Chapter 477: Oceanic Power

Chapter 477: Oceanic Power [V6C7 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

All of them appeared in werewolf combat form. Each and every one of them possessed powerful auras, and the leader seemed to have experienced the passage of many years. Their most striking characteristic was the line of silver fur running down the center of their backs.

For some reason, the purple blood energy along with its ability rune vibrated all of a sudden. This sensation felt as though they were crying out in joy after seeing a feast. Qianye felt himself enter a state of blood boil for the first time in a long while.

One of the werewolves sniffed the air. His eyes turned red as he roared, “He has the smell of a vampire on him!”

The other werewolves agreed one by one and emitted continuous howls.


“It’s indeed that kind of smell! I-It’s a bit similar to that woman!”

“Eat him up!”

The werewolf leader raised his hand to silence the furious howls. He then stared fixedly at Qianye and asked, “This is our Silverback Tribe’s war zone. How dare a stinking vampire enter?”

“Silverback? I heard all of you have been wiped out by Nana.”

Qianye’s words enraged all the werewolves. The leader let out a long howl toward the sky before hacking down on Qianye with his battle-axe.

Indistinct fluctuations suddenly appeared around Qianye. All the werewolves felt an invisible pressure fall upon them—it was as though a mountain had appeared on their backs. This was true tangible pressure. The werewolf leader stopped mid-swing as he had no choice but to resist the pressure with all his might. He could no longer continue hacking.

Since even he was in such a state, it was naturally much worse for the others. All their bones began to creak and groan as they were crushed under the immense pressure. All of them fell limp to the ground one by one, their bodies completely deformed.

Qianye drew his vampiric blade and stabbed into the heart of the werewolf in front of him, withdrawing it only after a while. The Silverback werewolf who had been drained of all essence blood fell headfirst onto the ground. The bones in his body snapped continuously as the carcass flattened down in front Qianye’s eyes.

Qianye slowly withdrew his origin power and shook his head. This was the fledgling form of his domain, but Qianye could only release a boundless suppressive force and had no control over its intensity. Just like how he had accidentally crushed all of the Silverbacks just now.

This was a domain derived from the Profound Combatant Formula. The first step was only to force out a boundless deep ocean, yet it had already surpassed the limits of his control. Qianye reckoned that if he truly formed a great maelstrom, the pressure and shearing forces might even tear himself apart.

Qianye put away his vampiric blade and pressed onward. Before long, a silver-haired youth with blue eyes appeared before him. This person was fairly tall and well built. His bare upper body accentuated his perfect physique and seemed to be brimming with explosive strength.

The young man raised his head and looked down at Qianye from an angle. He then pointed at himself and said, “Zarah, one of the ten silver-haired warriors of the tribe. Was it you who killed my tribesmen just now?”

Seeing this werewolf youth with pride and bravery written all over his face, Qianye didn’t know how to respond.

Perhaps in a tribe with a long history like the Silverbacks, it was indeed an outstanding achievement for him to reach third-rank viscount at such a young age. He was also quite confident in defeating all those at the same realm. Since Qianye was also a third-rank viscount, it was the way of a true warrior for him to come and challenge the former alone.

It was just that pride and valiance would only turn into ignorant stupidity before Qianye.

East Peak didn’t even leave its sheath as he pointed at the enemy from afar. Vague ocean waves immediately appeared around Zarah. The werewolf felt as though an entire ocean was pressing down upon him, a force so heavy that even the joints in his legs were creaking and groaning.

Zarah’s body wavered slightly, but he immediately stabilized himself, the hairs on his mane flying in the air. But all of the muscles in his body were trembling—it would seem he had already exerted his full power. But this brave werewolf warrior let out an unyielding roar as the flames of darkness origin power burned brightly on his body.

But Qianye wasn’t about to give him the opportunity. He arrived before Zarah in just one step and slapped the werewolf on the shoulder with East Peak. The sounds of breaking bones rang out beneath the sword, along with Zharah’s loud cries. He could no longer hold on—his knees went weak, and he fell to the ground. With a flip of his hand, Qianye plunged the vampiric blade into his back.

Moments later, Qianye withdrew the blade and continued his journey. The once valiant Silverback warriors quickly became dried bones on the battlefield.

Qianye crossed over mountain ridges, traversed the woods, and leaped over rivers. He heard something snap beneath his foot as he arrived on a grassland by the woods. Qianye looked down and found that an odd green spider the size of a child’s fist had been stomped flat.

He halted his advance and glanced over. To his astonishment, countless green spiders had appeared around him at some point. They crawled rapidly through the bushes and swarmed toward Qianye like a tide.

Prairie Wolf Spiders!

These spiders were extremely aggressive, and their poison was powerful. Some of them were natural inhabitants of the prairie, but most of them had appeared in the form of servspiders. At this moment, there were tens of thousands of Prairie Wolf Spiders on the grassland with more appearing continuously from the forest. Even a high-ranking warrior would be in trouble once he had been bitten.

But using wolfspiders to deal with Qianye was a bad idea. With a single thought, an almost invisible wave of blood rippled outward and extended for several dozens meters before diminishing. Meanwhile, all the wolf spiders in its wake were left with their bellies toward the sky and died completely after moving their limbs a couple of times.

