Chapter 739: The Last Clue

The rumble of the origin gun shattered the silence of the small town. The werewolf elder pulled back as soon as the sound appeared, but he was still one step too slow. Amidst a shower of blood, his right arm flew off from his body and fell to the distant ground.

The elder withstood the pain and reached for his wooden staff with a trembling hand. It would seem that this old wooden staff was even more important to him than his life.

Gunshots rang out once more as the werewolf elder’s left arm was also blasted off. His aged body fell hard on the ground and couldn’t clamber up for a good while.

In a nearby house, Nighteye put away the Carol of Shadows, drew her dagger, and stabbed the door at lightning speed! The dagger shot through the wood all the way to its hilt.

A miserable cry was heard from the other side as a werewolf claw pierced through the wooden door and grabbed Nighteye’s wrist. However, the hand gradually weakened over the course of a few breaths as its owner collapsed to the ground.

Nighteye put away her vampiric blade and jumped out of the side window, soon vanishing into...

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