Chapter 165

As if a divine judgment had appeared in the sky, light poured out. The beam of light moved in a straight line, destroying everything in its path.

- Grandmaaaaaaaaaaa!

Sungyoon could hear Grace wail in despair through the communication device. He hardened his resolve.

Puhk! Puhk!

He put strength into his legs as he stomped on the floor. His feet became stuck underneath the ground, and he pushed his shield forward. Then he placed the gravity spell on himself.


The beam of light hit him. 

It looked as if the attack would destroy everything in its path, yet Sungyoon’s shield was like the dam holding back the river water.

“He blocked it!”

The reporter yelled out in joy when Sungyoon blocked the Behemoth’s Breath. Every Briton watching the TV cheered.

Grace, who saw this, raised her hands in the air. The Queen, who was calmly watching the current situation from within the place, relaxed a little bit.

However, Sungyoon wasn’t in a good state right now.


His shield looked as if several hundred heavy elephants had repeatedly stomped on it. He had fixed himself in place by putting his feet through concrete, but he was slowly being pushed backward.

“Ooh! Ooh-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The man used every ounce of strength he possessed to move his shield. The shield slowly started to tilt, and it deflected the Behemoth's Breath.


The Breath was redirected upward into empty air, where it pierced through the white clouds. It kept flying through the sky into the distance. The pillar of light displaying its incredible power by flying into the horizon was a spectacular sight.


When it seemed that the beam of light would never come to a stop, it started to get thinner. Then it blinked out as if it had never existed before.


Steam came off of Sungyoon’s shield. A massive amount of energy had heated up the shield and turned it red. Numerous cracks also started to appear.


The shield had reached its limit, and it broke. At the same time, the shield Gem crumbled, and dust flew into the air.


Sungyoon swayed on his feet. Thankfully, he was able to avoid being hit by the brunt of the energy by changing the trajectory of the attack. However, this didn’t mean he came out unscathed. Despite the shield's sacrifice, a good amount of energy had reached Sungyoon’s body. His armor gave off some steam too.

‘I would be dead if one out of the three had failed.’

Sungyoon had enhanced the abilities of his other Gems with his Gold Gem, overclocked the Gold Gem, and also overclocked the shield Gem. Only with the help of all this, was he able to barely block the Behemoth’s Breath.

However, the battle wasn’t at an end. Sungyoon’s body was devoid of strength, yet he forced himself to move as he looked at the Behemoth.


He had thought the Behemoth would immediately charge forward in rage, yet the monster remained quiescent. 


The monster swayed as if it had been drained of energy. It wasn’t Sungyoon but the Behemoth that was swaying on its feet.

Sungyoon’s eyes shone.

‘As expected, it wasn’t in a state where it could use the Breath without adverse effect.’

Sungyoon had become very surprised when he had seen the Behemoth use Breath in its weakened state. But it now seemed that the monster had overdone it, and the attack had come at considerable cost.

“Ms. Grace!”

Sungyoon yelled through the communication device. Since he had to block the Breath attack, he couldn’t move his body right now. However, he wasn’t the only one capable of attacking the Behemoth.


A pillar of fire once again erupted around the Behemoth’s body.


The monster thrashed in pain. However, its scream was unlike any of its screams from before. This time despair was also present in its cry. At a glance, one could tell it had taken significantly more damage than before.

Sungyoon placed a hand on his body. He used his healing Gem, and the pain in his body rapidly receded. When he became capable of moving his feet, the man started to run toward the Behemoth. 

He once again took up his sword and charged at the monster that was thrashing itself in order to extinguish the flame on its body.


The people of Britain were solely fixated on the battle.

A monster had suddenly appeared, and a knight was fighting it.

This incident was special because it happened at the capital. Old English mythologies depicted knights fighting monsters, and some in England still believed in the legend of King Arthur. Therefore, the Britons focused on this battle all the more.

Of course, people from all around the world were also watching this battle.

The news media had been able to gather and piece together information in short order. It was revealed to the world that this was a monster that appeared on the Moon’s labyrinth, and these people became aware of the fact that this knight, Sungyoon, was a Connector. 

Most people in the world were jealous of Connectors. These people thought that even if the work that the Connectors did was dangerous, they earned great sums of money. So, the battle in London brought great shock to the viewers.

The difference between danger that they imagined the Connectors faced and the actual danger was too large.

This battle would result in everyone in the world shifting their mindset about Connectors. It was a certainty.

The fight between Sungyoon and the Behemoth was happening too fast. The only reason news channels were getting decent footage of the fight was the fact that the camera was recording from the air. If they were close, it would've been hard to follow the fight.

Even the people who were escaping were watching the fight through their phones. The number of people using their phones had become so high that the cell towers couldn’t handle the connections. But people watched the fight on the phone of anyone that did have a connection.

Their reactions changed with Sungyoon’s every movement. They cheered when Sungyoon attacked the Behemoth and groaned when he was in danger.

Everyone clenched their hands as they continued to look at the screen.

- Mr. Knight is driving the monster back! He is driving it back!

The Behemoth had weakened further when it used Breath, and then, it had taken a direct hit from Grace’s attack. So, its movement had become sluggish. Of course, Sungyoon started attacking with more ferocity. The hope within the hearts of people started to grow.

However, a Behemoth was a Behemoth.


A loud sound rang out from the speaker.

The viewers weren’t on the battlefield, but they still flinched. Even a child in the arms of his mother cried when he heard the sound.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A cloud of dust covered the battlefield. and the rocks on the ground got hurled high into the air. Some of these rocks were as big as a person.

