Chapter 265

The weight behind Sungyoon's words pressed down on everyone in the room. All of them knew how close Sungyoon and Hyunwoo were, so the mere fact that Sungyoon was saying Hyunwoo had been acting suspiciously was shocking in itself.

“Do you mind telling us the reason you think so?”

Bruce's laid-back attitude disappeared when he asked the question, and a calm look appeared in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, but let me ask you one thing first. Did the Mayor ever mention to you how the ambushers move around?”

“No. We never heard about it.”

“Do you mean those who show up everywhere like ghosts? Did you discover anything about them?”

A look of anticipation appeared in Russell's and Bruce's eyes.

‘Looks like the two of them are still in the unknown about it.’

The Mayor had kept the secret about the portal close to his vest.

‘He didn’t tell it to two of the strongest Connectors.’

Russell and Bruce worked very closely with their respective governments. This could be the reason the Maor hadn't told them about this matter.

‘I should've expected it. They weren’t included in the sweep of the ancient city.’

“Then I can't tell you the precise details.”

“For what reason? No. It's to be expected. I could see him holding back the information. This is the wily Mayor we're talking about.”

Bruce didn’t sound thrilled by this development, but Sungyoon kept his mouth shut. Russell looked at Grace, and she let out an awkward smile. 

“It seems even the Princess knows about it.”

Russell sarcastically spoke. He was just needling her, and there was no ill intent behind his words. Of course, his voice contained a little disappointment, the disappointment a grandfather felt toward his granddaughter for keeping a secret.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, it's fine. If you can't even tell your own country, the matter must be very important. Do not feel guilty about it.”

“Let me add on to that. Ms. Grace wasn't happy with keeping it a secret. She fought against it until the end.”

“I see.”

Sungyoon’s words washed away all of Russell's disappointment. Grace bowed toward Sungyoon as a gesture of thanks.

“I see. It can’t be helped.”

“Hey, aren’t you letting them off the hook too easily because of the Princess?”

Bruce grumbled as he still didn’t like what was going on. However, Russell wasn’t one to blink an eye at Bruce’s complaints. He ignored Bruce and advanced the conversation.

“Let’s put aside the fact that you're hiding some information. Put it in simple terms. What made you suspicious of Hyunwoo?”

“I believe Mr. Hyunwoo found out about that information. The probability is high. No, I'm sure. However, he didn’t mention it to anyone when he had the chance.”


If the Mayor was making sure everyone kept their mouths shut, it must be a very important piece of information. And Hyunwoo trying to monopolize this information would be enough to make Sungyoon suspicious.

“That isn’t enough. Honestly, a lot of people in this industry try to keep important information to themselves.”

“That's why I was only a bit suspicious and didn’t mention my suspicions to anyone else.”

“Mmm. He did something unexpected, but there was no clear wrongdoing.”

“If I speak my mind, I doubt Fabion wants to stab Armstrong city in the back. I bet they found something so ludicrously profitable that they want to monopolize it at all costs. They have done something like this before too. I think the Mayor is being too sensitive since Armstrong city is in a precarious situation. I understand that, but...”

Bruce spoke in a monotonous voice, and Russell agreed with his opinion. The only reason they argued over the mission was their mismatched personalities.

“Anyway, we were hired for this job, so we have to carry it out. We’ll follow Fabion and find out the reason behind their actions. If they're doing something bad, we can just kick their asses.”

Bruce stood up from his seat, stretched his arms, and gestured at the others.

“Are we done here? Let’s go. We won’t know if we're going into a dragon’s nest or a rabbit warren unless we see it for ourselves.”

He then led his party out of the room. Russell was once again annoyed by Bruce, who had ended the meeting on his own, but he knew that Bruce was right. So he got up too.


We were caught sneaking out. I guarantee it.”

Jinsoo spoke as he chewed on beef jerky while moving through the labyrinth.

“Armstrong city's leaders aren’t idiots. We were so brazen in our actions, so of course, they would notice it. In fact, I had heard that they contacted us several times to see if something was up.”

“I heard it too.”

“Sometimes, I have no idea what our president is thinking.

Jinsoo complained to Hyunwoo. He had been suddenly recalled and forced to move into a big group in this mission. It had pissed off Jinsoo.

“I was so close to seducing this woman. Even though it would've only lasted for a while, I was going to go have a good time with her in Bali.”

Hyunwoo gave Jinsoo a stern look. When the two of them were alone, Hyunwoo didn’t mind Jinsoo complaining about their idiot president. But right now, they were traveling with other Fabion Connectors. Some of them glared at Jinsoo.

‘Of course, that bastard would have an aneurysm if anyone speaks badly of the President.’

A man charged toward Jinsoo like an angry boar, and Hyunwoo let out a chuckle at the sight.

“Try saying that again, you bastard!”


The boar-like man grabbed Jinsoo by his collar.

