Chapter 734: Three Moves

If Gary had followed him all the way, he might’ve heard and seen certain things he shouldn’t have. As one of the Wolf King’s two most important sons, Gary’s position wasn’t one Xue Ding could compare to. There wouldn’t be any problems even if he were to kill the latter.

This was the value of the so-called foster son. In the eyes of the Wolf King, all of his foster sons added together couldn’t compare to a single Gary.

Gary looked at the man who had collapsed on the ground and said, “Xue Wu? You’ve also lost?”

Xue Wu looked away with a snort but didn’t reply. Despite his pride, he knew very well that Gary was someone he couldn’t afford to offend lightly. As such, all he could do was remain silent. Xue Ding, however, was quick with his wits. He ran over to Gary with an expression of sorrow, saying, “Brother, they laid down a trap and sneak attacked us. That was why they managed to wound Big Brother, no, I mean Xue Wu. I wasn’t able to react in time to warn him. I was just preparing to teach them a good lesson when you arrived!”

Gary shot a glance at Xue Ding, doing nothing to disguise the disdain in his eyes. “Even Xue Wu has been defeated, yet you want to teach them a lesson?”

“What’s so scary about a rank-twelve fellow? Besides, don’t I have you?”

Gary shot a condescending glance at Qianye. To him, humans were inherently weak and simply not a match for werewolves. For the third-rank count, Gary, a rank-twelve human was someone he could easily kill. He was shocked upon seeing Nighteye, however—his long hair flew up on its own and his body arched forward slightly with a threatening growl. 

Gary first sensed a powerful threat and became instinctively cautious. Then, after seeing her appearance, an explosion occurred in his brain and his body became scorching hot.

“You’re a vampire!?” As a werewolf of considerable talents, Gary was instinctively sensitive to vampires. He sniffed hard and said with great certainty, “You are a vampire! Who would’ve thought that there’d be such a powerful vampire in the Eastern Sea!”

The werewolves and vampires had a vendetta between them that had gone on for tens of thousands of years. The latter race rarely appeared in the werewolf-ruled Eastern Sea—the more powerful ones would move under cover, while weaker ones would suffer a treatment even worse than that of humans.

Gary stared at Nighteye, saying, “You come with me and be my woman. Then I might just let this trash go.”

“Might?” Nighteye’s expression seemed quite strange.

Gary said proudly, “Letting him go or not will depend on my mood. If you’re obedient enough, perhaps my mood will take a turn for the better.”

The vampiric blade jumped between Nighteye’s fingers as she sized the man up. “Don’t you feel embarrassed saying such things with your little strength?”

Gary broke into a frown. “It’s not a problem for me to defeat you with my strength. This is the neutral land and not Evernight. Don’t think you’re nobler than us werewolves just because you’re a vampire! I’ll have you know that my bloodline is enough to be ranked toward the front even in the Evernight faction. My father has said before that I might even pass the test of the Summit of Peaks if I were in Evernight.”

Speechless, Qianye and Nighteye looked at one another.

If William wasn’t boasting, he was the Summit of Peak’s number one genius in the recent generation and one with the greatest hope to ascend the holy mountain. Even then, William’s glorious image in Qianye’s eye melted away rapidly with a single “Woof!”

As a primo with the purest bloodline in this generation, Nighteye’s standards were on the same level as William. Meanwhile, Qianye had refined his bloodline once more and entered the ranks of the ancient vampires.

Now that Gary was boasting about his talents, it gave Qianye and Nighteye a strange feeling. They sized him up repeatedly from head to toe but just couldn’t see which part of him was close to William.

Gary held his head high and was completely oblivious to the fact that his figure had been reflected in Qianye and Nighteye’s pupils. Even if he did, he would only think that they were normal reflections.

Nighteye seemed interested and Zhuji was poking her head out from the courtyard, hoping to join in on the fun. Qianye, however, wasn’t in the mood. After the initial intrigue for the idiot had passed, the only thing that remained was surging anger.

Gary was looking at Nighteye as though she were his toy, almost as if it was an honor that he was willing to take her home. This angered Qianye thoroughly.

He picked up East Peak, walked over to Gary, and said with a cold voice, “According to you, you’re a genius among werewolves?”

Gary patted his chest and said proudly, “How many people have you heard of becoming a count at this age? Besides, I haven’t passed my growth phase just yet. I still have more growth potential!”

He only discovered what was wrong after saying this. “What do you mean by according to me? I am a genius!”

Qianye replied indifferently, “Unfortunately, you have no more opportunity to display your talents.”

Gary almost couldn’t believe his ears—he remained stunned for a good while before bending over in roaring laughter. He caught his breath only after a good while, and then started walking toward Qianye while putting on a pair of clawed gloves. “Lowly human, you have truly enraged me. I’ll tear you apart slowly and not let you die a quick death. And before you die, I’ll let you see just how I’ll play with this vampire!”

Qianye exhaled deeply. His eyes turned a flowing blue color as he said coldly, “At first I thought I could kill you in three moves, but now it seems I might have to use a couple more.”

