Chapter 691: Still in Love

Chapter 691: Still in Love [V7C008 – In Life and In Eternal Rest]

Unexpectedly, the alcohol tonight suited his taste very well. The seventh young master had never lacked good clothes and wine, but what he liked to drink wasn’t the expensive type. It was a kind of cheap, strong alcohol that tasted very similar to the one they had gotten drunk on back at Yellow Springs.

It was a mystery how Nanhua had found out Song Zining’s tastes, but she had brought such a wine tonight. Song Zining thought about it when he raised the glass. His amazing memory registered having mentioned it to her vaguely at one point, but he hadn’t imagined she would remember it until now.

Greatly moved, Song Zining made an exception and didn’t send her away. The two thus drank in silence. Perhaps due to the exhaustion and pressure, he revealed a moment of weakness and wanted someone to accompany him for a while.

The bottle was soon emptied. Nanhua quietly got another one and put it on the table. She neither spoke nor asked him anything; all she did was...

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