Chapter 813: Border of the Continent

That was an extremely fierce poison. Although Qianye wasn’t really afraid of it, he couldn’t avoid being affected by it nor could he stay very long inside its area of effect. But this was Qianye with his ancient vampire constitution, fire-forged physique, and a near-immunity to poison. He would probably be poisoned if he only had auric flame blood without the fire-forged physique. At that point, he could only rely on the former to fight the venom.

Such a poison would instantly kill every human below the champion-rank. Vampires and werewolves below the viscount level would only be able to hold out momentarily. The arachne would probably fare slightly better, but even they wouldn’t be able to escape death in the end.

In terms of pure damage, this mouthful of green gas had far surpassed Qianye’s domain and Life Plunder. Thousands of mercenaries became corpses in the blink of an eye, destroying half of the Stormwind Fury’s counterattack force.

The battlefield grew quiet with corpses strewn across the ground. The mercenaries who hadn’t stepped into the green gas’ range looked at the land of death in front of them and suspected whether they were dreaming. Some of them woke up amidst loud screams and began running for dear life—the entire army looked like it was about to collapse.

Qianye’s domain was powerful, but there were ways to block its effects and death didn’t come as swiftly. This green gas, on the other hand, would turn all in its wake to corpses, sparing not a single soul. How could they not feel terrified? Even the most powerful soldiers fell apart immediately.

The commander shouted, “No need to be afraid, she can’t spray a second time.”

Little Zhuji grew dispirited after spitting out that mouthful of gas and could hardly even open her eyes. Apparently, the absolute poison took a heavy toll on her.

Even though she couldn’t cough up a second mouthful of poison, the green gas from the first attack hadn’t yet dispersed. How would anyone even dare to step into that field of death? Not to mention stepping into it, no one even dared to go near.

Little Zhuji was furious upon hearing the words from the other side. She raised her little head and roared, “Who said so? Stand out if you dare and I’ll show you if I can’t spit your face full of it!”

Her voice—extremely clear and full of spirit—spread out in all directions. The morale of the Stormwind Fury soldiers hit rock bottom, and that commander didn’t dare step out, either. Little Zhuji’s green gas had already killed thousands of mercenaries. What if she had a little bit left?

Qianye patted little Zhuji’s head. “Just rest, no need for you to fight anymore.”

With that, Qianye passed straight through the poisoned area completely unaffected and headed for the Stormwind Fury formation.

An astonished Gado followed hurriedly from behind. He saw Qianye passing through the land of death with such calmness that he thought it was already fine to take this path. But he had only taken a couple of steps in when he felt his skin turn numb as a fishy fluid came down his nostrils.

Shocked out of his wits, Gado retreated urgently and flashed out of the vicinity. Then, he proceeded to force the poison out with every ounce of his power. Moments later, his expression improved after spitting out a mouthful of putrid blood, but his aura had weakened quite a bit. Surprisingly, his injuries weren’t light!

He glanced at the putrid blood on the ground with a terrified expression, his heart full of trepidation. He might’ve been gravely injured had he pulled back any later.

And that was because the green gas was spread out over a wide area. If little Zhuji had spat out a concentrated mass of this poison, Gado would have probably died on the spot.

But Qianye didn’t look like he needed Gado’s help, either. Qianye’s domain spread out over the Stormwind Fury formation, felling a large swathe of mercenaries. Equipped with the experience from before, many soldiers charged into the domain proactively in order to distribute the pressure. Just as they were barely able to resist the weight, they saw a thin red thread pierce through their chests. Thereafter, everything turned dark and they could no longer feel anything.

Hundreds of corpses fell down around Qianye after a round of Life Plunder swept through. Although the number of threads he could produce was limited, they would target mercenaries with the most exuberant vitality, leaving only the weaklings. This dealt a grave blow to the corps' fighting power.

That commanding officer was hiding in the crowd with hopes of launching a sneak attack. But he would always run away like a spooked bird.

Qianye felt somewhat helpless against such a crafty opponent.

But that wasn’t important. Qianye still had a Shot of Inception left for the man if he really did approach. Coupled with Spatial Flash, he could definitely chase down and kill the enemy. If the commander refused to come near, then Qianye would keep on killing the mercenaries without pause. The Stormwind Fury’s defeat was confirmed in the blink of an eye. Even the most resolute of soldiers couldn’t find the courage to charge forward after seeing their friends fall one after the other. Following an unknown shout, the surviving soldiers immediately began to disperse and flee. None of them turned back, nor was there anyone to guard the rear. Whoever fled slower would be killed first, giving the ones up front a greater chance at escaping. This ancient wisdom originating from the beast hordes was both cruel and practical.

Qianye had no good way to deal with the scattering soldiers. He had only killed a few when there was no one left in his sight. Even the most ordinary soldiers revealed surprising strength while on the run, fleeing as quick as lightning.

Qianye stopped and drew upon his origin power. Soon, a deep, thunderous voice covered the entire forest area. Even the soldiers who had run furthest could hear his words echoing beside their ears. “Whoever touches my people must die! Resign from the corps if you’re smart. Hereafter, I shall kill everyone from Stormwind Fury that I meet!”

“You…” The shocked commander’s voice arrived from afar. He had wanted to throw down a couple of fierce words before leaving, but who would’ve thought Qianye would be so absolute in his actions? He couldn’t find any response after a long while, and he couldn’t really stop his fleeing feet, either. He had fled far at this point and lacked the power to deliver his words to Qianye’s ears.

