Chapter 273

“Isn’t the scale of this attack much bigger than what we were told?”

“How many agents did they mobilize?”

To carry out this mission, their comrades were supposed to distract the city. However, the scale of the distraction was too big.

“I never knew we had so many men hidden here.”

“No way!”

The whispered conversation was interrupted by a man clad in an unstylish armor. He spoke in a distorted voice as if he were using a voice modulator.

“What the hell? Do you know something about this Jinsoo...”


Jinsoo pressed his sword against the neck of the man who had been asking the question.

“Don’t speak my name out loud, you idiot! Why do you think I brought this armor and this sword that I can’t even use as backup! Are you going to take responsibility if my identity is revealed?”

Although Jinsoo didn’t yell, his voice was sharp and full of anger and murderous intent. His idiot comrade had given him a headache. 

“… I’m sorry.”


Jinsoo received an apology, but it wasn’t enough for him. He used the flat side of his blade to smack the man’s helmet before putting away the sword.

“You just have to use your head a little bit. We are so short on men that we have to wear these ridiculous gears. Where the hell would we get that many men to pull off something on this scale?”

Fabion had sent a significant amount of their fighting force down to Earth. The official reason for this move was that the company had received a request from the Korean government to protect their country; the real reason was to avoid suspicion after executing this plan.

“It seems….”

Hyunwoo, who had been listening to the conversation in silence, opened his mouth.

“Another group wants chaos within Armstrong city today.”

Like the others, Hyunwoo was also wearing an entirely different set of armor. Instead of his sword, a heavy mace graced his hands.

“Right? We picked the worst day to carry out this plan.”

Jinsoo clicked his tongue.

“What should we do? Should we cancel the mission?”

“Are you volunteering to receive the President’s temper tantrum? If so, I agree.”

“Then we have no choice but to carry it out.”

Hyunwoo cackled when he heard Jinsoo’s firm answer.

“Let’s look at the positives. We don’t know what their intentions are, but it will make it easier for us to move around this place.”

“Alright. If I find out who they are later, I’ll give each one of them a big wet kiss.”

The conversation came to an end, and the Fabion Connectors did their best to avoid the panicked pedestrians on their way to Sungyoon’s house.




Fabion and the Moon people ran into each other in front of Sungyoon’s house. Members of both groups reacted in the same manner. Their faces distorted, and the same thought crossed their minds.

‘We have been discovered!’


Finally, Armstrong city's order came through the phone. Sungyoon's party would stay in the house and protect the woman in their charge. Some within his party had expected Armstrong city to give up on Plu-El and ask them to apprehend the terrorists, but Sungyoon thought differently.

‘It means they consider her very important.’

Armstrong city was stretched too thin to keep the Connectors on guard around Sungyoon’s house, so now, Sungyoon’s party, Chelsea, and Plu-El were all alone.


Sungyoon was the first one to realize something was wrong. He had been slowly moving in a circle around the yard when his eyes fell beyond the front gate.

“What’s wrong? What the hell is that?”

When Sungyoon suddenly came to a stop, Tim moved toward him. Tim then also realized what was going on. Two groups, armed to the teeth, were in a confrontation outside the front gate.


The members of the two groups clashed against each other, and weapons and spells flew everywhere. They were hellbent on killing each other.

“I don’t think either group is affiliated with Armstrong city.”

“Yes. Armstrong city didn’t contact us about sending us any troops.”

Sungyoon thought it over for a brief moment, then swiftly directed everyone.

“Mr. Tim, please go in and tell Ms. Chelsea to contact Armstrong. Tell them suspected terrorists have appeared at our house. Either we are the target or the suspect is the target of this attack.”

Tim’s face hardened as he left.

‘I hope we can contact them.’

In case of a catastrophe or an accident, the traffic on the communication network would always experience surges. It didn’t matter whether the place was Earth or the Moon; both experienced connection problems.

Fortunately, Sungyoon had been worried for nothing.

“Mr. Sungyoon!”

Tim waved at Sungyoon from the front door. Sungyoon approached Tim while keeping his eyes on the two groups outside the house.

“Did you manage to contact Armstrong city?”

“Yes! They said they are sorry, but they don’t have any troops to spare. Either we hunker down here or we transport the woman to the city hall.”

‘I hoped one of the groups was sent as reinforcement, but it wasn’t the case.’

The world wasn’t that easy.

‘Both choices are dangerous.’

Defending against Connectors from inside a house had no advantages as Connectors could literally break apart the house with their bare fists. The preferable choice was to secretly escape the house while the two groups fought. However, there was no guarantee that the party wouldn’t encounter more enemies on the road. 

