Chapter 727: All Out

At first, Qianye would make occasional mistakes, sometimes even splitting the object into two. East Peak was simply too heavy and excessively sharp. It could easily crush the black wood without any extra force. But soon, his mistakes grew less and less frequent. Just the night before, that mysterious existence could still sense some minute deviations of the sword tip. Tonight, however, the blade was already moving with the utmost perfection.

At this point, the mysterious being in the sea realized that Qianye’s heart had calmed down entirely. A true confrontation was about to come.

As dawn arrived, Qianye glanced at the vase in his hand with great satisfaction. His recent practice of carving before the ocean was, in truth, a process of training his sword technique and intent. At least in terms of sword technique, Qianye felt that he had no more room for improvement. He took the vase into the house and placed it on a rack. Afterward, he went to the ice-room and hauled two frozen beasts carcasses onto the truck. Seeing that there was a lot of empty space left, he pondered for a while, and then put the two beast-tusk sculptures he had carved into a case and tossed them...

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