Chapter 702: Farewell

Chapter 702: Farewell [V7C019 – In Life and In Eternal Rest]

Li Fengshui reached backward and pulled out a flexible blade from his back, unleashing a rain of sword radiance as he did so. Countless blows were exchanged before he managed to suppress East Peak and cause it to pierce into the ground. Just from this fight, one could see Li Fengshui’s sword-art was many times superior to that of people like Xu Lang.

Despite managing to push Qianye back temporarily, Li Fengshui spat out yet another mouthful of blood. He grabbed Nighteye and retreated swiftly, shouting, “Stop him! Stop him!”

Countless warriors swarmed forward and used their bodies to erect a barrier in Qianye’s path. A shrill alarm finally rang out and broke through the silence of Indomitable.

The military general felt no relief upon seeing Qianye surrounded. He dragged Nighteye back continuously until he had arrived on the street behind the courtyard.

Qianye slowly drew East Peak out of the ground and dragged the armless man over with the tip of his blade. “What is the Chaos Millstone?”

With a sword at his chin, the burly man temporarily forgot about the pain from his arms. His eyes went wide as his Adam's apple rolled up and down. Staring at the sword, he immediately blurted out everything he knew, “It’s a technique against vampires, capable of rending their souls. The higher the user’s cultivation, the longer and slower the process. Ordinary vampires won’t last even half a day before admitting to everything.”

“Rend the soul?” Qianye now understood why Nighteye was vacant, sluggish, and much like a colorless painting.

“Pfft!” Following a shake of Qianye’s blade, the fat man’s head flew high into the air, and blood gushed out like a spring.

Li Fengshui was shaken because, while killing the fat man, Qianye’s gaze was constantly upon him the whole time.

The layers of soldiers in the way did not give Li Fengshui any sense of security. This fat, burly man was the first person Qianye had killed since entering the military stronghold.

This flying human head signaled a beginning.

Li Fengshui cried out while moving back, “Qianye, there’s still time if you mend your ways right now! Killing an imperial soldier means treason!”

He wanted to drag Nighteye away, but the latter had somehow found the strength to nail herself to the ground and simply wouldn’t budge. The general activated his power several times but simply couldn’t pull her away.

A ferocious glint flickered in Li Fengshui’s eyes as he slapped Nighteye’s back. The six long nails began to glow red in response to the surge of origin power. The daybreak origin power lit up the refined silver like the true flames of the sun and caused the surrounding flesh to turn a charred black.

Nighteye screamed wretchedly, but the moment her voice came out, she forced herself to endure it instead. However, her body grew weak and was duly towed away by Li Fengshui.

Qianye calmed down all of a sudden. The flames in his eyes had died out, and his aura faded away—he was as still as a lifeless object. Only those eyes fixed upon Li Fengshui were gradually suffused with blood.

“Lil’ Five, stop!” Zhao Yuying’s voice arrived from the distance, but this sound was illusory at best in Qianye’s ears.

Gazing at the tiered formation of soldiers in front, Qianye said in a cold, emotionless voice, “Scram.”

But those standing before him were veterans of hundreds of battles who, after receiving a direct order, would charge on even against a great dark monarch. Not only did they not retreat, but instead, they closed in on Qianye like a wall of steel.

The latter tread forward. With just a single step, he had accelerated to the point where no one could see him clearly. He then crashed straight into the formation like a comet!

Following a loud boom, the earth shook and trembled, sending dozens of soldiers flying into the air—their combined formation couldn’t even block a single ram. East Peak hummed loudly as Qianye flicked away the last ten or so soldiers blocking his path. He then rushed out of the blockade in large strides!

The window of a roadside building shattered as a smokey silhouette brushed past Qianye. Following a number of “pfft” sounds, several bloody holes appeared on the latter’s body. Yet, his body only swayed a bit before continuing his charge toward Li Fengshui.

Meanwhile, a lanky man materialized dozens of meters away. The blade in his hand was rather dim, but it was so sharp that even Qianye’s body couldn’t resist its stabs. There was no joy or satisfaction on the man’s face despite gaining the upper hand; only terror. He looked down at his body only to find a red line running through his chest and abdomen, along which he was soon split into two.

Qianye had received several of the man’s attacks during that brief exchange, but he had only returned one slash and easily cut the enemy in two.

Two muscular champions walked into the street, wielding a giant axe and a heavy sword respectively. Apparently, this man and woman were both proficient in brute strength.

Qianye sped up as he went and arrived before the duo in just a couple of steps. Then he rammed straight into them.

Another loud rumble ensued. Two new bone-deep wounds appeared on Qianye’s body as he shot through the two champions and swaggered off.

The giant sword and axe fell to the ground with a loud clang. Those champions fell kneeling onto the ground with their heads hanging, never to rise again. Blood seeped out silently from underneath and flowed through the entire street block.

Qianye saw Li Fengshui not so far in the distance, retreating constantly under the protection of ten or so guards. This distance was within the range of Spatial Flash.

Qianye was just about to step out, but he stopped to glance at a nearby house, at the window of which stood a fair young man. He was wielding a short-barreled origin gun equipped with a bayonet. His origin power aura was strong, at least much more so than the three soldiers up ahead. Yet, his face was filled with terror and even his hand was trembling. He turned pale upon making eye-contact with Qianye and couldn’t help but take a step back.

This young man had witnessed all the battles clearly. Qianye had forcibly received every attack with his body and reaped every assailant’s life with a single counterattack. Hence, the youth was clear that fighting against this person meant death. He had held office in the military for many years, taking countless lives and torturing many others to death. He had always believed that he was already used to life and death. Only when the grim reaper was standing clearly before him did he understand the terror that lay between these two words.

