Chapter 698: Awakening

Chapter 698: Awakening [V7C015 – In Life and In Eternal Rest]

Moments later, Song Zining stood before Zhao Jundu with an exhausted face.

Zhao Jundu’s gaze was like a sharp blade stabbing into Song Zining’s eyes, and it wasn’t very friendly.

Song Zining waved the black box in his hand and said, “This thing is extremely important, any delay might produce a lot of variables. Does the fourth young noble really want to waste time here?”

Zhao Jundu didn’t move aside immediately. “It’s rare to see the seventh young noble so tired. Isn’t your Three Thousand Flying Leaves Art known to be even comparable to the Art of Heaven’s Mystery? How did such an oversight happen?”

Song Zining smiled wryly. “The heaven’s will is difficult to gauge, how can anyone grasp it completely? Even Marshal Lin himself makes mistakes sometimes, not to mention a small fry like me.”

Zhao Jundu’s eyes fell on the box in Song Zining’s hand. “What is this thing?”

Song Zining replied, “With the fourth young noble’s current status, it’s best you do not know. You only need to know that I definitely won’t harm my brother, Qianye.”

Zhao Jundu stood aside to make way, saying, “Yuying’s inside right now.”


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