Chapter 844: Revenge

After climbing the wall, Qianye ran along it toward the lookout tower. There, he entered via the same method and tapped the sentry lightly behind his neck. As the man’s lifeless head drooped to one side, Qianye’s origin power flowed out gently, releasing a similar rank-three origin power fluctuation.

Qianye stood motionless in the sentry’s position, almost as though nothing had happened here. The only difference from before was the two blue dots under the dark sky.

The city lord’s manor was quiet beneath the sable curtain of the night. The dim lights illuminating certain corners of the building actually made the place even gloomier and more frightening. There were neither banquets nor dancing tonight, and the servants would tread lightly for fear of attracting the attention of the bigshots.

These people didn’t quite know what had transpired, but they were sharp enough to tell that the Wolf King and city lord were in a bad mood.

Qianye’s nose twitched ever so slightly as he sensed a faint odor of blood. The blood energy therein was extremely faint, but it was fairly noticeable for someone with a vampire constitution like Qianye. Additionally, it was quite fresh and warm—very likely a recent bleed.

Qianye glanced toward the center of the city lord’s manor and saw a small building where the lights were still on. The smell of blood was coming from it.

At this moment, the doors opened up and a couple of people emerged carrying a corpse. They walked along the wall with hurried footsteps and happened to pass right below Qianye. They began discussing the matter quite boldly at this point, probably because they were a good distance from the building.

“What a miserable death.”

“She was really unlucky to be the one to deliver fruits to that person.”

“I heard she had offended the vice-steward, that was why she had been assigned to this task.”

“Shh! Keep it down. If this gets into the vice-steward’s ears, you’ll be the next one to bring fruits to the Wolf King!”

That servant trembled in fright, almost dropping the corpse they were carrying. The servants spoke no more as they left the city lord manor from the side entrance and vanished into the night.

At this moment, Qianye’s gaze was locked onto the small house. He had noticed the Wolf King’s aura from the corpse just now, and it would seem the latter was still in that building right now.

There were no guards near the building, nor were there any sentries. There was no point in guarding the residence of a divine champion.

Qianye didn’t approach the place, though. Instead, he activated his origin power and merged the Twin Flowers into one.

Then, he stared at the little building and released a wisp of killing intent.

A divine champion’s senses were extremely sharp. Qianye felt a chill wash over him almost at the exact moment that his gaze fell upon the house. A massive wave of perception drowned out the sentry tower where he was standing.

Qianye made no attempt to hide himself and even unleashed a wisp of his aura.

A thunderous roar erupted from the building as its roof burst open and the Wolf King’s figure shot toward Qianye. “How dare you appear again!?”

The Wolf King received neither fear nor flight but, instead, a cold voice. “Why wouldn’t I?”

The next moment, a sudden brilliance erupted before the Wolf King’s eyes, a luminescence capable of lighting up the entire world!

Within the radiance, the wolf king saw a thin feather tearing through the skies and shooting straight for his heart.

This feather was so outrageously fast that it seemed to have transcended time and reaction. The Wolf King was caught off-guard and simply had no time to evade.

Instinctively sensing the danger, the divine champion unleashed a wild roar and stopped his forward momentum midair. However, the feather made a sharp turn and remained on course for his heart.

The Wolf King could no longer move out of the way and had no choice but to watch as the feather sank into this chest!

He unleashed an earth-shattering roar as his body froze up and fell from the sky, crashing into the rubble below.

The heaven and earth fell silent for a brief moment before a violent shockwave erupted therein, immediately destroying a part of the city lord’s manor. An origin barrier rose up in a different direction and, despite its flickering, managed to block the destructive pulses and protect the rear end of the mansion. This was Ji Rui—the city lord had hurriedly taken action and managed to barely obstruct the shockwaves.

In a different corner of the building, Guan Zhongliu had also erected a similar barrier. Nonetheless, his shield swayed wildly and was soon extinguished like a candle in the storm.

Standing on the roof with a pale expression, the old man coughed up a mouthful of blood. He did, however, manage to stop most of the waves and had ensured the survival of his corner of the manor.

The shockwaves rumbled on and on like the tides. Soon afterward, the Wolf King shot out from the rubble like a cannonball and stood high up in the air. A violent and cruel domain curtained down from above, encompassing the entire city of Southern Blue.

Qianye had fled the moment the Wolf King fell down, not even bothering to observe the outcome. There was no need to, either, because the latter was completely unprepared, and there was no way he could have dodged the shot.

By the time the divine champion had taken to the air once more, Qianye was already a thousand meters away and still running. It seemed he was about to charge out of Southern Blue and leave the Wolf King’s domain.

The furious Wolf King howled toward the sky and revealed his werewolf form. Then, he transformed into a blue shadow as he darted after the assailant.

Since the day he had submitted to Zhang Buzhou’s command, the Wolf King had never revealed his werewolf form in public. He was fairly meticulous in preventing the notion that he would discriminate against the humans because he was of a different race. Only now, after being angered to the extreme, did he finally transform into his true form in order to give chase at full speed.

