stories passed down to us, you're activating the Gem very quickly. Please don’t get impatient.”

Sungyoon looked down at the Royal Gem.

“I heard Mother-in-law and the other descendants of Planote will be participating in this mission.”

“Yes. In the end, Grenoid is our enemy too. Moreover, we have decided to settle on Earth, so we have to protect our home.”

The two of them exited the room, and Sungyoon opened a portal to the holy city. The Royal Gem could open portals to all three cities, but the other three special Gems couldn’t open a portal to the capital.

When they arrived at the holy city, they saw a lot of Connectors moving about. They were the Connectors that would be sent on this mission. 

Realizing Sungyoon had returned, his party members gathered around him.

“How's progress?”

Grace asked.

“Slow, but all the functions are coming online. I’ll be able to open a portal to Earth soon.”

“That’s good news.”

They would gain another portal that would allow them to travel to the Moon, and it would increase the variety of plans that could be formed. 

The Mayor looked excited at the possibility.

“You're back.”

He approached the group when he caught sight of Sungyoon.

“It's time for the last briefing. Let’s hurry up and go.”

The mission was finally close at hand. The party was a bit anxious as they followed the Mayor.


The biggest room inside one of the intact buildings had been chosen as the briefing room.

Unlike the labyrinths, the city’s magical energy was stable; electronic devices could be used here. Therefore, a large projector had been installed in the room.

“This is the Great Labyrinth where you’ll be deployed to.”

The projector showed a large cave on the surface of the Moon. It was located halfway up a small rocky mountain. This was the place where their mission would play out.

“Since magical energy suppressors don’t work inside Mana Stream, we couldn’t get a shot of the interior. However, we sent a small advanced party inside, and I was told the place was no different from the other Great Labyrinths.”

The screen moved onto the next slide. It wasn’t a photo, but a drawing.

“It was made through the testimony given by the advanced party. They searched until the third floor. Like all the other Great Labyrinths, each floor has a different environment. However, there's a difference. Unlike the other Great Labyrinths, there's only one tunnel.”

“That means we don’t have to worry about getting lost.”

Russell carefully looked over the screen.

“That’s right. If there were multiple tunnels, we wouldn’t be able to search through all of them with time being of the essence. However, this is only true until the third floor. I have no idea what the deeper floors are like. It wouldn’t be shocking to see multiple paths on the lower floors. After all, it's a Great Labyrinth at the end of the day.”

The Mayor’s face hardened as he swung his pointing stick.

“As you all probably know, we do not have a lot of time. We’ve gathered the strongest Connectors of Earth for this mission. If the casualties on Earth become severe, all the countries would request you to return to your respective countries.”

“Now that you mention it, what’s going to happen to the monsters on Earth?”

A Connector sitting near Bruce asked the question.

Everyone became tense when that question was brought up. 

This was proof of the power and influence wielded by the Mayor. He could gather all these Connectors. The downside was that his actions would significantly reduce Earth's defense.

“Since we are desperate, we’ll use the Mana Knight weapons to kill them.”

“Can you produce enough of them?”

“We were ramping up our manufacturing capabilities of Mana Knight weapons before Armstrong city fell. We felt threatened with the fall of Gagarin·Yang city. Yet, despite having more of these weapons, we couldn’t prevent the downfall of Armstrong city.”

The Mayor frowned. The incident had left a bitter taste in his mouth.

“However, I would be lying if I said we had adequate supply. We barely have enough to arm everyone. Above all else, we are extremely short on Mana Knight ammunition. Mana Knight is a metal that can only be found inside the labyrinths. We lost our territory on the Moon, and as the monsters attack Earth, our supply of Mana Knight will be consumed very fast. We have to find a solution as soon as possible. We need to revive Armstrong city.”

“What will we do if we fail in this mission?”

Someone spat out those foreboding words. Everyone wanted to know the answer.

The Mayor’s nose twitched.

“We’ll have to use every method available to us and recapture Armstrong city.”

“What if that fails too?”

“You have a choice to make at that point. You can choose to stay by your family’s side, or you can choose to partake in all kinds of pleasure and debauchery until the end comes. You are free to do whatever you desire until death comes.”

The Mayor’s heavy words passed by their ears.


Sungyoon assembled with his party members. All four of them had been busy on Earth, so it had been a while since the party had gathered like this. Plu-El and her party also assembled next to Sungyoon’s party.

“Please take these, Ms. Emily.”

“What are these?”

Sungyoon placed several Gems in Emily’s hand.

“These are the Gems I acquired when I killed a traitor last time. I believe you’ll find a better use for them.”

Emily equipped the Gems on her Device to check their abilities. Soon, a satisfied expression appeared on her face.

“These are good Gems. Are you sure you want to give them to me?”

“We have to increase our fighting power in any way possible. Please do not hesitate to take them.”

“Then, I’ll borrow them for a short time.”

Instead of her normal staff, Emily held the mace Sungyoon gave to her.

Most of the parties were getting ready for battle. Sungyoon and his party also discussed the upcoming battle with Plu-El.

At that moment, someone approached Sungyoon.

“May I speak to you for a brief moment?”

It was Aruwen.

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