Chapter 702: Farewell

Chapter 702: Farewell [V7C019 – In Life and In Eternal Rest]

Li Fengshui reached backward and pulled out a flexible blade from his back, unleashing a rain of sword radiance as he did so. Countless blows were exchanged before he managed to suppress East Peak and cause it to pierce into the ground. Just from this fight, one could see Li Fengshui’s sword-art was many times superior to that of people like Xu Lang.

Despite managing to push Qianye back temporarily, Li Fengshui spat out yet another mouthful of blood. He grabbed Nighteye and retreated swiftly, shouting, “Stop him! Stop him!”

Countless warriors swarmed forward and used their bodies to erect a barrier in Qianye’s path. A shrill alarm finally rang out and broke through the silence of Indomitable.

The military general felt no relief upon seeing Qianye surrounded. He dragged Nighteye back continuously until he had arrived on the street behind the courtyard.

Qianye slowly drew East Peak out of the ground and dragged the armless man over with the tip of his blade. “What is the Chaos Millstone?”

With a sword at his chin, the burly man temporarily forgot about the pain from his arms. His eyes went wide as his Adam's apple rolled up and down. Staring at the sword, he immediately blurted out everything he knew, “It’s a technique...

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