Qianye walked toward the forest at the end of the grassland. Another ripple of blood flashed out as the next wave of wolf spiders reached him. The Wolf Spiders around him were swept clean yet again.

A furious howl came from the forest, “You’re a vampire? Then why would you massacre our soldiers?”

An arachne of tremendous build walked out from the forest. His upper body was in human form, while his lower body was an arachne’s. He was even one size larger than Brahms. In his right hand was a giant axe even taller than Qianye, and in his left was an automatic origin gun. One could see his terrifying strength just from those two incomparably large weapons.

There were a dozen or so large servspiders beside him, and all of them seemed to be rank seven or eight. Add to that the endless wolf spiders of all sizes, the enemy lineup was already a sizeable force on the bloody battlefield.

“I am Badenburg. Today, I shall…” The arachne only managed to speak halfway.

Qianye appeared before him with a single leap and smashed down with East Peak.

Badenberg instinctively started spraying bullets from his rotating origin machine gun, but the hail of origin bullets all flitted past Qianye. He roared loudly and waved his battle-axe at East Peak as the heavy sword swung down onto him.

However, the arachne, along with his battle-axe, was pounded flat amidst a series of snapping sounds.

Great ocean waves once again emerged around Qianye, pressing all of the charging servspiders to the ground. Some of the weaker ones were even killed outright. The wolf spiders of varying sizes burst into blobs of meat paste.

Qianye walked around with his vampiric blade and stabbed to death all the servspiders hanging on their last breaths. At last, he stabbed the blade into Badenberg’s arachnid nucleus.

Qianye passed through the forest moments later. He arrived at the valley on the other side and continued traveling along his predetermined path.

Qianye was intercepted many times in the days that followed—Arachne Viscount Ford and Sandton, Lambier and Doug from the ancient vampire clans, and even the young demonkin genius Prince from the famed Jeruson clan—all of these names were symbolic of status and power in the Dark Nation. They were even a cause for fear.

But now, all of them had turned into military contributions for Qianye. Moreover, they weren’t able to obstruct his advancement in the slightest. All this time, East Peak never got the chance to leave its sheath completely. Qianye was invincible once his oceanic powers were unleashed. He would occasionally meet a relatively powerful opponent, but they were also turned into meat paste with a smash from East Peak.

Several days passed by in this manner. Qianye had already swept through the greater half of zone a3 but never saw any traces of Bai Kongzhao. Presently, there was a vampire castle standing before him. This was the first time Qianye was confronted with a choice—to take a detour or to go straight ahead.

The castle seemed abundant in decorations and lacking in defenses. Perhaps they had neglected heavy defenses due to the fact that this area was deep in the Dark Nation hinterlands and the complex geography made it difficult for big armies to arrive.

At this moment, there were several long flags hanging on the walls outside the castle, revealing all types of beautiful and complicated decorations as the breeze rustled by. The largest flag hanging at the highest point depicted a violet datura flower in full bloom. This served to announce that this castle was under the control of the Monroe clan, one of the twelve ancient vampire clans.

The feudal ranks represented by these flags signified that there were at least hundreds of high-ranking dark race warriors garrisoned in the territory. The surrounding hundreds of kilometers would remain under this castle’s control as long as it remained standing.

This castle also happened to be in Qianye’s predetermined route, and he would need to take a long way around to avoid it. Qianye didn’t hesitate for very long. He glanced up at the leaden sky before walking straight toward the castle.

In the castle conference hall, a handsome vampire youth was sitting atop the throne as he looked down on everyone with an inexplicable arrogance on his countenance. There were several rows of warriors standing in the hall. They were mainly made up of vampires, but the other races combined made up close to half the total headcount. There was no lack of titled experts on the front row, and at least several people whose auras were stronger than the youth on the throne.

This vampire youth was a rank-two viscount. Although he wasn’t the strongest in the hall, he was incomparably arrogant and showed not the slightest trace of respect for the experts standing below him. This included a first rank viscount from the same Monroe clan.

He was roaring furiously at this moment, causing his voice to reverberate throughout the great hall and even leak out into the castle corridors.

“A bunch of useless people! You have so many men yet you can’t even stop a mere human, and so many of ours were killed instead. What will it take for you to finish him off? How many people must we dispatch? Are ten viscounts enough? How about twenty? Do you not feel ashamed to say that you have sacred blood flowing in your veins?

“He’s a mere rank-ten human, equal to a third rank viscount! You can’t even kill a third-rank viscount! And these are sacred-blooded experts? Geniuses?

“How much prestige does our Monroe clan have left? How much?!”

His roars echoed incessantly. The youth became more and more agitated, so much so that he pointed at the experts below him and berated them one by one.

Among the dark races, rank was only an alternate expression of one’s strength. Each and every expert had grown up through cruel fights, and there was no lack of violent characters among them. Many people turned livid at the moment, and the eyes with which they glanced at the youth became suffused with a cruel bloodthirst.

However, they gradually retracted their animosity and lowered their heads when their gazes fell on the eye-catching violet datura insignia on the youth’s formal attire.

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