Chapter 758: Startling Encounter

The convoy was made up of seven offroad vehicles, most of them riddled with bullet marks and traces of blood. It would seem they had just experienced a fierce battle. Most of the vehicles had raised their speed to the max, almost as though they were racing. In the blink of an eye, they had sped past the gates and into the city.

One by one, the cars spun to a stop in a small square amidst ear-piercing screams. None of the vehicles crashed into one another during the entire process, a testament to the skill of the drivers.

A young man jumped down from the leading car and looked about. Seeing a middle-aged man walking toward him with brisk steps, he approached with a smile and said, “Did I alarm Uncle Liu? The war is gradually intensifying and you have so much to do. You shouldn’t need to pay attention to me.”

This dignified middle-aged man was the commander of the city guard, Liu Daoming. The number one expert under Su Dingqian was only one step away from the divine champion realm.

Liu Daoming’s expression as he looked at the young man was full of helplessness and love. “You know the situation outside isn’t stable. How can your father not worry when you’re running about outside without any news?”

The young man replied, “Spare me, that old man? Worrying about me? I expect his thoughts to be on my brother these days! Besides, I went out to do proper work this time, and the results are quite good. How about my brother, how are things on his side?”

Liu Daoming sighed. “Your brother is dealing with people on the outside in hopes of recruiting external help. Your father’s attention on this matter is justified because it is indeed vital to our cause.”

The young man smiled. “Uncle Liu, don’t worry. I won’t ruin the father’s business just because of a quarrel for status, he still has a long life to live. Besides, it’s just a city lord’s position, what’s the point of fighting for it? If I became a divine champion in the future, I’ll become one without me asking. I’m already catching up to my brother at the moment. How will he contend with me after two years?”

Liu Daoming sighed, “Yuecheng, the city lord’s position is linked to the lives of ten thousand people. Cultivation alone isn’t the deciding factor.”

“I know, I know, you’ve already said that repeatedly last time,” the young man said with a radiant smile. Despite knowing that the boy had absorbed none of what he had said, Liu Daoming couldn’t bring himself to get angry.

This young man was Su Dingqian’s second son and also the most talented one. Seeing that Liu Mingdao was about to lecture him again, Su Yueyuan said, “Uncle Liu, let me introduce someone to you.”

Only when a young girl clad in black robes arrived beside Su Yueyuan did Liu Daoming notice her presence. At a sudden glance, the middle-aged man felt that something was off with her physique and ratio.

She couldn’t be considered good-looking, just a delicate-looking girl with mild facial features. However, that scar cutting through her brows made her look rather fierce. Seeing Liu Daoming’s eyes scanning her body, the girl stretched her left hand out with a smile—that was a shocking origin gun! The three barrels were flickering with a black luster, its origin array patterns extending all the way into her sleeves.

The expressions of Su Yueyuan’s subordinates didn’t look all that good upon seeing this weapon. Apparently, it reminded them of bad memories.

The young warrior put her weapon away and nodded toward Liu Daoming, a gesture that could be considered respect. “Bluemoon.”

Liu Daoming’s expression was serious. “You’re a Blackbeard? Do you come representing your clan?”

“No, I only represent myself.”

Bluemoon’s words both relieved and disappointed Liu Daoming.

At this point, Su Yueyuan said, “Bluemoon is a good friend I made this time. Oh right, she has an urgent need for Dreameater Bugs recently. I remember we still have four in the family? Uncle Liu, please accompany me to retrieve them. I promised Bluemoon three.”

“Three Dreameater Bugs?” Liu Doaming’s expression became awkward.

Su Yueyuan shot Bluemoon a glance while speaking to the middle-aged man. “Uncle Liu, you know how I do things. This matter is extremely important to me. It’s definitely not a wasted gift, the Su family won’t lose out in this.”

Liu Daoming said with a frown, “Yuecheng, you haven’t been in the city these days, so there are some things you don’t know. Your father has recruited several external experts for this battle. Of the remaining bugs, three have been promised to one of those experts.”

“What? Three for a single person?” Su Yueyuan’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. “I’ve only used four since childhood. No, this won’t do. I must make this clear with my father! Let’s go back to the residence!”

Su Yueyuan jumped onto an offroad vehicle, revved the engine to its maximum power, and sped toward the city lord’s mansion.

Liu Daoming wanted to stop him, but he stopped his hands midway and glanced back at Bluemoon. The girl was frowning slightly, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Moments later, Su Yueyuan walked out of the study with a pale expression. Apparently, the outcome of this meeting wasn’t a happy one. The corridor outside was silent and completely empty. The smart people had moved away after hearing the city lord’s beratement from the study, lest they get implicated.

The motorcade had arrived by the time Su Yueyuan walked out of the main residence. Seeing Bluemoon in the passenger seat, the man boarded the car with a forced smile and said, “Let’s go back first.”

