Chapter 701: Gloss Over?

Chapter 701: Gloss Over? [V7C018 – In Life and In Eternal Rest]

Qianye grabbed at the heavy sword with one hand while ignoring the blade coming for his chest. With a raise of his hand, East Peak shot in the direction of the assailant’s chest!

The Broken-Winged Angel champion was shocked out of his wits. He had clearly seen how powerful Qianye’s body was just now. It wasn’t a certainty if he could even wound Qianye in such an exchange, but there was no doubt that the other party's blade would reap his life.

The elite champion ultimately valued his own life, drawing his sword back in an attempt to parry East Peak. The sword was bent entirely out of shape, almost as though it had been struck by lightning, while he himself was flung away. Even then, East Peak moved swiftly and managed to tap his chest before pulling back and slashing at the Red Scorpion soldier.

The Broken-Winged Angel champion cried wretchedly as an arrow of blood flew out of his back. That light tap from the heavy sword had left a penetrating wound through his chest.

Qianye had grabbed the Red Scorpion general’s heavy sword with his left hand. Despite the blood flowing out from his fingertips, the latter couldn’t move his blade a single inch no matter...

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