Chapter 726: Uninvited Guest

Qianye and Nighteye glanced at one another. In the end, Qianye said with a cough, “Put down that… thing, first. Be careful.”

The ocean was the source of true danger. At first, Qianye and Nighteye weren’t worried about Zhuji because the girl’s body was extremely sturdy and almost as strong as Qianye’s own. Ordinary sea beasts weren’t her match at all—they could hardly even bite through her skin. Additionally, the arachne were different from the werewolves who were inherently bad in the water. There was even a subspecies called water spiders. There was no telling how much of this water spider bloodline Little Zhuji had, but at least the recent days had proven that she was a natural fighter under the water.

Hence, Qianye and Nighteye became more supportive over her going underwater, only warning her not to enter the deep-sea regions. After seeing this lobster, however, their expressions changed somewhat. Zhuji was quite obedient. She tossed the lobster onto the ground and stepped on it before the creature could turn around and retaliate. The stomp caused the...

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