Chapter 731: No Need to Endure

“I wouldn’t have given a damn as long as the one you’re speaking loudly to isn’t me,” Qianye said while caressing the blade. “Now what? You want to kill me?”

Iron Bear clenched his teeth. “Of course! You’re running on empty now. What are you going to fight me with!?”

With that, he leapt up and slashed down at Qianye with the scimitar, a shade of dark energy appearing on its blade edges. It was an all-out attack right off the bat!

“I can kill you even without origin power!” Qianye parried the incoming slash horizontally. A violent jolt ran through Iron Bear’s body as the two blades came into contact, and he was flung backward. Meanwhile, Qianye’s arm only sank a little bit.

Xue Ding, who had been watching from the side, shrunk back and drew a breath of cold air. With his great insight, he could clearly tell that Qianye’s block just now contained no origin power. He was able to throw Iron Bear away with pure physical strength.

What kind of monster is this!?

It was only natural that he would be astonished because, as far as he could remember, even the Wolf King’s own son was far weaker than Qianye.

The impact sent Iron Bear’s qi and blood into turmoil, and his shaken vortices...

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