Chapter 743: Pay With Your Life

The ancestral hall went silent. The eyes of the clan lord and fifth elder fell upon Xue Ding and Xue Wu. The two brothers had little contact since Xue Ding became the Wolf King’s foster son, and most of them were in secret. Who would have a relationship with them and coincidentally come to seek help at such a time?

As smart people, both the clan lord and elder had already gotten an idea after listening to the report.

Xue Ding said hurriedly, “Wait.”

However, the fifth elder had already started speaking. “As I see it, we should seize that man first. Things will be troublesome if he falls into the Wolf King’s hands.”

“How can he fall into the Wolf King’s hands? Port City isn’t under his jurisdiction!” However, Xue Ding’s argument received no response.

The Xue clan lord nodded, saying, “We should indeed capture him first and observe.”

Xue Ding could only sigh as the matter had already been decided.

Qianye and Nighteye took their sweet time packing their things, spending almost the entire night. The courtyard wasn’t big, but there were many small things inside. The only thing truly valuable...

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