The rocks fell from the sky on the uneven ground and hindered Sungyoon's movements. Every disadvantage brought on by being much smaller than the Behemoth was working against him.

Despite all this, Sungyoon kept pushing the Behemoth into a corner. But he suddenly retreated backward.


Another fireball erupted. The viewers cheered. They expected the Behemoth’s body to be surrounded by a pillar of fire once again.

However, this monster wasn’t some pushover.


When Sungyoon started retreating, the Behemoth stuck close to him.


Grace’s attack was in vain as she missed. The Behemoth swung its claws as it followed Sungyoon.



“T... that is…!”

People screamed. They could see the monster's claw dig into Sungyoon’s side. Blood erupted from the wound. It hammered home the reality of it all.

Sungyoon’s body was sent flying through the air, and he fell on top of a destroyed building.

People were shocked. Some even covered their slack-jawed mouths with their hands. After the screams, a silence descended.

The Knight was the only one capable of fighting the monster. If he failed, London would fall. The entire country might fall. These ominous thoughts sent chills down the backs of the viewers.

The reporter couldn’t speak. The only sound coming through the screen was the rotor of the helicopter.

However, they soon saw something amazing.

- L... look over there! Mr. Knight... Mr. Knight has gotten up once again!

The reporter sounded excited as he watched Sungyoon slowly stand up atop the rubble. For a brief moment, Sungyoon clutched at his side, and then, he raised his sword once again.

- Ah. Did he just heal his wound? It seems he isn’t losing any more blood!

The camera zoomed in, and the viewers could see that blood no longer flowed out of the Knight's sides.

Sungyoon started moving as if he wasn't injured. The people shouted in joy. They assumed this was one of the Connectors' miraculous abilities.

Their hope was once again buoyed.

“Mr. Knight! You can do it!”

A child started it. The boy held the hands of his father and mother and yelled out those words. Soon, the cheering spread to everyone.

“Give’em hell, Mr. Knight!”

“Please kill the Behemoth or whatever that thing is!”

“Please save London!”

“Please bash in the face of that ugly monster with the help of Princess!”

Their cheers couldn’t reach him, but the people still cheered in front of their screens. The cheers containing the hopes of everyone slowly started to spread into the surrounding.

At that moment, the people of Britain wished for only one thing.

They wanted the silver knight to win...


Sungyoon had no idea he was becoming immortalized in the hearts of the people of Britain.

He just focused his attention on his side for a brief moment.

‘Thankfully, I’m fine.’

The Behemoth had hit him squarely just once, but the result was immense pain.

Thankfully, his armor was good. Two-thirds of his body should have been ripped away, yet he had only received a relatively shallow wound on his side.

Moreover, his wound had healed thanks to his healing Gem.

Still, he never wanted to experience that again. The sensation of claws digging into his side was etched in his brain.

When he glanced at his side, he saw that his armor was damaged at that spot, and his bare skin was exposed.

‘Thankfully, the armor doesn’t break from this amount of damage.’

If it had broken like his shield, his chances of victory would've tanked.

‘What should I do now?’

Sungyoon couldn’t gain a decisive edge that would allow him to kill the Behemoth. Moreover, his Gems were limited by time because of overclocking. 

‘I have to end this as soon as possible.’

It happened at that moment.

Boom! Boom!

Two explosions erupted on the Behemoth’s body. 

It wasn’t Grace’s magic. Several fighter jets were coming in from the distance.

‘Reinforcement is here!’

Color returned to Sungyoon’s face.

Of course, these arrivals couldn’t damage the Behemoth, and it was fine even after being hit by the missiles. 

However, these attacks would be able to help Sungyoon by distracting the monster.

The Behemoth roared at the fighter jets, and then, it rushed Sungyoon once again.

But the fighter jets unleashed another barrage of missiles. The Behemoth tried to dodge, but unlike spells, the missiles could track its movements.

The missiles hit the Behemoth and again did no damage.

However, Sungyoon used this opportunity to his advantage.


He ran out of the flames left behind by the missiles. His Earth magic called out the stalagmites, and Sungyoon ran up on a stalagmite, aiming at the head of the Behemoth.

The only way to kill the monster for sure was to attack its head.


When he reached the zenith of the stalagmite, Sungyoon once again threw his weapon like before. However, he had already damaged one of the Behemoth's eye with this tactic, so the monster was quick to respond. 


It swiped at the weapon flying toward it. The weapon was destroyed as it dissipated.

However, Sungyoon wasn’t disappointed.

He had known the same attack on the eye wouldn’t work twice.

So, he had thrown the weapon as bait. And the weapon he had thrown wasn’t his halberd, but It was his spear.


Sungyoon pushed off the top of the stalagmite and jumped above the Behemoth’s head. The monster had lost track of its opponent when it had swiped at the spear.

The middle of its forehead lay right below Sungyoon.


Sungyoon threw his halberd down, and at the same time, he added his Gravity magic to the halberd.


The halberd struck the middle of the Behemoth's forehead. The monster's thick leather and hard skull meant the weapon hadn’t penetrated that deeply. However, Sungyoon had expected this, so he was already executing his next move.

He activated the ability of his cape.

His cape offered no defense, but it had a special ability.


As the cape disappeared, a total of four wings appeared behind Sungyoon’s back. However, these big wings didn’t give him the ability to fly.

The cape only had one ability. It could accelerate the speed of its user.

Sungyoon placed the Gravity magic on himself as he accelerated downward.

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