Chapter 721: Duel of Words

In a corner of the City of Indomitable, there was a small, unassuming building under heavy protection. The guards had sealed off all the roads around it and the rooftops nearby had been outfitted with two ballistae—not even a fly could get past the blockade.

A series of off-road vehicles arrived beneath the building. One could see, from their insignias, that the people getting off from them were all important characters.

Moments later, a car painted in the colors of the military stopped in front of the small building and out of it came Wu Daoyu and another general.

That general looked around at the defensive power around them and felt somewhat astonished. He whispered as they began walking into the building, “Marshal Wu, how come the Ancestral Fortune Palace is here with such a big lineup?”

Wu Daoyu’s expression was quite unsightly. “The proof is irrefutable in this case. No matter who comes, there’s no way they can turn the tables.”

The general replied hurried, “That’s true, that’s true.” But the worry on his face was unconcealable. Clearly, he didn’t feel that things would go so easily.

The duo arrived at the second floor and was led into the parlor.

At this moment, there were eight people in the small room. They were all commanding characters from the nobility stationed at Indomitable. The only families that hadn’t arrived were the Zhao and Zhang.

Wu Daoyu took his seat and snorted, “What arrogance!”

The general quickly prodded the man. Only then did Wu Daoyu realize that his criticism just now also involved the Zhang clan. Nonetheless, he only responded...

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