Gary laughed wildly. “Three moves? Lowlives will be lowlives, what else do you know apart from boasting?”

Gary felt his body sink all of a sudden, almost as though there was a mountain pressing down on him. This pressure increased in the blink of an eye amidst the faint echo of ocean tides. Despite werewolves being known for their strength, Gary felt extremely strained at the moment and couldn’t even perform a jump.

The moment this pressure started climbing, Gary saw Qianye raising his sword, and an inexplicable sense of danger overwhelmed him as the blade reached its highest point!

The werewolf was, after all, the recipient of a powerful inheritance. He roared loudly at the critical moment, swelling in size and transforming into his werewolf form. This filled him with explosive strength and granted him the ability to move with a certain degree of freedom. He leapt away with all his strength, kicking up a cloud of dust in the process—one could see from this just how fierce his strength was.

Gary jumped about repeatedly and zig-zagged ten meters away in a flash.

Meanwhile, Qianye faced myriad changes with steadiness, slashing thrice in front of him. Gary, who had already jumped a fair distance away, cried loudly and fell on his face, blood spurting out continuously from an oblong wound on his right leg. He flipped over and forced himself to stand up despite the pain. He was just about to make a second escape attempt when his body froze up.

Qianye had quietly appeared at a distance where East Peak could pierce through Gary at a single thought.

“T-This is impossible!” Gary still couldn’t believe the truth in front of his eyes. Xue Ding was thoroughly dumbfounded on the sidelines, while Xue Wu remained silent.

Qianye said calmly, “You’re not so bad, a bit stronger than I expected.”

“You’re just a rank-twelve human! Besides, I’m the Wolf King’s son, my bloodline is countless times more powerful than yours! I won’t lose, I refuse to be defeated!” Gary roared continuously. His body grew larger and his aura soared rapidly, but there was blood seeping out of his fur and gushing out from the wound on his leg. This kind of strength-increasing secret art came at a heavy price.

“The werewolves will never lose!” Gary bounced up with a battle cry and clawed at Qianye!

The latter neither made to evade or even use his sword to parry the incoming blow. All he did was stretch out his left hand to grab the swiping claw.

Gary’s legs were planted in the soil. His hair was all puffed up, and there was a constant growl coming from his throat as he began to wrestle with the opponent.

Qianye was as calm as an immovable mountain. Xue Ding, though, cried out in surprise, “Oh no! He has sharp claws!”

Gary shot the young man a fierce glare. Xue Ding was startled at first, but then a dangerous gleam flickered through his eyes as he slowly arched his body. Apparently, he would go all out once there was an opening.

The broken-limbed Xue Wu produced an origin gun from his pocket and aimed it at Gary. Although it was fairly difficult to bring out the full power of an origin gun in the neutral lands, Xue Wu’s aim was to restrain Gary and create an opportunity for Xue Ding to attack.

Seeing that the two brothers were looking to attack Gary at the same time, Nighteye loosened her grip on the vampiric blade.

But the scene of Qianye falling to an ambush did not appear as expected.

Qianye remained calm and simply kept on wrestling with Gary. The blade on the latter’s gloves dug into Qianye’s hands, but his all-out exertion only managed to graze the skin.

Xue Ding’s eyes went round—he was so shocked that he couldn’t say a single word. Gary couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He increased his exertion until his eyes almost popped out but still couldn’t deepen the wound.

At this moment, Qianye let out a “Heh” and began exerting power. His five fingers gradually came together, causing the bones in Gary’s right hand to crackle continuously. The groan soon developed into a miserable scream as the claw was completely deformed and became almost unrecognizable.

Qianye twisted his five fingers and crushed Gary’s hand into pieces before letting go.

The wolf prince fell kneeling with a painful thud. His right claw was now swollen all the way up to his arm. Such an injury wasn’t manageable even for the werewolves’ regenerative abilities—only a combination of famous doctors and valuable medicines would be able to heal it.

Qianye struck three fingers at Gary, saying, “Three moves.”

The werewolf trembled continuously and glared at Qianye with eyes full of hate. He wasn’t afraid after seeing the latter raise his sword. Instead, he said, “I’m the Wolf King’s son. If you dare touch me, my father will find and kill you no matter where you run off to and your woman will join my collection of countless toys! At that time, you will be the ones wallowing in regret about not kneeling in front of me sooner!”

“Is that so?” East Peak streaked past Gary with a shake of Qianye’s wrist, sending the former’s left arm flying out.

The werewolf prince fell to the ground with a miserable scream. He pressed upon the wounded right claw in this process and cried out wretchedly once more.

The pain of losing a limb was so intense that even the fierce werewolves couldn’t easily endure it. Qianye had no intention of letting the man go, though—he quickly removed both of Gary’s lower limbs, leaving only a crushed right arm attached to his body.

Gary could no longer clamber up at this point. His glare was filled with a terrifying ferocity that was inherent of all werewolves. Qianye, however, had seen too many of such violent characters and didn’t put this enemy on his mind at all.

He turned back to face Xue Ding and Xue Wu.

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