Chapter 205


Each of the Super Golem's many arms morphed into a different weapon and tenaciously attacked the shields.

“Koo-oohk! Heavy!”

“S-still, it's better than what I had expected. I can hold out against this.”

The Connectors were told Hyunwoo, Russell, and Bruce couldn’t win against the Super Golems in a one-on-one fight.

However, these supposedly-amazing Super Golems were clearly weaker than the highest-ranked Connectors. The Connectors could somehow block their attacks.

“Now! Destroy the normal Golems first!”

Hyunwoo yelled as he cut down one of the normal Golems. The other Connectors followed his order and pressed on toward the normal Golems.

Kwahng! Kwahng! Kwahng!

The Super Golems' powerful blows and the normal Golems' attacks tried to pry open a gap in the shield wall. However, the Golems weren’t looking at the Connectors blocking their path. Their gaze was fixed on Sungyoon.

“Hweek! You really are popular as hell! Mr. Knight!”

The Connector who stood near Sungyoon to protect him whistled and became overly chatty. Sungyoon let out a bitter laugh.

“Did you steal the Golem’s woman or something?”

“That's the one thing I would never do.”

The Connector was taken aback by Sungyoon’s serious reaction.

However, Sungyoon was thinking along the same line.

‘Why are they trying so hard to get at me?’

Did it have something to do with the heartbeat he was hearing? Whenever he met the Golems, his senses and abilities heightened in a crazy manner. Sungyoon surmised the two had a connection, but he didn’t know the root cause.

He really had to meet the other 1st Gens at a later date. Then he would ask Chelsea to introduce him to a research lab specializing in the body of a Connector.

‘I just hope that I don’t run into someone that wants to dissect me.’

All the researchers and scientists Sungyoon had met, including Chelsea, wanted to dissect and dismantle everything they researched.


A heavy mace bashed in the head of a normal Golem, and the Golem fell to the ground as if it were a puppet whose strings were cut.

The last remaining normal Golem had been eliminated.

“Let’s move to a location outside of Armstrong!”

Hyunwoo yelled.


“You're late, you bastard!”

Even if it was weak here compared to the other locations, a Super Golem was a Super Golem.

Connectors on the same level as Hyunwoo and Russell could defeat it in a one-on-one battle. However, Earth had too few Connectors of such caliber.

The Connectors who had been silently blocking the Super Golems' attacks let out a cheer as well as complaints.

“What the hell! Our attacks really don’t work against it!”

“This is bullshit! What kind of a bastard is this!”

As if the Connectors had been frustrated with the fight, the words exploded out of their mouths.

They had tried to lower the angry waves of Golems' attacks by occasionally counterattacking, but most of their attacks had bounced off the Super Golems' hard skin. And even if the attack broke through, the Super Golem regenerated.

This terrifying being was a lesser version of itself when compared to the ones from the other labyrinths. The Connectors who fought the Super Golems for the first time realized how terrifying they were and why they had an infamous reputation. 

“Woo Sungyoon!”

Hyunwoo yelled. Sungyoon instantly picked up on what he wanted him to do and quickly retreated.

Koong! Kwahng! Kwah-kwahng!

The Super Golems had no intention of letting Sungyoon escape, and they followed him. As expected, Sungyoon and his party easily lured the Super Golems away.

The Connectors separated into two groups.

The first group was tasked with protecting Sungyoon, and they immediately exited the labyrinth. The other Group led by Hyunwoo stayed behind.


All sounds disappeared. Sungyoon and the Connectors guarding him became tenser as they ran through the city of Armstrong. They became cautious as they were also tasked with minimizing damage to Armstrong city. Even if the Mayor hadn’t requested it, they would have done it. Connectors needed Armstrong city if they wanted to live comfortably on the Moon.

Thankfully, the Super Golems only paid attention to Sungyoon even as they exited the city. As planned, Sungyoon increased his speed and lured them out of the city through the nearest exit.

Thankfully, Armstrong city didn’t suffer any damage in the process. The normal humans were gone, and all the air had been sucked out into space. Sungyoon and the others crossed the desolate city and jumped into the tunnel leading outside. The Super Golems did a good job of keeping up with the Connectors.

Sungyoon retreated further. His feet finally sunk into the soft soil of the Moon. The group had finally exited Armstrong. However, they couldn’t immediately turn around and fight, and Sungyoon continued to retreat a bit further.

When some distance was created between him and Armstrong, Sungyoon stopped.


He summoned his halberd and looked toward the Super Golem hell-bent on killing him. Sungyoon shot his halberd past the wall of shields protecting him.

The Super Golem had been attacking the shields with its arms-turned-weapons when the spear blade of Sungyoon's halberd sunk into its forehead. It went in too easily.

As if someone had hit the off switch to a robot, the Super Golem stopped moving and fell over onto the dusty surface of the Moon.

When Sungyoon defeated one Super Golem, all the other Connectors switched from defense to offense at once. Sungyoon had killed it so easily that it seemed the Connectors were overestimating the Super Golems.

However, a Super Golem was a Super Golem. When the Connectors transitioned from defense to offense, a small opening had been created. The remaining Super Golem aimed for this moment, and it instantly pushed aside two shields to breach the Connectors' formation.

The Connectors were very flustered by the move.

However, Sungyoon’s halberd flew in once again. This time, he had brought it down from the top, and the ax blade cut through three arms of the Super Golem.

Sungyoon instantly dropped the halberd and summoned his hammer.