Qianye looked away, paying no more attention to the enemy who had lost his wits. His eyes turned azure as he looked toward Li Fengshui.

At this moment, his reliable aides were either badly injured, dead, or terrified. He suddenly realized that there were no more generals under him that he could use. He roared loudly, “Red Scorpions, hear my command. Stop him at all costs!”

Several Red Scorpion warriors rushed out and threw themselves at Qianye, seemingly in a bid to force mutual destruction. Qianye’s pupils constricted as he moved East Peak lithely and slapped away these soldiers one after the other. In the end, Qianye didn’t have the heart to kill these old comrades.

It was at this time that Li Fengshui approached like a specter. He slapped a Red Scorpion soldier’s back, and the two connected enemies rammed into Qianye together.

Caught in surprise, Qianye raised a hand to block the incoming assault. He only felt a stream of cold energy pierce into his body like a needle which duly began attacking his blood core and heart. Li Fengshui’s origin power was extremely sinister and almost as if it was made to restrain blood energy. Even the dark golden blood energy had a hard time obstructing it. Fortunately, the effect of his Venus Dawn origin power wasn’t bad and barely managed to protect his vital organs. However, the blood core wasn’t within its protective range. Several origin needles struck the blood core, causing Qianye to turn pale and spit out a mouthful of blood.

After gaining the upper hand, Li Fengshui returned to his original place like a ghost and grabbed Nighteye’s neck. “Qianye, I’ll kill her if you don’t stop! You lot, go and break his arms!”

Qianye remained motionless and merely stared at the Red Scorpion officer in front of him. His body was turned into a channel for Li Fengshui’s attack on Qianye—all of his organs had been destroyed by the frigid origin power, and even his bones had been liquefied. The man slowly fell limp and his body was completely deformed. The frozen expression on his face went to show the extreme agony he had suffered before his death.

Dozens of elite soldiers swarmed over once more, approaching Qianye cautiously but resolutely. Two courageous warriors raised their axes and chopped down at Qianye’s arms.

The latter exhaled suddenly. With a wave of his right hand, East Peak drew a circle which quickly engulfed the ones charging at the front.

A bloody mist hung in the air as the soldiers fell one after the other. Even before their death, they couldn’t believe Qianye had actually attacked them.

“Whoever blocks me again, dies.” Qianye’s voice was calm, but everyone could sense the clear killing intent within it.

Even the Broken-Winged Angels and Red Scorpion soldiers became hesitant for a moment. After all, dying in battle and throwing away one’s life were completely different concepts.

Qianye looked up and stared at Li Fengshui, imprinting the latter’s image in his eyes! Greatly alarmed, the imperial general swung his palm at the refined silver nails on Nighteye’s body!

Mists of blood filled the street as, one after the other, the soldiers in the way swayed about. They didn’t collapse immediately, nor did they realize that they had just lost their vitality. Qianye’s figure shot through the sanguineous mist to appear in front of Li Fengshui and Nighteye.

Li Fengshui’s hand froze all of a sudden! But he was also a veteran of the battlefield—he immediately dragged Nighteye in front of him and blocked Qianye’s line of sight. At the same time, he circulated his origin power to disperse the invisible force controlling his body.

The man was extremely vicious. After regaining his freedom, he launched another palm at the nape of Nighteye’s neck, a strike that would have beheaded her if it had landed.

At this moment, Qianye was looking into Nighteye’s pupils. Her eyes were just as clear, calm, and resolute—filled with undisguised passion and love.

“Trust me,” Qianye whispered. The next moment, East Peak flew up and pierced into Nighteye’s abdomen, all the way to its hilt.

Li Fengshui’s expression stiffened, and his hand stopped midway, no longer able to continue down. He lowered his head and saw East Peak shot through Nighteye’s body and into his own abdomen. Boundless blood energy poured out like a great river and surged into his body.

Li Fengshui staggered backward, covering his wound with one hand while pointing at Qianye with the other. “Y-You, you’re colluding with the vampires. Your crimes are unpardonable! No one can save you now, not even the Zhao clan! The empire may be large, but there’s no longer a place for you! It’s no use even if you save Nighteye. Her soul has been half-destroyed. She’ll eventually forget you and the past. She won’t remember anything!”

Qianye carefully drew his sword out from Nighteye’s body and used what remained of his shirt to bind the wound tightly. Only then did he turn back to Li Fengshui.

At this moment, the blaring alarm had woken up the entire City of Indomitable, and everyone was arriving at the scene in quick succession. There were nobles, people from the army corps, and naturally those from the Zhao clan. Everyone gazed at this scene in astonishment, unable to immediately figure out what had happened.

“Colluding with vampires?” Qianye drew Nighteye closer. He then cut open his own chest all of a sudden, revealing the constantly beating blood core. His voice echoed throughout the entire city of Indomitable. “Here! Here’s another vampire!”

Li Fengshui was startled for a moment, and then his expression shifted drastically. Suddenly, he could no longer suppress the blood energy inside. His chest burst open violently and blasted away almost half of his body. He reached out as if to grab something, but his fingers only caught empty air. The man finally collapsed, yet up until the last moment of his life, he wasn’t willing to close his eyes.

“Qianye, you…”

Without waiting for Nighteye to speak, Qianye said, “I’ll rush out of this place with you. We shall be together from now on, and no one will ever separate us again.”

East Peak let out a long whistle as Qianye carried Nighteye into the air, traversing the skies like a comet and emitting a brilliance that rent the deepest darkness of the night.

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