Chapter 722: The Real Trap

The dispute here hadn’t yet come to an end when a loud noise was heard once more, and the distance seemed even closer. Clearly, the enemy forces were closing in.

Wu Daoyu’s expression fluctuated repeatedly, and the uneasiness in him grew by the minute. Just from listening to the sounds, one could tell that the dark races had fielded people at the level of an honored marquis, perhaps even a vice-duke. The situation on the frontlines was no doubt extremely critical. Yet, he had no choice but to remain here and bicker with Zhao Junhong—this feeling was inexplicably depressing.

At this moment, every moment wasted meant that the casualties on the front line would increase in severity. The defenders fighting there were Wu Daoyu’s lineal descendants and personal forces, the foundation of his status in the military. It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t feeling a heartache. Yet, Zhao Junhong was clearly not going to let this matter drop, and with both Prince Rui and Sun Chao present, he couldn’t storm off regardless of how dissatisfied he was.

Seeing no easy end to the debate, Sun Chao broke into a frown. He raised his hand to stop the two parties and said, “This official has come to a conclusion. There is not enough evidence to prove the Zhao clan’s collusion, this matter cannot be settled by a single party’s words. Zhao Jundu’s...

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