Chapter 535: Shouldering

Chapter 535: Shouldering [V6C65 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

Qianye waved his hand helplessly. He was too lazy to retort because Song Zining would always find a way to lead the conversation in weird directions. “How did Marshal Boqian allow them into the camp?”

Song Zining broke into a laugh. “Marshal Boqian is also human, and the leader of the first-ranked Zhang clan at that. Letting them into the army was a negligible matter, yet it could earn the support of the families behind them. Why should he not do it?

Qianye stared on blankly.

Song Zining knew what Qianye was thinking. He patted the latter’s shoulder and said, “Don’t be fooled by the rumors. Marshal Boqian has always charged head-first into battle without scheming because he never needed to. He is strong enough to mow down everything in his way, but how could he have surpassed countless experts of the generation and become a heavenly monarch if he is only a brute? Don’t try to act smart and play tricks when you meet him tomorrow.”

Qianye had understood somewhat. Song Zining had likely rushed over because he had gotten word of the upcoming meeting with Zhang Boqian and was afraid of Qianye’s identity being exposed. But how was he to hide his secret in front of a heavenly monarch? Qianye laughed wryly. “It’s useless even if I did, right?”

There was a serious expression on Song Zining’s face because he had no good method, either. At first, he was hoping Qianye could report heavy injuries and only turn in his token, but this path was no longer feasible now that Duke You had already seen Qianye.

Qianye said slowly, “In truth, I have half each of daybreak and darkness origin power in my body. The daybreak portion is even somewhat bigger. Marshal Boqian can’t convict me from that as long as I don’t reveal my blood core, right?”

Despite saying that, both of them knew things weren’t that simple. Song Zining had seen Zhang Boqian before and was very clear about his earth-shattering pressure. However, what he was most worried about was a different person. “Qianye, do you know who I met the last time Marshal Boqian summoned me?”

Qianye was visibly moved when Song Zining spoke Lin Xitang’s name, and his thoughts were thrown into chaos. He remained in a daze for quite some time after listening to Song Zining’s recount before saying, “Then, will I see him this time?”

Song Zining shook his head. “There’s no telling if he’ll appear or not. The empire’s official statement claims that Marshal Lin is recuperating at the imperial capital. His arrival here is top-secret, and even someone at Duke You’s level wouldn’t know.”

Qianye calmed down as he thought about the matter all around. “Zining, you were summoned by Marshal Zhang but actually met Marshal Lin. This means he suspects that I never died in that Red Scorpion operation. He wants to confirm my identity through you.”

At this point, Qianye let out a soft sigh and said seriously, “Actually, this isn’t a big secret at all. You didn’t have to take this risk.” Song Zining didn’t lie to Lin Xitang. He only played a small trick and avoided giving away a definite confirmation. Such a method was extremely dangerous before a character like Lin Xitang because the strength difference between them was too significant. There was no such thing as a fair conversation.

Song Zining only laughed because he knew Qianye would understand his intentions. The latter was pure and frank, but certainly not dumb. His perception at the critical juncture was fairly sharp and would always cut right to the key points. “In truth, I’m a bit puzzled why he didn’t summon you directly.”

Qianye scratched his head and asked, “Zining, do you think… he knew I was from the Zhao clan back then?”

The room became silent. There were too many possibilities behind his question that would cause one to tremble after being quietly drawn in.

It was Qianye who broke the silence first. “Well, what will be will be, we’ll know everything tomorrow. Oh, and one more thing, I met Li Kuanglan in Giant’s Repose and he especially mentioned your meeting on the battlefield. The feeling I get from him… I have no idea if he’s friend or foe. But his sword dao is indeed powerful, and I’m not his match right now. Where did this Li Kuanglan pop up from? Why haven’t we heard of him at all if he’s so powerful? Did he harm you when you two met?”

“Li Kuanglan? You met him? What happened exactly, tell me in detail!”

Seeing Song Zining so serious, Qianye recounted the process of his meeting with Li Kuanglan, including the matter about Stillwater Rebirth.

Song Zining’s brows were locked tightly at first but actually loosened up after listening to Qianye’s story. He then broke into a mischievous laugh and put his arms over Qianye’s shoulder. “You’re so capable, Stillwater Rebirth is a priceless treasure. You actually accepted such a precious gift from a lady. How do you plan to repay this favor in the future? By devoting your heart to her?”

Lady?! Qianye stared at Song Zining with an astonished expression. He never saw any semblance of a lady on Li Kuanglan.

Song Zining waved his finger and said with a smile, “Very few know of this matter, but Li Kuanglan is the youngest daughter of the current imperial father-in-law, probably twenty years apart from the eldest.”

Qianye’s mouth fell open but didn’t know what to say.

Song Zining’s expression was radiant as he spoke on, “She’s indeed a bit older than you, but that’s not important. An older principal wife is more capable of holding formation. Don’t worry, I don’t have any life or death feud with the Jingtang Li Family. They might’ve had other plans during that incident with the caravan, and my damage was only collateral. This little upset definitely won’t affect your relationship.”

