Chapter 1 - Prologue

He was looking up at the Moon in the night sky. The Moon was always there. It continued to subtract and add to its body as it continued to change its shape. There were times when the Moon was completely gone, but everyone had an understanding. The Moon would always be there.

The Moon was unchanging, yet the person didn’t remain unchanged. A different version of himself looked at the Moon each time. In his ignorant days, he just viewed the Moon as a fixture in the dark sky. However, the meaning behind the Moon changed as he grew older. When he first found out about the Moon, it was merely the object of his curiosity. When his mother chastised him, he would look up at the Moon as he tried to hide his tears. It was like a friend. When his parents passed away, it was like a brother that cried with him. When he founded his company, it was a companion that lifted him up. When he started dating his future wife, it was like an old man cheering on his love. When his daughter was born, it was like the old birth deity congratulating the birth of his child.

But currently, the Moon was looking down on him. It was a version of the Moon he had never seen before.

“...are you mocking me too?”

It was a cloudless night sky. There was a single source of light emanating from the dark sky above the city. The man looked up at the spiteful full Moon as he mumbled to himself.

As always, there was no answer from the Moon.


Fire erupted from the city, and dust rose from the sky as buildings fell. The cries and screams of the people rang out in the sky. 

A terrible feeling of despair was crushing everyone’s heart.


To be precise, this was downtown London, and Sungyoon could only use that single word to describe what he saw.

Was this how London looked during the Second World War when it was bombed?

The city was in rubble, and there wasn’t a single flame of hope that could be seen within the city.

Sungyoon tightened his grip on the great sword. The being, who had destroyed the city, was in front of him.

When he saw it for the first time, the only description he could come up with was ‘huge’.

The elephant was the largest land mammal, yet this beast made the elephant look like a child. It was a spine chilling sight. It had no neck, and a tumorlike head protruded above its shoulders. Eyes, nose, and mouth were present on its head. Instead of fingers, it possessed long, sharp claws. It swung its claws in a threatening manner as it anchored itself with eight massive legs.

It was quite obvious that it wasn’t a normal beast. It was a monster, and its eyes were calmly staring at Sungyoon.


It seemed the monster had registered Sungyoon as an enemy. Up until that moment, it had been causing indiscriminate destruction. It was now vigilant toward Sungyoon as it let out a low growl.

Sungyoon was wearing a bracelet shaped Device underneath his armor. He cut two strands of magical energy linked to this Device. Two Gems on the bracelet lost their light.


At the same time, the sword and shield in his hands disappeared. Sungyoon immediately fed his magical energy into a different Gem.


Another weapon appeared in front of him.

It was a halberd letting out a bright silver light. As if he was showing his resolve, Sungyoon brought down the shaft of the halberd hard on the ground.

He checked on the status of his other Gems. The Gems were absorbing Sungyoon’s magical energy, and their power was being transferred into Sungyoon. His strength was overflowing, and his senses had turned sharp. He was ready to unleash his violent magic.

His preparation was done. Sungyoon grabbed the halberd with both hands, and he pointed it toward the monster.

He would no longer let the monster destroy this city.

Many people had sacrificed their lives, but this place was the homeland of his friend. His friend’s family was here. 

Above all else…

‘I heard my daughter cheering me on!’

Above all else, her voice boosted his will. His entire body was now ready for battle. He got into his battle stance.


Sungyoon took a big step forward.

The silver armor, which was surrounding his whole body, creaked as his red cape fluttered around him.

Sungyoon maintained his momentum as he ran toward the monster.

The Silver Knight and the heinous monster had appeared in London, and they fiercely clashed against each other.

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