Chapter 849: Nice Working With You

Ji Rui wasn’t really that happy to see Bloodbeard. Even the Wolf King couldn’t do anything to Qianye, so what was a mere Bloodbeard going to do? He wouldn’t say that openly, of course. Instead, he respectfully welcomed the werewolf into the mansion.

Without even settling in, Bloodbeard suggested a spar with Ji Rui. The city lord was immediately stunned.

Werewolves were inherently battle-hungry, but there had to be a bottom line at the very least. Bloodbeard wasn’t just showing off his fighting power but also expressing his disdain for Ji Rui.

Finally, Ji Rui took the field grudgingly following the werewolf’s insistent requests.

Bloodbeard launched a torrent of attacks from the get-go, his crimson beard dancing wildly in the wind. Ji Rui, on the other hand, endured with great difficulty for ten minutes before admitting a close defeat.

Fortunately, the werewolf knew some propriety and didn’t quite unleash his full strength. Otherwise, what remained of the city lord’s manor wouldn’t last.

Bloodbeard seemed rather delighted after his victory. He patted Ji Rui’s shoulder with a laugh, saying, “City Lord, your cultivation is lacking! You humans are all the same. You scheme and plot but always lag behind when it comes to actual fighting. This world is still in the grasp of true warriors.”

“Sir Bloodbeard speaks truly, but I have to manage everything in such a big city, you see. It’s only natural that my cultivation will be delayed.”

Bloodbeard shrugged. “You just focus on your cultivation from here on out. Now that I’m here, I’ll help you with all the annoying city management work, haha!”

Ji Rui’s expression shifted drastically, and the soldiers nearby all tensed up.

Bloodbeard shot Ji Rui a glance. “What, does the City Lord have any other ideas?”

Ji Rui’s retained his smile. “I’m of course very much delighted that you would find interest in our small city, but you should talk about this matter with the Wolf King first. He had also mentioned this matter briefly when he came last time.”

Bloodbeard snorted. “There’s no need to report such a minor matter.”

These words proved that this matter was Bloodbeard’s personal greed. Feeling much more relaxed, the city lord led Bloodbeard to tour the city, almost as if he were about to hand over the place.

Bloodbeard was rather satisfied and delighted at Ji Rui’s tactfulness. He followed the city lord around the streets and alleys of Southern Blue, visiting this place and that.

Bloodbeard’s heart skipped a bit as he was passing by a small alleyway.

Upon glancing over, the first thing he saw was a little girl about six years of age. She was extremely beautiful, so beautiful that Bloodbeard was stunned on the spot.

The girl didn’t seem quite awake. Her large eyes were only half-open as she gazed sleepily at the werewolf general.

Then, her eyes opened wide all of a sudden. She looked somewhat anxious after waking up, yet also quite happy and excited—like a hunter who had encountered a difficult prey. Immediately afterward, she opened her small mouth and spouted a mass of green gas at Bloodbeard.

Ji Rui was shocked witless the moment this girl opened her mouth. His fat body erupted with unimaginable speed as he flashed hundreds of meters away.

Meanwhile, Bloodbeard—still unsure of what had just transpired—was struck squarely by the gas. He felt a stabbing pain in his eyes as his vision blurred out and his origin power began to surge and boil, almost going out of control. The devastating origin power tore all of his muscles and innards, destroying his body from the inside out.

Bloodbeard finally came to. This was poison, an extremely venomous toxin! He had probably encountered a high arachne or demonkin whose innate talents specialized in poison.

He reacted rapidly, unleashing a loud roar and pushing his origin power circulation to the extreme.

However, Qianye put Zhuji down at this moment and slashed at Bloodbeard!

The strike was well-prepared and timed—if one slash was obstructed, there would be four or five more in close succession. This was the true essence of Sweeping Calm. Qianye had mercilessly unleashed his strongest move right off the bat.

Bloodbeard knew that the attack was powerful and that he had no room for evasion. All he could do was clench his teeth and try to block the incoming slash with his left arm.

If it were any other assailant, he might’ve been able to retain his arm or even damage the weapon. Alas, his opponent was Qianye! The latter’s physical strength was no weaker than Bloodbeard, and East Peak was a near-invincible masterpiece of the Zhao and Song clans.

Bloodbeard’s arm flew high into the air as the blade descended upon him. However, this block also afforded the werewolf an opportunity to escape. He immediately turned tail and fled into the distance. Along the way, he let out a long, mournful howl that reverberated throughout the city—this was a signal to scatter. Soon, a continuous string of howls echoed from every part of Southern Blue, all of them moving further and further away.

After arriving in the city, Bloodbeard had allowed the personal guards to have fun in the city.

This incident was so sudden that many of them had no idea what was happening. All they could do was run toward the designated location.

The city was immediately thrown into a frantic commotion.

Qianye didn’t give chase. He only glanced toward the other end of the street where Ji Rui was standing with a complicated expression.

Qianye paid the man no heed as he stomped on the severed arm. A scarlet flame ignited below his foot and began incinerating this fairly powerful arm.

