Realm Classifications

Warning: There may be some spoilers lurking in the information listed below. Browse at your own risk.

Certain Terms below have never appeared in the novel before; these terms are tentative and subject to change when they do appear.

Human Daybreak Origin PowerDark Races Darkness Origin Power
RankMilitary RankOfficeFeudal Rank
Rank 0-Ordinary Footsoldier-
Rank 1 FighterSecond LieutenantUnit Leader
Low-ranking Warrior
Rank 2 FighterFirst LieutenantPlatoon Leader
Rank 3 FighterCaptainCompany Commander
Rank 4 Fighter
Battalion Commander
High-ranking Warrior
Rank 5 Fighter
Rank 6 Fighter
Lieutenant Colonel
Regiment Commander
Rank 7 FighterEsquire
Rank 8 Fighter
Rank 9 FighterBaron
Rank 10 ChampionBrigadier General
Division Commander
Third-rank Viscount
Rank 11 Champion
Major General
Second-Rank Viscount
Rank 12 ChampionFirst-Rank Viscount
Rank 13 ChampionThird-Rank Count
Rank 14 Champion
Lieutenant General
Regular Army Corps Commander or Elite Corps Deputy Commander
Mighty Count
Rank 15 ChampionVirtuous Count
Rank 16 ChampionThird-Rank Marquis
Rank 17 ChampionGeneralDeputy Commander-in-Chief or Elite Corps CommanderMighty Marquis
Rank 18 Lesser Divine Champion
General or Marshal
Commander-in-Chief or
Army Commander
Honored Marquis
Rank 19 Lesser Divine ChampionVice Duke
Rank 20 Intermediate Divine ChampionDuke
Superior Divine ChampionGrand Duke
No corresponding rank in humans
Dark Prince
Crown Prince
Heavenly Monarch-Oversees Certain ContinentsGreat Dark Monarch
Supreme-Grand Ancestor/ Martial AncestorSupreme Sovereign of the Sacred Mountain
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