Chapter 706: Hundred-day Love

The journey beyond the floating continent wasn’t just a smooth-sailing void. The most powerful fleets of the Evernight and imperial factions were gathered here, raging fierce battles every day.

However, the commanders of the two evenly-matched parties were fairly cautious and had kept most of their forces concentrated. Even the reconnaissance vessels in the periphery were only mini-ships—frail but agile and, most importantly, expendable. Their greatest fear was being devoured whole by the enemy force while scattered.

That was precisely why the breakout was unexpectedly quite smooth. By the time the imperial fleet received the relevant intelligence, it was already too late to dispatch interception parties. All they could do was order the few scouting vessels already in the area to stop the escapees. After shooting down two of these airships in a short but fierce battle, the remaining imperial vessels finally retreated. They could only watch as the silver airship unfurled its three origin sails and shot into the distance.

Qianye looked back, and through the burning wreckage, he could still vaguely make...

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