Chapter 705: Embracing the Vast World

After passing the final line that was Zhao Jundu, Qianye discovered that the walls of Indomitable were just in front of him. Charging out of the military stronghold and killing his way here, Qianye had gone through countless arduous battles. In order to quickly break through the battlefield and the encirclement, he had adopted a constant stance of exchanging injuries, in a bid to defeat every enemy in the shortest time possible. At this point, even his ancient vampire constitution could hardly keep up with the strain. The injuries on his body only grew in number as their healing grew slower.

The city wall was just in front of him, but Qianye couldn’t feel any delight. Indomitable wasn’t a solitary city—beyond this wall, there were hundreds of fortresses of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, the land outside was so vast and open that a pursuing army could easily surround him before he could get very far. It was fine if he were alone, but he had Nighteye with him at the moment. The vampire princess was extremely weak—she wasn’t much stronger than an ordinary human at the moment, and the six refined silver nails in her body weren’t helping, either. Qianye didn’t dare remove them rashly...

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