Qianye could no longer listen on. He shut Song Zining’s noisy mouth with one hand and said in a distressed manner, “Why do you drag anything and everything toward a nonsensical direction. Moreover… I already have a woman.” He hesitated for a while before briefly describing his matter with Nighteye.

Song Zining was visibly moved. He jumped out of his seat and cried out, “What?! You call her Nighteye, isn’t that the Monroe Princess?”

Qianye nodded. “That’s her.”

Song Zining took in a breath of cold air. “You want to bring back the Monroe clan princess?! Are you mad?”

There was an unprecedented resolution in his eyes as he said, “There’s no lack of dark races living in the empire, especially vampires.”

Song Zining’s expression had turned extremely solemn. Apparently quite restless, he stood up and paced about the room continuously. “Those are either slaves or expendable small fries. That’s why the empire doesn’t bother with them. But how can it be the same for the Monroe Princess? Once people know of her existence, who knows how many people will be tempted to seize her? Have you ever thought about what you’ll do once you’re found out?”

“I’ll take her to a neutral zone if worse comes to worst.”

Song Zining suddenly stopped in front of Qianye and looked straight into his eyes. “Do you remember that I promised to kill you personally if you ever become a vampire slave?”

Qianye faced Song Zining’s stern expression and said, “Of course I do, but I’m very much sober right now. I’m not under control or being manipulated in any way.”

The two stared at each other silently for a good while. Song Zining began spewing out a string of profanities, something he rarely, if ever, did. “Damn your grandma, you’re not being controlled by blood energy and your brain isn’t damaged, yet you actually want to do something like this. What is this if not madness?”

He suddenly grabbed Qianye’s collar and said through clenched teeth, “Damn it, don’t tell me this is true love!”

Qianye gave it some thought and said, “That seems… to be the case.”

Song Zining shook Qianye’s collar repeatedly with an exasperated expression and almost shouted into his face, “You go and fight those dark race sons of b*tches all day, and then you come back and tell me you’re in love with a vampire?! You and the Monroe princess, the primo of one of the thirteen vampire primogenitors, are in love? T-This, how should I say it? It’s too damn cool! Isn’t this something I should be doing?”

“Erm, right, right… Huh?!” Qianye was feeling quite depressed at first because he would also find it difficult to accept if it were someone else. He was completely stunned after hearing the last two words, even though he was quite familiar with Song Zining’s unusual temperament.

Qianye suddenly recalled that they were in the middle of the Zhao clan camp. All the garrisoned soldiers had probably heard Song Zining’s dreadful, almost deafening shout just now. This was no small matter!

Song Zining seemed rather pleased as he snapped a finger, causing a faint banner-like wall of light to flicker around them. Several floating leaves appeared in the air and revolved around his fingers before disappearing toward the corners of the room.

“This young master has long since laid down a domain. No more than five people in this camp can listen in on my words!”

“Doesn’t that mean there are still five people?” Qianye didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Song Zining glared at him and said, “Those people have too many things to pay attention to. How can they be in the mood to eavesdrop on us?”

He suddenly adopted a serious expression and released Qianye’s collar. “Are you sure you’re going to abandon your brothers and friends in the empire for a woman, even if she’s a vampire?”

Qianye tried to explain, “I’m not abandoning anyone. Didn’t you say that us brothers will build a big neutral nation?”

Song Zining said furiously, “I didn’t say that just so you can elope with a woman!”

Song Zining resumed his smile without waiting for Qianye’s reply. He then dragged Qianye close by the collar and said with a laugh, “But that’s a completely different matter if it’s the Monroe princess. Not to mention going to the neutral zone, even building a nation on the Twilight Continent will be worth it. Well done! As expected of my chosen friend!”

Qianye was between laughter and tears in the face of Song Zining’s shifting attitude. He wanted to explain that he was forced by the circumstances and that Nighteye had no other way out. But he was stoppered yet again before he could speak.

“Qianye, we’re brothers regardless. You can’t take all the benefits for yourself. Doesn’t the Monroe princess have some outstanding sisters? You have to introduce me to them!”

Qianye couldn’t believe his ears. His head was spinning at this moment, and he replied instinctively, “There’s one younger sister, I think, the name’s Twilight. Her bloodline is also pretty good, but she’s already a count…”

Song Zining flapped his fan open and waved it a couple of times. “I like it!”

Qianye massaged his forehead. Even he had no idea why Song Zining had dragged the topic to such an odd place. He continued helplessly, “Listen to me first, that Twilight is extremely cunning and ruthless. She even tried to lay a trap for Zhao Jundu during the last bloody battle.”

The seventh young noble didn’t mind this at all. “When have I ever been afraid of danger?”

Qianye was speechless. He only felt his breath stuck uncomfortably in his chest.

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