Chapter 699: Such an Empire

Chapter 699: Such an Empire [V7C016 – In Life and In Eternal Rest]

Zhao Yuying replied, “There are indeed some things you should know, but don’t feel too worried after hearing them.”

Afterward, Zhao Yuying told Qianye about how his quota for the Great Maelstrom had been retracted and how the imperial military had demanded the Storm Pearl.

Qianye tidied up his clothes and said slowly, “The quota is useless anyway if I don’t wake up, but the Storm Pearl is something I exchanged with my contributions. According to what you said, the item is equivalent to an origin crystal in the Great Maelstrom. It’ll be a divine-champion level power if given to someone with ample foundation. How can the military take away such an item? What are they offering to trade with?”

This time, Zhao Yuying didn’t know what to say and only spoke moments later, “They didn’t say anything about an exchange. They’re simply requisitioning it.”

“Requisition!?” This was also the first time Song Zining had heard of this.

Song Zining was, after all, someone familiar with politics and schemes, unlike Qianye. After the initial surprise,...

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