Chapter 710: Old Mate

Chapter 710: Old Mate [V7C027 – In Life and In Eternal Rest]

Absolutely furious, Wu Daoyu’s aura began to surge. “How dare a mere brigadier general act so unbridled before this seat?”

Zhao Chengyi, however, remained unmoved. “I am indeed a brigadier general, but I have a different identity at the moment. I’m a Zhao clan emissary! When did the military become so tyrannical that you can threaten to kill an emissary even before a proper conversation!?”

Wu Daoyu’s brows flew up in his flourishing anger. Nonetheless, what Zhao Chengyi said wasn’t wrong—wounding a Zhao clan brigadier general was completely different from injuring a Zhao clan emissary.

The brigadier general from the imperial military was fairly quick-witted. He stepped in swiftly to smooth things over, saying, “Let’s talk it over nicely! People from our military were injured after all, so it’s not wrong for Marshal Wu to be angry. Nonetheless, since General Zhao is an emissary representing the Zhao clan, we should listen to what he has to say and understand their intentions.”

With a snort, Wu Daoyu shook the letter in his hands and said, “Does your Zhao clan have no...

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