Chapter 494: As Strong as a Lie

Chapter 494: As Strong as a Lie [V6C24 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

The scene wasn’t very clear and was frequently warped. However, one could see that Aaron was standing before the throne. He was waving his hands about like a deranged man and shouting at the top of his lungs, “Capture him and bring him before me.”

“No need. Here I am.”

Qianye’s figure soon appeared as he entered the great hall, drew East Peak, and slashed at Aaron from afar!

The scene ended abruptly at this point.

Nighteye made no movement and continued staring at the lightless ruby in a daze. There was neither anger nor sadness on her face—her expression was seemingly frozen.

“Your Majesty?” the shocked count called out cautiously.

Nighteye came to only after a while. “Have you confirmed the authenticity of the image? What happened afterward?”

“My apologies, Your Majesty, we were only able to recall the images up to this point. However, we’ve investigated the scene and Viscount Aaron’s body. The outcome is indeed that, what you just saw is the truth.”

Nighteye regained her calm. “That means it is indeed this person who killed Aaron?”

“Yes, and we’ve also confirmed his identity. His name is Qianye. He originally held office at the expeditionary army and is the city lord of Blackflow City. It would seem he joined the Zhao clan during the bloody battle, or, at the very least, he’s working together with them.” At the mention of Blackflow City, the count’s expression became somewhat unnatural.

For the dark race warriors who had taken part in the recent battles on Evernight, Blackflow City had become a fairly inauspicious name. First, Wei Bainian had forced the dark race army to change routes during the war for the Black-Winged Monarch’s treasure. Later on, Song Zining had routed the dark race alliance army alone under the Iron Curtain. Furthermore, people discovered that one of the two rising stars of the empire rampaging through the Iron Curtain was actually also from Blackflow City.

“Qianye,” Nighteye muttered softly.

The count’s expression was one of worry. He was clear how close Aaron and Nighteye were. It could be said that Aaron’s position in the Monroe clan was solely due to Nighteye’s unconditional support. Now that Aaron had been killed all of a sudden—not to mention the pressure Nighteye and the Monroe clan had been suffering from all sides—he was worried that this princess would resort to something foolish.

He persuaded indirectly, “Your Majesty, this person cannot be underestimated at all. Especially under the Iron Curtain, he might be even more dangerous than Zhao Jundu. There’s no hurry to seek revenge. We will surely be able to make him repay with blood after the Iron curtain disperses.”

Nighteye slowly closed her eyes. “I understand.”

The count’s mood didn’t quite relax. During the past month, Qianye had used the corpses of countless dark race geniuses to prove just how terrifying he was. The Monroe clan’s forces deployed to that castle weren’t weak at all, and they also had the terrain advantage. In the end, Qianye had called upon them and wiped them all out. Only the guardian third-rank count managed to escape.

At this point in the bloody battle, the dark race had long since studied Qianye and Zhao Jundu. Qianye’s level was inferior to Zhao Jundu, and his combat techniques weren’t as impenetrable, either. However, the might of his attacks were extremely powerful, a person who walked the path of complete head-on dominance. There was really no way to deal with this kind of power under the Iron Curtain. Even dark race experts who exceeded the rank-limit could hardly endure a frontal assault.

As such, Qianye and Zhao Jundu had their own strong points. Anyone below the level of count would surely die after encountering Zhao Jundu. Even escape would be difficult without a secret art. Meanwhile, experts above the count level weren’t willing to bump into Qianye, either, because his strength was simply too depressing to the beholder.

Nighteye was the most powerful genius of the Monroe clan’s current generation. Her developments within the few years of her return made all her elders proud. She was also the bargaining chip for an extremely important deal, so the Monroe clan wasn’t willing to see her injured in a clash with Qianye. Moreover, Blackflow City was like a cursed place to the dark races. Even the count himself didn’t want to approach that city.

Nighteye sighed lightly. “You may withdraw if there’s nothing else to report.”

Dozens of dark race experts were standing silently some distance behind her. At this moment, all of them approached after seeing her gesture. There were vampires among them and also members of other races. Only a couple of them wore the Monroe clan’s insignia on their robes, while the rest were direct subordinates of the Evernight Council.

The count standing in front of Nighteye said anxiously, “Your Majesty, won’t you reconsider? The council isn’t forcing you to enter. The situation inside the bottomless vortex is unclear and incomparably dangerous. With your status, there’s no need to take this risk at all. Let those of lowly blood go. No matter who obtains the ancient essence, you’ll have a chance to receive it in the end. At the very least, they can scout the road ahead.”

Nighteye didn’t reply and only shook her head. Then, she jumped down and vanished into the swirling black mist.

Her dark race followers also jumped down. The last member to enter with a datura flower insignia on his collar said softly as he passed by, “This time, it’s only a scouting mission. We’ll return after passing through the prismatic turbulence. If the clan wants to dissuade Her Majesty, they have one more chance.”