After returning to the residence, Bluemoon’s face turned even paler and one could vaguely see the faint blue vessels under her skin—it was almost as though she were translucent. After sitting down in their room for some tea, the girl reached for a cup but knocked it over instead. Her right hand was also hidden inside her long sleeves, but even through the fabric, the collision didn’t sound like it came from a limb made of flesh.

“Is it acting up again?”

“I’m used to it.” Bluemoon looked fairly calm, but the pain had clearly reached the extremes of her tolerance.

Su Yueyuan gritted his teeth. “I’m sorry, father says he’s promised the Dreameater Bugs to someone else and the last one has to be reserved for contribution rewards. I’m useless, I failed to keep my promise to you.”

Bluemoon smiled. “A single Dreameater Bug is useless, only three will do. It’s been so many years, yet you can see that I’m still doing fine without it. This matter won’t affect your deal, Second Young Noble can pay me with other things.”

The more she said thus, the more Su Yueyuan’s expression became severe. He slapped the table fiercely and said, “This won’t do. I must see what kind of heroic character is worth three Dreameater Bugs! Men, follow me!”

Qianye’s residence wasn’t a secret. On the contrary, it could be said that everyone knew him because of the Loyalty Formula.

Su Yueyuan drove hastily to Qianye’s house and stopped at the door. Upon entering, the two guards at the door greeted him, “Greetings, Second Young Master.”

“What are you doing here?” Su Yueyuan said in a cold voice.

One of the guards replied, “The grand commander assigned us to guard this place, to prevent people from disturbing General Zhao’s peace and quiet.”

“General Zhao, Heh! Heh! Is that Zhao Ye here?”

The guards realized something was wrong. “General Zhao has gone to battle, only his wife and daughter remain inside.”

Su Yueyuan sneered, “You even brought his family, his life here seems to be quite good! Move aside, I must meet this Zhao person’s family!”


“Scram!” Su Yueyuan roared. How could the two guards dare to go against the city lord’s son? They quickly moved aside and allowed Su Yueyuan to enter.

One of the more experienced soldiers noticed something was wrong with the situation. He ran away at top speed to report this matter to Liu Daoming.

Su Yueyuan felt as though he had arrived in a different world after walking into the courtyard. It felt like the air had cleared up quite a bit and the colors here appeared even more vivid. Startled, he couldn’t help but mutter, “There’s such a good place?”

Such an environment was only one level below the city lord’s mansion. How come it had been given to an outsider? Su Yueyuan observed the house suspiciously and found that it was rather cramped. There were only three rooms in total and the decorations were fairly simple, consisting only of a few wooden sculptures. The craftsmanship on them was nothing remarkable, either.

There was no mistake, this was a courtyard usually given to the lowest-ranked generals and external experts.

At this moment, a tranquil voice suddenly arrived from beside him. “Young Noble, this is your family’s estate. Don’t you recognize it?”

Su Yueyuan actually had no idea that there was someone beside him. Startled, he turned about rapidly and saw an indescribable lady standing at the study door.

Her appearance could only be described as ordinary—neither outstanding nor flawed. According to reason, Su Yueyuan would forget about such a woman soon afterward. For some reason, though, he couldn’t avert his gaze after seeing her.

In addition to her face, her structure was extremely good. Be it her outlines or the ratio of her body, all of them were perfect and flawless. It was just that no matter how perfect the body, it couldn’t cover her ordinary looks.

She was wearing ordinary clothes and possessed ordinary looks. The only thing extraordinary was the woman herself.

Su Yueyuan suddenly realized that he had lost his composure. This woman was merely standing there, almost like a part of the scenery, yet she could make people palpitate.

“This, this lady…” Su Yueyuan had always been good with words, but now he was stammering and didn’t know what to say.

The lady pointed at the chairs in the courtyard. “Young Noble Su, please sit.”

“Okay, I’ll sit.” Su Yueyuan sat down as he was told, and even then, he didn’t dare get too comfortable. He had never been so nervous, even when his father had taken him to meet a divine champion when he was young. At this point, he was also a famed expert in the younger generation. How come he had deteriorated?

The lady sat down at the table. “There’s no need to be polite, Young Noble, this place is your family’s, to begin with. Us husband and wife are only staying here temporarily.”

“Husband and wife?” Su Yueyuan felt his chest tighten.

“My husband is Zhao Ye. He’s been commissioned by City Lord Su and is now fighting outside the city.” Nighteye’s voice was calm and collected, almost as though she had no emotional fluctuations.

“Zhao Ye, Zhao Ye…” Su Yueyuan muttered the name several times before recalling that it was the person he had come to see. He sat there restlessly, his thoughts sluggish and filled with weird ideas. A feeling of deep disappointment filled his heart when he heard Nighteye mention her husband.

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