Huge, that was the first thought anyone would have on seeing him. His over-two-meter tall stature was further enhanced by his overdeveloped muscles. With his shaved head, ugly face, and boar-like figure, the man could intimidate anyone.

However, his appearance didn’t work on Jinsoo.

“Huh? What’s wrong, Mr. Gisoo?”

Jinsoo dangled in the air as Gisoo’s rough hands grabbed his collar, but he remained unfazed. He was even laughing, and his words contained sarcasm.

“What’s wrong? You're openly badmouthing the President! What do you mean what’s wrong?”

“We're from a free country. I can say what I want. Oh right! Mr. Gisoo, you're the President's loyal dog, right? I guess I'm at fault. I badmouthed the owner in front of the dog. I messed up.”

To deliver the finishing blow, Jinsoo barked like a dog.

“You… bastard!”

Gisoo’s eyes became bloodshot, and the hands holding Jinsoo’s collar surged with strength. Jinsoo reacted in kind. His face became blank, and murderous intent appeared in his eyes. Just when both men were about to circulate their magical energy, someone stopped them.


Hyunwoo grabbed Gisoo’s arm.

“Stop it. What are you doing? We are about to go into a battle, yet you're trying to fight someone on your side.”

“You stay out of this!”

Gisoo's eyes flashed in anger, and he almost lost all reason. However, Hyunwoo didn’t back down.

“If you cause an internal conflict here, the President won’t be happy.”

As soon as the words 'the President' was mentioned, Gisoo backed down. Hyunwoo inwardly laughed at the simple man.

“He’s the one who picked a fight with me.”

“That's true.”

Hyunwoo looked at Jinsoo.

“You should apologize first.”

“Yes, yes! I’m really sorry! From now on, I promise undying loyalty to the President.”

“Kim Jinsoo!”

Hyunwoo raised his voice a little. He knew it would be dangerous to push Gisoo any further. Jinsoo clicked his tongue as he raised his hands.

“Alright, I’m sorry.”

It was clear that Jinsoo wasn’t sorry, but it was better than the previous apology. Gisoo knew he wouldn’t get a better apology than this, so he let go of Jinsoo’s collar. But he couldn't just let go of the incident.

“… I’ll report this incident to the President.”

Gisoo continued.

“Also, let me give you this warning. We don't have a choice in this matter. These moon bastards might reveal everything to Armstrong at any moment. We can’t assume they will always be in conflict with Armstrong, and if they spill the beans, all of us are done. We aren’t dumb enough to act so openly, but it's a desperate time. Please remember this.”

Gisoo then glanced at Hyunwoo and smirked.

“This is all happening because someone here was unable to tie up the loose ends in the past.”

“This is embarrassing.”

Hyunwoo spoke in an embarrassed tone. However, his voice sounded like Jinsoo, and Gisoo could see that Hyunwoo wasn’t sincere. It angered him, but he then remembered another topic. He once again sneered at Hyunwoo.

“Now that I think about it, I heard you're close with a 1st Gen Connector affiliated to the company of Jungbum’s daughter.”

“You mean Woo Sungyoon? Yeah. We're pretty close in our own way.”

“The President assigned me to kill him.”

“Is that so?”

Hyunwoo’s reaction was underwhelming. When he didn't see the reaction he desired, Gisoo’s face turned red from anger. He glared at Hyunwoo and Jinsoo and turned his back on them after snorting. 

“You should train that bastard a bit better.”

Gisoo stomped away.

Jinsoo mumbled something at his back, but his voice was so low that even Hyunwoo couldn’t hear it. 

“Don’t be rash!”

Hyunwoo spoke to Jinsoo.

“Yes. I’m reflecting on my actions.”

Of course, Jinsoo's words couldn’t be trusted if one took his attitude and body language into account.

After the scuffle, Hyunwoo and Jinsoo moved a little bit away from the group. They spoke low enough that even the Connectors with good hearing couldn’t hear their words.

“He's getting on my nerves.”

Of course, Jinsoo was talking about Gisoo.

“It doesn’t matter. We’ll be killing them all later on.”

“He can only act like that because he doesn’t know death is on the way.”

“Anyway, are you ok with what he said? He said he’ll kill Woo Sungyoon.”

The last straw on the back of the camel named Dongin had broken. Dongin wanted to get rid of everyone that got on his nerves.

‘He’s such a short-sighted man.’

Hyunwoo sneered.

“He can try if he thinks he can do it. I won’t help or interfere.”

Hyunwoo sounded completely uninterested, but Jinsoo could see the anticipation in his eyes.

“Well, it’ll only matter if he can survive that long.”

“That's true. How much more do we have to travel before we reach our destination?”

“We're almost there.”

Hyunwoo pointed at the ground.

“It should be on the next floor.”

“As you said, this is unfinished business for you. Shall we go clean it up?”

Jinsoo didn’t hide his predatory bloodthirstiness as he licked his lips.

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