Chapter 729: I'm Busy

The young man jumped off the airship, his nail-studded boots producing a swoosh as they landed firmly on the ground. He was clad in a leather suit, and beneath his unbuttoned lapel was a black shirt with a large wolf-head embroidered on it. The bloody fangs on it were exceptionally eye-catching—it was almost as though he wanted everyone to know about his relationship with the Wolf King.

There was a row of daggers within the lining of the man’s clothes, ranging from blades as thin as a finger to serrated ones as thick as a forearm. He made no move to hide these daggers and, on the contrary, was even showing them off.

A dozen or so youths in black leather suits, all of them sporting the crest of the wolf king, jumped off behind this person.

The young man walked over to Iron Bear and said frivolously, “So, you’re the leader here?”

“I am. May I know your name?” Iron Bear asked cautiously.

The young man patted his chest and said proudly, “I’m Xue Ding, you might not recognize me, but you must’ve heard about me before. The Wolf King is my foster father!”

Iron Bear was startled. Everyone knew the Wolf King was a werewolf—this fellow...

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