Chapter 735: Inheritance

Seeing Qianye glance over, Xue Wu put down the origin gun in silence—he had given up any notion of resistance.

At first, Xue Wu felt that it was somewhat ineffable, and he wasn’t really satisfied that he had been attacked in a pincer stance. But after seeing Qianye defeat Gary in three moves, he quickly realized the difference between them.

The most important point was that Qianye was only rank-twelve in origin power, two levels lower than Xue Wu and one below Gary. Hailing from a family with a long history, Xue Wu’s knowledge and eyesight were anything but ordinary. He knew that, below the easy victory, lay an excessively rare potential. If Qianye could defeat the werewolf prince in three moves now, it was likely that he would only need half a move after a couple of years.

Xue Ding, though, wasn’t as resolute—he immediately jumped up and assumed a defensive stance, only realizing his blunder later on. He quickly removed his gloves, tossed them to the ground, and said with raised hands, “Sir Qianye, it’s a misunderstanding. It was really a misunderstanding...

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