Qianye stopped to take a deep breath, his face flushed red and his blood, boiling. The essence blood he had absorbed with Life Plunder burned continuously, swiftly restoring his blood energy.

By the time Gado arrived in front of Qianye, the latter had recovered to his initial state—at least it seemed so on the surface. The tall warrior glanced at Qianye, and then at little Zhuji. He proceeded to heave a long sigh, knowing that it was impossible for him to take the little girl away. Besides, the way Qianye treated Stormwind Fury proved that he would never go easy on those who dared to have designs on little Zhuji.

Gado left quietly with his tribesmen and vanished into the depths of the forest. Qianye, on the other hand, brought the little fellow in a different direction.

“What’s on this side?” Little Zhuji asked.

“The mercenaries’ camp. I’m going to burn them.”

“Got it.” The little fellow was nodding off and looked like she would fall asleep at any moment.

“How did you learn to use poison?”

“I ate that fruit last time, I knew how to use poison after waking up."

The little girl’s reply made Qianye speechless. Her talents were simply too enviable. Which human didn’t have to painstakingly cultivate their combat arts? Some powerful secret arts even put one’s life at risk. For instance, the Profound Combatant Formula afforded its user shocking cultivation speeds and its accompanying Oceanic Vortex was peerlessly powerful. However, Qianye would’ve broken down instead if his body were just a bit weaker.

Zhuji’s green gas was so powerful, and yet all she needed was a nap to comprehend it. This was an inherent power hidden deep within her bloodline.

Little Zhuji’s bloodline originated from Count Stuka, but Qianye felt that the arachne’s poison wasn’t this powerful when he and Zhao Yuying had fought him back then. The talent skill had grown stronger by over ten times in Little Zhuji’s hands.

Qianye could only sigh in admiration when comparing the two.

Moments later, Qianye exited the Black Grove with little Zhuji in tow and arrived in front of the mercenary camp. At this moment, the camp was in utter chaos with people running in from everywhere to report the matter. Some began organizing their luggage in a fluster, while some fierce characters waved their weapons around, shouting about how they would deal with Qianye.

No small number of Stormwind Fury soldiers had escaped back to base, but Qianye’s arrival was also quite fast. They had only managed to convey news of their utter defeat to those at the base when Qianye arrived, not even giving them enough time to pack up.

Qianye simply walked in, too lazy to pay attention to the nonsense those mercenary coyotes were spouting.

Moments later, three camps, along with the logging grounds, broke out in fierce flames. The fire stretched dozens of meters tall and almost illuminated the entire sky. As Qianye slowly walked out of the raging flames, there was no longer a living shadow in the blaze behind him.

“Where do we go now?”


“Let me sleep a while then. I’m so sleepy.” Little Zhuji yawned loudly.

Qianye got onto his motorbike, started the engine, and sped off into the boundless wasteland, leaving a cloud of dust behind him.

Finally, news of utter defeat on the front lines reached Southern Blue. The city lord sat quietly, completely unmoved even as the frontline commander of Stormwind Fury completed his report.

The entire meeting chamber fell into a deathly silence as the report was completed. Everyone knew that Qianye’s death threat toward Stormwind Fury wasn’t just for fun. The issue was how likely it was that he would be able to follow up on his words.

The Southern Blue city lord spoke only after a long while, “He calls himself Qianye?”


A long lapse of silence passed again before the city lord said, “Report this matter to the Spider Emperor. Okay, dismissed!”

Only when the room was empty did the Southern Blue city lord heave a long sigh. “Qianye, Qianye…”

At this moment, Qianye had already traversed the vast distance to reach the continent’s edge. The geography in the area was no longer even, and was already beginning to rise and fall. Glancing into the distance, one could see a long mountain range and its tall peaks piercing into the clouds. There were streaks of lightning flickering along the peaks, accompanied by the occasional thunder. It could be considered extremely dangerous.

That was the continent’s border, where the natural barrier of the continent met the void. Even space here was unstable, and void storms were a common occurrence. Throughout the long years, the mountain range had been cut, torn, and crushed by the void storms, eventually turning into this kind of landscape where even birds couldn’t fly easily. Some of the tallest peaks were thousands of meters in height.

Beyond these tall peaks was the true border of the continent. There were storms wreaking havoc here at all times. Those unfortunate enough to be swept into them would be flung out into the bottomless void.

The Eastern Sea Continent, along with many other landmasses in the neutral lands, originated from the Void Valley Star. It hadn’t been very long since they were formed. The twenty-seven main continents were much more stable—their barriers were stronger, and their borders were relatively peaceful.

Qianye’s expression became serious as he gazed at the tall peaks around the border region. The environment here was too adverse and dangerous even for him. Caution was necessary.

The reason he had come here was because of the third piece of news he had gotten from the captain. Reportedly, a vampire warship had crashed here. Qianye wanted to know why the Evernight vampire race had come here with a giant warship.

It was said that one of the masters of the neutral lands—the person on the Throne of Blood—had a deep enmity against the twelve ancient clans and would kill their members on sight. That Shattered Moment in his hands could instantly kill anyone below the duke rank and even defeat a prince. That was why Evernight vampires were rarely seen in the neutral lands.

Qianye had no idea what the vampires were scheming, but it was too much of a coincidence that they would be here at this time.

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