Chapter 166


Sungyoon could hear the rough winds.

He summoned his mace. He was getting closer to the halberd stuck on the forehead of the Behemoth.

The Behemoth felt the sting between its forehead, so it tried to move its head. However, its opponent was moving at a much higher speed.

The halberd was right in front of Sungyoon's eyes. He used his falling speed and the added weight from the gravity magic to swing his mace.


The thick head of the mace hit the butt of the halberd.


The thick leather and hard skull of the monster had prevented the halberd from penetrating it deeper into its head, but the mace gave the halberd a push.

Even though the weapon had reached deeper than before, it was unable to kill the Behemoth. It seemed breaking through the monster's skull would be extremely tough.

The pain the Behemoth felt was on another level, and its sense of crisis became at an all-time high. It was about to thrash once again.

However, Sungyoon initiated his second attack before the Behemoth could move.


He unsummoned his halberd and brought forth the strongest weapon in his arsenal, his sword.

Sungyoon was yet to land on the Behemoth. His momentum had lessened, yet the acceleration created by his fall still gave him massive amounts of energy. He placed the gravity magic on his sword and stabbed the monster with all his might.


The sword pierced into the deep hole left by the halberd.


Sungyoon could clearly feel the sensation of bone breaking.

He once again raised his mace with the intention to hit the hilt of the sword, just like what he had done to the halberd. However, the Behemoth didn't allow Sungyoon to continue his attack.


It started thrashing again. Its movements couldn’t be compared to before.


Sungyoon held onto the hilt of the sword. He hung on for dear life. 

Winds rushed by him in a crazy manner, and he caught the dizzying sight of his surroundings. He was being shaken a couple of hundred times harder than a cowboy riding a bull.

He had been barely able to create this opportunity, and if he fell, he might never get a better opportunity than this.

‘Please hold on for me!’

Sungyoon prayed for his sword. The sword was starting to get loosened, and it felt as all the shaking would dislodge it.

But at that moment, the Behemoth’s movement started to slow down, and the temperature around them clearly dropped.

Sungyoon looked down, and he saw the body of the Behemoth starting to freeze.

‘Ms. Grace!’

When Sungyoon raised his head, he saw Grace extending her hand in his direction. 

Of course, she couldn’t completely stop the movements of the Behemoth. However, she had turned the monster's raging-bull-like movements into the movements of a docile sheep.

‘This is doable!’


Sungyoon hit the hilt of the sword with his mace.

Kwahng! Kwahng! Kwahng!

It was as if he was hammering a nail. He kept swinging his mace. Little by little, the sword was being pushed deeper into the monster's skull.


The Behemoth let out a roar as it quickly slammed its body on the ground.


It looked like the monster had fallen from exhaustion, but that wasn’t the case.

Since it was having a hard time moving due to the cold energy, it flopped to the ground to dislodge the leech on its head.

Boom! Boom!

Since the Behemoth didn’t have a neck, it had to move its upper body in all directions. It rammed its head onto all the nearby surfaces, and then, rubbed its head on the floor.


But then, the Behemoth’s eyes caught sight of something.

A red cape was buried in the rubble, and it was fluttering in the air. The Behemoth knew that the damned bug, whom it had been fighting, had worn this piece of cloth.

The bug had fallen off. With that assumption, the monster got up. Then, it ruthlessly stomped the region around the cape.

It looked as if a localized earthquake was occurring. The ground was destroyed, and rocks and fragments flew into the surroundings.

The Behemoth focused all of its rage as it stomped on the ground. When it stopped after a while, it seemed satisfied. By the look in its eyes, it was clearly laughing.

The monster was pleased with itself, but contrary to its belief, Sungyoon was still on top of its head.


His knees were about to buckle. Dust had covered his silver armor. His body hurt, and his head was spinning.

Even as the Behemoth rolled on the ground, Sungyoon hadn't let go. He was indiscriminately slammed into various surfaces, but he had mustered all his strength to hold on.

In the midst of being battered, he had a flash of brilliance. He had then thrown his cape on the ground to make it look like he had fallen off. 

And as soon as the monster started to stomp on the cape, Sungyoon had unsummoned and resummoned his cape. Once again, the red cape fluttered above his shoulders.

He desperately cast a healing spell on his body, and then, he unsummoned the sword stuck inside the monster's head. The sword reappeared in his hands, and he once again shoved it into the wound.


The Behemoth was feeling constant pain, so it had been unable to feel Sungyoon standing next to the wound. But it finally realized that the bug was still on its head.

It started to shake its head and its body in a crazy manner once again. 

However, Sungyoon again held on and swung his mace.



Kwahng! Kwahng! Kwahng! 

He kept hitting the hilt of the sword.

Then, he activated his magic again.

Puh-uhk! Puh-uhk!

Stalagmites shot out from the ground.


The powerful gravity magic dragged at the body of the Behemoth.

The Behemoth had powerful magic resistance, so these attacks probably weren’t that effective. However, Sungyoon needed every help he could get. And while he was doing this, Grace continued to hit the Behemoth with her spells. 

The monster's body slowed, and it started to tilt over.

It had planned on rolling on the ground once again.

However, Sungyoon was steadfast as he continued his work.




Sungyoon felt a shiver run up his arms when he felt his sword break through the skull. The sensation was like reaching the soft flesh of a fruit after cracking open its hard shell. The sword had cut into the monster's vulnerable brain.

That wasn’t all.