Ji Rui’s expression transformed several times, but he didn’t try to stop Qianye until the very end. He merely shook his head and sighed. “This is complete destruction, why go so far?”

Qianye revealed a radiant smile. “All who oppose me will meet the same fate!”

At Bloodbeard’s level, all parts of the body would’ve undergone numerous refinements and were stronger than the sturdiest of metal alloys. Even if the werewolf could regrow a new arm in the future, it would need to be tempered from scratch, requiring a long period of time before reaching its original power.

If he could retake this broken arm, he might be able to use some sort of secret art to reattach it to his body. Although there was sure to be a deterioration in power, it was way better than having to reforge one from scratch.

But Qianye had reduced the arm to ash with his sanguineous flames. It looked like Ji Rui had wanted to return this arm to Bloodbeard and sell him a steep favor. Whether it was to seek his help in the future or to ease tensions, it would both be of help.

But Qianye was no Ji Rui. His relationship with the Wolf King was no longer reversible. The situation was clear—if the city lord wanted the arm, he would have to fight for it.

Ji Rui was never able to make up his mind to fight, even until the arm turned to ash. He laughed wryly and shook his head. “I’m old, too old! I don’t dare to put my life on the line like you youngsters.”

Qianye smiled indifferently but said nothing.

Ji Rui asked, “General Qianye, don’t you still have that attack you used against the Wolf King? Why didn’t you use it on Bloodbeard? There will be a lot of trouble after you let him go.”

Qianye looked playfully at Ji Rui. “It’s a waste to use such an attack on that red-haired werewolf, only someone like you is worthy of it. As for whether or not I have any left, you only need to try me.”

Ji Rui’s expression changed drastically. “No need to try. Knowing your style, if you say you have it, you undoubtedly do. Now that you’re completely fearless of this old man, I believe you can still launch that attack.”

Qianye smiled faintly. “If I really wasn’t afraid of you, I would’ve gone after that wolf. It’s exactly because you’re here that I didn’t dare to start a rampage.”

The words "start a rampage" was spoken with such stress that Ji Rui felt his heart skip a bit. Disregarding whether Qianye would really go all out or not, for now, it would be no less troublesome if Zhuji were to go berserk.

That little fellow’s green gas had completely disoriented Bloodbeard just now and suppressed nine parts of his power. And that was despite the werewolves' strong constitution and fair resistance to poison. If it was Ji Rui in the wolf’s shoes, he would have probably collapsed with just a mouthful.

Besides, what could Ji Rui do if Qianye wanted to start a massacre in Southern Blue? He couldn’t guard every corner of the city personally, could he?

Qianye moved like the wind and could kill in a single strike; his origins were mysterious. He was all alone in the neutral lands with neither family nor friend to restrain him. This kind of person was the most difficult to deal with.

After thinking back and forth, Ji Rui still couldn’t find a good way out.

As a character who had stayed in power for a long time, he possessed a fair bit of decisiveness on the whole. “I have four ballistae in my storehouse right now, all of them premium-quality frigate main cannons. Just name a location and I’ll ship the goods over!”

“Oh, I thank the City Lord, then. How about the payment?”

“We’ve known each other for so many years, there’s no need to discuss payment. These weapons are a gift, I only hope you’re willing to forget the misunderstandings between us.”

Qianye laughed loudly. “Very well! I’ve seen your sincerity. You have a deal! Just send the goods to the usual place.”

“Nice working with you!”

“Nice working with you!”

After the two had said their farewells, Qianye picked little Zhuji up and vanished into the alley. Ji Rui’s eyes flickered when he noticed that the little fellow was pale and drowsy, probably unable to produce another mouthful of green gas. If he were to ambush them at such a time, there was a good chance he would be able to take Qianye down. Not only would he have rid himself of future suffering, but he could also avoid the steep price of four ballistae.

But after some thought, Ji Rui still couldn’t make up his mind. What if the little girl had a breath left in her? There was no need for a lot; just a small mouthful was enough to send him into a daze. This short period was enough for Qianye to fire that extremely terrifying feather.

The Wolf King could withstand a shot, but Ji Rui didn’t have that kind of physique.

Qianye had long since disappeared while the city lord was hesitating.

Ji Rui stamped his feet hatefully before returning to the manor. Once inside, he summoned Steward Liu and ordered him to arrange some trucks to transport the four ballistae to that small town.

The man was greatly astonished. “Sire, don’t tell me… Bloodbeard also lost?”

Ji Rui’s expression was gloomy. “That trash is absolutely useless. He had his arm cut off in the very beginning. Didn’t he ever stop to consider the possibility that I was letting him win?”


“No buts! Go and deliver the goods!”

Ji Rui was beside himself with fury at the moment. How could Steward Liu dare to talk back? He quickly arranged the men and vehicles needed to transport the goods. He was very clear about the value of the goods in the warehouse. Gifting them to Qianye was like surrendering one year’s worth of hard-earned money.

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