The count could only smile wryly at this point as he thought about which elders he should call over.

Blackflow City was just as before, and the atmosphere of jubilation hadn’t been reduced by much. The shocking waves thousands of kilometers away seemed to have strengthened the people’s will to enjoy the present. The Iron Curtain’s reappearance signified that they might not be able to live until the sun rose each passing day. What then was more important than living life to its fullest?

Qianye stood atop the Dark Flame sentry tower, gazing down at the city beneath his feet. After witnessing the great battle that had left the continent with a huge scar, he came to a deeper understanding of how frail and insignificant most living beings were. The joy and laughter before his eyes might turn into a sea of flames and ashes at the very next moment, just like that dark race city engulfed by earthen flames.

The drill grounds were somewhat empty since Dark Flame soldiers had long since completed their daytime training. The squad left behind was in charge of weapon experiments, but the sounds they were producing made it seem as though an entire division was practicing.

On the grounds, a small figure was running, leaping, ducking, and rolling. However, these dazzling movements didn’t affect her shooting at all. Bullets flew out from every possible angle and landed on the targets around her—none of them missed.

A group of technicians and craftsmen were busy. Among them, demonkin Percy’s appearance was the most eye-catching. Nangong Xiaoniao was also among them. Her long ponytail would fly behind her as she ran around amidst the arrays and equipment, outlining a graceful arc through the air.

The rumbling of guns and explosions came to a sudden stop as resounding applause rang out from the field. All the craftsmen and warriors were cheering. Apparently, they had achieved an important breakthrough with the experiment from just now.

Nangong Xiaoniao rushed into the field and toward the Highbeard girl, Black Moon. The two then hugged each other while cheering excitedly.

Qianye’s mood was exceptionally calm as he watched everything happening before him.

At this moment, he also saw his own world of consciousness. The tides of the Combatant Formula were raging below, surging bravely forward without rest, while the misty clouds slowly revolved along an inexplicably profound route in the sanguineous skies above. Daybreak and Evernight, the two extremes of this world were revolving as though they had been in the same state for countless years, magnificent and tranquil, one existing alongside the other.

Something stirred within Qianye’s heart. At this moment, he seemed to be hearing the voice of the world. The long, ancient voice seemingly echoed right beside his ear—cryptic and profound, yet incomparably familiar at the same time.

He turned around to find Song Zining climbing up the stairs.

This Song Seventh Young Master’s posture had grown increasingly transcendent after his successful cultivation of the Heaven’s Mirror. Among the aristocratic family squads stationed within the city, there was a fair number of noble ladies with both status and ability who favored him greatly. Whether it was his character or temperament, they found him perfect and simply couldn’t find any fault at all. Even his separation from the Song clan had become a merit.

Song Zining had long since experienced a period of building a business from the ground up. This proved that he had the ability to establish a family estate of his own. If he were still in the Song clan, he would’ve become a popular candidate to inherit the clan lord position, then it would be impossible for these noble ladies to reach him. His present state was the best.

Song Zining would act like a pristine young master free of mortal attachments in front of people while continuing to “traverse worldly affairs and polish his glass heart” in private.

Qianye had questioned him about this matter. He especially disapproved of him wasting so much time on his appearance and apparel. However, Song Zining replied that this was an era where people were judged by strength, but even more so by face. Hence, external appearances were incomparably important. He said that if one day, he paid no more attention to fashion, then it would mean his heart was more or less dead.

Qianye had no idea how to argue against Song Zining’s preposterous arguments. He simply accepted everything and let the latter do as he pleased.

Song Zining arrived as though he were walking on air; even his gait seemed to be afloat. He arrived before Qianye in the blink of an eye.

“Any news?” Qianye inquired.

“The great changes a couple of days ago were indeed caused by a battle between Sky Demon and the experts of the two factions. The Evernight side has awakened the Queen of the Night, Lilith, and sent two more great monarchs into battle. On the empire’s side, the leader of the Heavenly Monarchs, the Pointer Monarch, and Marshal Zhang Boqian also participated. The battle involved an area tens of thousands of kilometers wide. Had it not ended with extreme swiftness, the entirety of Evernight Continent might be in danger.”

At this point, even someone as calm as Song Zining couldn’t help but take a deep breath, unable to disguise the intense fascination in his eyes.

Qianye was greatly astonished after hearing the Queen of the Night’s name. Lilith wasn’t just an ordinary great monarch. She had been the number one expert among the vampires for ten thousand years, so much so that some dark race members believed she was the number one character in the world of darkness. Even the proud and mysterious demonkin maintained a level of respect for her. Now that the Evernight Council had even awakened such a character, it would seem they were intent on winning.

“Just what is it that the Sky Demon seeks?” Qianye had personally witnessed that star being shattered and couldn’t help but feel curious.

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