After a moment of thinking, Sungyoon came to a decision.

“Let’s go. It’ll be best if we reach the city hall.”

“Understood! I’ll tell the others to gather in the living room.”

Tim once again entered the house. Sungyoon followed him with a frustrated expression.

‘If only I could use that Gem...’

Sungyoon’s eyes moved toward the Royal Gem. This Gem allowed him to open a portal in locations with plentiful ambient magical energy, but Armstrong city wasn't such a location.

‘If we fall in a bad spot, we can go into the Beginner’s Labyrinth or the Great Labyrinth.’

Sungyoon rushed to Plu-El’s room.


As always, Plu-El didn’t get up even when he opened the door. She looked emaciated since she had refused to eat or drink.


After silently glancing at her, Sungyoon wound her body with chains as a precaution. Plu-El didn’t resist. Even if she did want to, she couldn't in her weakened state. When Sungyoon had securely fastened her arms and legs, he put her over his shoulder. Plu-El struggled, but Sungyoon didn't loosen his grip.

The others were already gathered within the living room. As soon as Sungyoon arrived, Emily placed her support magic on all of them. They all experienced a boost in their strength.

“Let’s escape through the back door.”

Just as they were about to move—


The front door and the surrounding walls exploded. Sungyoon and Tim raised their shields and protected Emily, Grace, and Plu-El.

Tuhng! Tuh-tuhng!

The broken pieces of the house bounced off their shields as intruders pushed through the cloud of dust.

“Did the fight end?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

Sungyoon answered Tim.

Six people had entered the house, but they all weren't on the same team. Three were on one side, and three were on the other.


Sungyoon's party turned to look at the man who had shouted a word they didn't recognize but had heard before.

‘It’s him.’

Sungyoon furrowed his brows. As he stared at the man with a large bow, he realized one of the groups belonged to the ambushers.

‘Did he say... Plu-El?’

Sungyoon had heard that word in previous battles.

‘Is it this woman’s name?’

Right now, Sungyoon couldn't afford to think whether Plu-El was a word or a name.

“It seemed they were afraid we would run away, so they kept each other at bay to push into the house.”

“We acted too late.”

Grace sounded frustrated, but this didn’t stop her from moving. Her movements flowed like water.


Grace raised her hands to reveal an already-glowing staff, and the six intruders flinched in surprise.

Flames erupted from the staff.


Intense heat accompanied by a blast dashed toward the intruders, who either dodged or blocked the attack with their shields. The attack blew apart half the house.


Sungyoon’s party left behind the raging fire as they sprinted toward the back door.

“Did you prepare the spell beforehand?”

Sungyoon asked Grace since he knew she couldn’t activate her spells as quickly as him.

“I knew it was a possibility that they would charge into the house before we could leave.”

Grace laughed. A devilish smile appeared on her face, but her laughter contained pureness.

“You did well.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Grace pushed aside her fluttering hair, which was obstructing her eyesight.

“I doubt it was enough to kill them.”

“I’m aware of that. Still, it should be enough to stall them for a bit.”


As soon as his words fell, the other half of the house exploded and the intruders rushed out of the debris. Sungyoon and his party increased their pace when they saw the frightening speed of the men behind them.

Thankfully, the streets were deserted. Since it was an emergency, everyone had most likely evacuated into shelters.


As an arrow came flying toward their backs, Tim blocked it with his shield.



The impact swayed his enormous body for a moment, and the others became surprised by his groan.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

As Tim's sister, Emily was the first to ask the question.

“Are you ok?”

“Are you well?”

Sungyoon and Grace followed suit.

“Yes, I’m fine. However, the power behind that arrow is incredible.”

Tim rubbed at his left arm, which held his shield. The shock from the attack had yet to disperse as the arm still shook a little.

Sungyoon quickly healed Tim’s arm.

‘Is it really the same archer? That’s odd. He wasn’t this strong before.’

Sungyoon had fought the archer several times, so he knew that the archer wasn’t strong enough to cause damage past the shield. 

‘Did he get stronger in that short amount of time?’

It wasn’t welcome news for his party. 

When Sungyoon saw the archer aim with his bow once again, he quickly activated two spells.



The increased gravity slowed down the pursuers, and the stalagmites blocked their path.


An arrow pierced through the stalagmites and reached Sungyoon’s party, but Tim blocked it again.

“Whew! That’s a bit better.”

Sungyoon’s magic had been effective in reducing the power behind the arrow. However, they couldn't relax yet.

‘I can’t keep using my spells like this.’

The party had to reach their destination as soon as possible, so all of them hastened their footsteps.

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