A bolt of blue lightning streaked across the air and vanished under the vast night skies. Ji Rui rose into the air with a serious expression and gazed into the distance. At this point, Guan Zhongliu arrived beside him and said, “Who would’ve thought? Not only did he dare to come back, but he actually launched a sneak attack against the Wolf King. Such a person…”

The man couldn’t continue his words, but both of them understood that Qianye was a vengeful character. No one would be happy after having made such an enemy.

Ji Rui noticed the hint of blame in Guan Zhongliu’s tone. He sighed helplessly and said, “How could I refuse with the Wolf King at our doors?”

“Is there no reaction from Spider Emperor and Mask?”


Guan Zhongliu fell silent. If these three powers had reached an agreement, it was a certain fact that Ji Rui would be helpless.

“City Lord, do you think the Wolf King will catch Qianye this time?”

Ji Rui shook his head. “I don’t know, either.”

“What attack was that just now? I only saw a flash of light, then I was overcome by a great trepidation.”

Ji Rui’s expression darkened. He only spoke moments later, “If that attack had landed on me, you’d be the city lord by now.”

Guan Zhongliu was shocked. He would’ve never imagined that Qianye was capable of launching such an attack. No wonder Ji Rui’s expression was so unsightly.

At this moment, the Wolf King was running across the wilderness with all his might, his perception locked firmly onto Qianye.

The distance between the two was shrinking gradually. The Wolf King had gathered an overflowing mass of lightning in his right hand, ready to burn Qianye to a crisp once they were within a hundred meters of each other.

He actually wanted to take Qianye alive, but the fellow’s speed was simply too shocking. He had already given chase for dozens of kilometers, yet there was still more than a hundred meters between them. Add to that the target’s ability to vanish all of a sudden, the Wolf King knew he didn’t really have the power to capture Qianye alive. All he could do was take the next best option.

It wouldn’t be so bad to reap Qianye’s treasures, even if he couldn’t get his hands on the cultivation technique. The Wolf King could still feel a lingering apprehension toward Qianye’s attack just now, as well as a strong desire for the origin gun that could unleash such a shot.

“Stop and work for me, I’ll spare your life!” The Wolf King roared.

Qianye’s reply was a long peal of laughter, not even bothering to reply with words. Along the way, the Wolf King had tried more than once to threaten, exhort, or recruit Qianye, yet the latter only responded with mockery, angering the Wolf King until he was practically spewing flames.

Seeing the gap between them shorten, the Wolf King unleashed a long howl and brought down his domain from above, trapping Qianye within it. Immediately afterward, his figure appeared where Qianye was.

However, Qianye accelerated violently at the moment of the domain’s descent and swaggered off after shattering the restraining force with his physical strength. The Wolf King’s certain attack thus missed its mark.

This combination of domain and traversal ability placed great strain on the Wolf King, taking him several breaths to recover. His speed fell sharply during this period, allowing Qianye to once again place a fair bit of distance between them.

The Wolf King was both shocked and furious. His fury was only natural, but the divine champion was utterly shocked by Qianye’s terrifying physical power. In terms of pure strength, even the Wolf King would have to spend quite a bit of effort to suppress him. But he was the Wolf King—an expert on the same level as the Evernight dukes—not to mention the fact that werewolves were known for their strength and agility. Yet here he was, spending so much effort to suppress a mere Qianye.

After letting Qianye put several hundred meters between them, the Wolf King narrowed the gap again by a few dozen. Although the two of them were covering hundreds of kilometers in a flash, the Wolf King became increasingly agitated. Even he would feel a bit of terror should he fail to catch the target this time.

Qianye was simply too bold. After fleeing the scene, he had actually snuck back the very same day to seek revenge. If such a person were left alive, the king himself would be relatively fine, but what about his subordinates and family?

At the thought of this, the Wolf King held back no longer. He landed on all fours and began pouncing toward Qianye, several dozens of meters at a time. The Wolf King’s speed increased sharply on the ground, allowing him to quickly close in on his quarry.

It was just that running on all fours like a beast was somewhat unbecoming for someone of his status. Fortunately, they were in the wilderness with very few people to witness him in motion. Besides, the Wolf King had already made up his mind to kill Qianye. Even if anyone were to see him, he needed only to silence them.

The distance between them shrank from a thousand meters to a few hundred, and then to less than a hundred. Lightning curled around the Wolf King’s claws as the target arrived within range, but he restrained himself from attacking. Instead, he moved closer and closer, planning to deal Qianye a thunderous blow when he was absolutely certain.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them were less than fifty meters away!

All of a sudden, Qianye burst into a sudden sprint and spun into a backward flight. The Wolf King’s heart trembled when he saw Qianye’s mocking smile.

He was holding a gun in both hands, from which a blinding light suddenly burst out, and a feather of light shot toward the Wolf King.

Shot of Inception!

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