Chapter 723: Behind the Curtains

Wei Potian didn’t respond. That shadowy figure used more force and flipped the sleeping fellow over, but the Wei clan heir kept on snoring thunderously.

At this moment, the clear moonlight shone through the windows and illuminated the intruder’s silhouette—it was Song Zining. Seeing that this thick-skinned boar was refusing to wake up even when his ears and hair were being pulled, the latter raised his hand to deliver a slap, but he gave it some thought at the last moment and broke into a cold laugh. Instead of the slap, the seventh young master picked up the teapot from the table, melted the ice with his origin power, and poured it into Wei Potian’s nose.

The snoring Wei Potian happened to suck all the water in. This time, he jumped out of his bed as though he had been pricked in the butt, coughing until his face and ears were all red.

Wei Potian suddenly realized that there was someone else in the room and was furious to find that the intruder was Song Zining. He pounced forward abruptly and went straight for the latter’s neck. “I knew it was you! You never have any good intentions!”

Song Zining made no motion to evade. A single question, “Do you want to save Qianye?” was enough to stop Wei Potian’s hands...

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