Even with three of its arms cut off, the Super Golem tenaciously pushed toward Sungyoon, but Sungyoon swung his hammer.


If sounds could be heard in the atmosphere of the Moon, that’s the sound that would have rung out.

The sharp and sturdy weapons of the Super Golem were broken into pieces. Sungyoon pushed past the raining fragments as he swung his ax. The ax precisely cut through the neck of the Super Golem, and its head flew into the air.

Sungyoon exchanged glances with the decapitated head of the Super Golem. Its inorganic eyes kept glaring at him until their light ran out. Sungyoon was flustered by the animosity in those eyes, and he shuddered.

When the head hit the ground, the Super Golem's body also fell. This wave of the Golems was over.

Sungyoon unsummoned his weapons as the Connectors around him looked at him with round eyes. They were told that Sungyoon was the ultimate weapon against the Golems. However, hearing it and seeing it for oneself were completely two different things.

Still, it only lasted a moment, and the group sprinted toward Armstrong. Their mission wasn’t complete yet. 

As soon as they entered the labyrinth, the air tickled their skin. They heard the sound of a battle.

“You're here!”

“We got tired of waiting for you, you bastards!”

Hyunwoo and the Connectors that stayed behind were fighting the Golems.

As soon as a wave of Golem was destroyed, the next wave would appear to attack. That was why some Connectors had stayed behind. They couldn’t let the Golems exit the labyrinths.

“You guys were twiddling your thumbs until we dispatched the Super Golems! How dare you say that!”

“We had it tough too, you bitch!”

As the two groups yelled at each other, Sungyoon and his group of Connectors joined the ongoing battle.


The Golems that had been fighting a fierce battle up until now turned toward Sungyoon.

“Ah! That’s better.”

Someone spoke out what all the Connectors were feeling. With the Golems trying to kill Sungyoon, the other Connectors' jobs got easier. Of course, this meant that the danger to Sungyoon increased in turn.

“Kill the normal Golems again!”

Hyunwoo shouted. The number of Golems had risen from before, but the Connectors had gained some experience fighting the Golems, so they slowly but surely destroyed the normal Golems.

“Go outside!”

Hyunwoo again yelled when all normal Golems were defeated.

Sungyoon and his party slowly exited the labyrinth like before.

When they arrived outside of Armstrong, Sungyoon slaughtered the Super Golems. Since there were more Super Golems than in the last batch, the time it took was longer.

Sungyoon’s sword cut down the last Super Golem, and he immediately signaled to his comrades. They ran into Armstrong.

This would be their fourth time doing this, so the degree of difficulty had gone up. However, no one complained even as they increased their speed.

‘What if there’s some cause and effect from the Golems we destroyed last time?’

A few months ago, Golems had appeared out of the Beginner’s Labyrinth but were defeated. 

Up until now, the Beginner’s Labyrinth had followed the same script as the other labyrinths. Now that they were on the fourth wave, a secondary effect might occur.


As soon as Sungyoon's group arrived at the entrance of the Beginner's Labyrinth, they heard the sound of a fierce battle.

Sungyoon immediately looked at the Golems fighting the Connectors.

‘There are clearly fewer.’

He knew how many Golems would show up in the fourth wave thanks to his experience in the other labyrinths. That was how he had discerned that the Golems here were fewer. It seemed the other group of Connectors was having an easier time destroying the Golems.

Sungyoon and his party rejoined the battle once again.

“This is the last wave! Let’s push toward the finish line!”


The Connectors joyfully responded to Hyunwoo's yelling. After this wave, they wouldn’t have to see these cursed robot-like Golems anymore.

Kwah-jeek! Kwahng!

The Connectors received a second wind as they started destroying the normal Golems. Since they knew this was the last wave, they could go all out. 

The last normal Golem turned into junk as it fell to the floor.

“Let’s head out!”

Hearing Hyunwoo's order, Sungyoon's group exited the labyrinth. However, the rest of the Connectors didn’t remain behind and followed them too. They ran past the gloomy, gray city and arrived on the surface of the Moon where the black space dominated their surroundings.

At the same time, an all out battle started.

Before, the Connectors had to stick to the plan, so they had to be really conservative in their actions. Now, they let out all their frustrations as they attacked the Super Golems.

The quickest and the most powerful amongst the Connectors focused their attacks on the Super Golems. The body of the Super Golems started to rapidly deteriorate. 

However, the ones that stood out were Sungyoon and Hyunwoo.

As expected of the ultimate weapon, Sungyoon’s attacks cleanly cut into the body of the Super Golems. Even high-rank Connectors had a hard time damaging the Super Golems' bodies, yet Sungyoon was cutting through them as if they were made from butter.

Hyunwoo also shone. It didn’t make sense, but his enormous flame sword burned brightly even without air and overwhelmed the Super Golems.


Sungyoon smoothly extracted the halberd that was embedded within the Super Golem’s forehead. All of the Super Golem's arms-turned-weapons lay on its side, and its body fell into the dirt.

When the last Super Golem stopped moving, everyone looked relieved. However, the mission was not finished. They had to check if they had eliminated all the Golems within the Beginner’s Labyrinth.

They returned to the labyrinth and didn't see any Golems at the entrance. None were inside either. Several Connectors then hit the labyrinth wall.


An ax created a big divot.


The hammer created a crack.

However, the labyrinth remained quiet.

The Connectors hit the wall a few more times, but no Golems showed up.

“We're done.”

Hyunwoo announced the end of the mission in a low voice. 


Loud cheers filled the labyrinth.

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