Chapter 695: The Last Step

Chapter 695: The Last Step [V7C012 – In Life and In Eternal Rest]

The pursuers were getting closer and closer. Several airships whistled past the distant horizon, carrying soldiers to cut off her forward path. Meanwhile, on the land, numerous vampire squads had spread out like ripples on a lake.

A large hunting net had begun to form within just a few days. Despite the primogenitor bloodline that made her peerless in the same realm, Nighteye gradually started to feel the mounting pressure.

Soon, a long, narrow valley appeared in front of her. Nighteye became spirited as she recognized one of the important areas Song Zining had mentioned repeatedly. She dived in without a second thought and made straight for the bottom.

Several dozen vampires were hot on her trail. Just as they reached the bottom of the ravine, however, the entire area began to tremble. The valley walls actually began to crack and collapse!

A shrill sound wave echoed through the air at this point. The vampires, who had just taken flight, fell back to the ground, where they were soon buried by the endless stream of falling rocks and ...

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