Until now, the electric attack of his sword had been rendered useless because of the leather and the bones of the Behemoth. And now, the sword could finally show off the true power of its lightning ability.


The Behemoth went insane when the metal pierced into its brain. It suffered a massive amount of damage as its brain started to become scrambled.

A foul smell and smoke started emanating from its wound, and the Behemoth stopped moving.


The first thing to hit the ground was the knees of its front legs. Then the other legs started to slowly lose strength too.


The monster's massive body was starting to tilt sideways. But this situation wasn't like before where it had purposefully fallen to roll across the ground.

This sight resembled slow-motion footage of a high-speed camera. The monster's body started to tilt very slowly.



The Behemoth fell atop a massive mound of rubble that it had created in its rampage.


At the same time, Sungyoon fell from the head of the Behemoth. It seemed he had no strength. His body hit the ground, and he rolled several times. Thankfully, a large fragment of a building stopped him from rolling any further.

The monster and the knight, both fell at the end of the fierce fight. At that moment, silence descended in the entirety of England. No one spoke as they stared at the screen.

They were worried the fallen Behemoth would get back up, and they were worried for Sungyoon, who had fallen. All kinds of emotions swirled in their minds.

But then they heard some movement.


It was clearly the sound of metal hitting against metal. The Silver Knight wearing the red cape was slowly getting up.


The entire population of England… No, the entire population of the world started cheering.

Two had fallen, yet the only one to get up was the Silver Knight.

The people watched the Silver Knight slowly move toward the monster and grab his halberd.

Then, he immediately stabbed the closed eye of the monster.

The blade went in smoothly between the monster's eyelids, but it didn't react in any way. The knight stabbed a couple of times more, yet the result was the same.

He then got rid of the halberd and pulled out the sword stuck in the monster's forehead.

As expected, the monster showed no reaction.


The red cape fluttered in the winds as the Silver Knight turned his back on the Behemoth. It was a sign that he no longer had to worry about the monster. The viewers were sure now. The monster which had been a threat to the people of London and England had fallen.


The cheers were louder than before. It felt as if the nearby buildings would fall because of the sound. People expressed all of the joy they were feeling.

- Please look! The Behemoth...! The Behemoth is finally down for the count!

The reporter shouted at the top of his lungs into his mic. 

However, almost no one listened to his words.

People were hugging each other as they howled in joy. However, no one looked away from the screen. They still wanted to see their hero.

The camera didn’t pay any attention to the already dead monster, and solely focused on the hero, the Silver Knight who had saved London.

Tuh-buhk! Tuh-buhk!

Sungyoon unsummoned his weapon and took a couple of steps forward. However, he could no longer walk. So he sat atop a large piece of concrete.

His body was in decent shape thanks to his healing magic, but his mind was too exhausted. Moreover, the Behemoth had shaken him too vigorously, and he felt queasy.

“Mr. Sungyoon!”

After a short amount of time passed, Grace yelled out Sungyoon’s name in a loud voice. Her face was radiant with joy.

“You are amazing, Mr. Sungyoon! You are really amazing!”

She tightly grasped Sungyoon’s hand as she spoke, but Sungyoon didn’t respond to her.

“… Mr. Sungyoon?”

As soon as she called out to him, Sungyoon's armor disappeared and he fell into her arms.

“M... Mr. Sungyoon? Are you ok, Mr. Sungyoon?”

She started shaking Sungyoon in surprise. However, the man didn’t move.

‘H... he can’t be dead, right?’

Grace didn’t think he was dead, but there was no way she could be sure. After all, Connectors didn’t breathe, and their hearts didn’t beat.

“Hospital! I have to get him to a hospital!”

Grace desperately started looking for a nearby hospital with him in her arms.


Sungyoon slowly opened his eyes. He clutched at his head without realizing it.

‘Where am I?’

His eyelids were heavy, and his body felt limp. He felt as if the exhaustion would never go away.

As he raised his body, the soft blanket on him fell away.

He was in a large room. The interior didn’t look fancy, but he noticed that everything within the room was of high quality. Sungyoon then checked his attire.

‘Isn’t this clothing for patients?’

The clothes he was wearing were quite large and comfortable. But they looked like patient attire.

Sungyoon remembered the moments before he fell unconscious.

‘I’m pretty sure I defeated the Behemoth, and my head was hurting. I sat on top of a nearby rock, and....’

He couldn’t remember anything after that point.

‘I guess I lost consciousness.’

He realized that he had been mentally exhausted to the extreme at that point. Even if the Behemoth was weakened on Earth, he had caught the non-standard monster with Grace. And the two of them killed it. 

Moreover, the battle had been very fierce. Even if a Connector possessed a strong body, the mental stress was too extreme to handle.

‘What happened afterward?’

He remembered making sure the monster was truly dead. However, he was still worried.

Sungyoon needed more information. So he looked for a remote to turn on the TV mounted on the wall.


“Ah! You are awake!”

A nurse entered the room. Her eyes twinkled as if she was looking at a superstar.

“How’s your body, Mr. Woo Sungyoon?”

“It’s fine. Although, I am still exhausted.”

“It is to be expected since you fought that monster.”

“What happened afterward? How long have I been out?”

“It's been three days since Mr. Woo Sungyoon was brought here. Please hold your questions for now and wait for a moment. I’ll bring someone who is more knowledgeable.”

The nurse did a simple checkup, and then, she left.

After a while, someone entered the hospital room.

It was Jimin.

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