Chapter 492: Heaven’s Mirror

Chapter 492: Heaven’s Mirror [V6C22 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

Qianye was startled to see the unfamiliar expression on Song Zining’s face. He then discovered himself floating in the air with his domain completely unleashed below him. The great ocean waves were surging about like the raging tides and even the earth was undulating. There were layers of sanguineous light upon the ocean surface amidst the rosy clouds and mist, almost like the ebbing tides of the bloody river from his consciousness.

The great sea and sanguineous mist were stuck close together, yet they were as clear as night and day without the slightest intersection—not unlike the difference between Daybreak and Evernight.

Song Zining’s austere expression gradually lost all emotion. His usual smiling demeanor was almost as cold as a mirror. There seemed to be nothing reflected there apart from the world before him.

Qianye saw himself in Song Zining’s eyes. The domain formed of great ocean waves weren’t tangible, but a powerful origin fluctuation that distorted the air caused his line of vision to fluctuate along with it. Qianye was standing atop the waves, enshrouded in a surging mist of blood, and his Wings of Inception were folded in a protective stance.

Thump! Qianye’s blood core suddenly pulsed like the beating of a war drum.

Song Zining started moving and walked over one step at a time. Qianye didn’t sense Song Zining unleash his domain or circulate his origin power, but he could no longer track the latter’s position after a couple of steps.

Qianye didn’t move at all, and very soon, Song Zining had stepped into the range of those great ocean waves. However, Qianye couldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary within his domain. It was as though the person who had walked in didn’t even exist.

But a change occurred as Song Zining continued forward into the bloody mist. A barrier akin to colored glass rose up around him with leaves flying about from within. In the short distance between its point of emergence and where it curled into the ground, the barrier evolved into a realm of thriving and withering, of life and death.

Qianye took a deep breath as he descended to the ground. Along with his movements, the oceanic domain, the Wings of Inception, and the bloody mist all dispersed one after another. The glass barrier grew even more distinct after their disappearance. It was like a treasured banner over ten meters in diameter locking Qianye and Song Zining tightly within.


Song Zining watched Qianye in silence as the coldness in his eyes gradually faded away. “Qianye.” By the time that spring-water-like warmth had returned to his eyes, the glass barrier around him also disappeared silently.

Qianye looked up to watch the final specks of dispersing light and said, “Your domain seems different from before.”

“This is the true domain of the Three Thousand Flying Leaves Art. After reaching a higher realm, different cultivators will choose one from among the three thousand great daos to walk along and reach three thousand different domains.” Song Zining smiled. “This domain is called the Heaven’s Mirror. My heart is as transparent as glass and unstained by mortal desires.”

Qianye listened to Song Zining’s expert words and felt something wasn’t quite right. He couldn’t help but say, “Free from mortal desires? But you have so many women around you. Why do I feel that you’ve chosen the opposite path?”

Song Zining didn’t seem ashamed at all. On the contrary, he said with great confidence, “Experiencing worldly affairs is the way to be free of myriad laws, and every drop of rouge is akin to sharping one’s dao stone. I told you not to hang out too much with that Wei clan boar. Now, you can’t even understand such a simple profundity.”

Qianye shot him a sidelong glance. “How come you’re here? How’s Blackflow City?”

“The Iron Curtain has been drawn, and the world is undergoing changes. Even a border area like Blackflow has felt the tremors, but only a couple of poorly built buildings crumbled,” Song Zining said with a smile. “I ran out after you and found you here. But you…” He shrugged.

Qianye recalled the scene that had taken place within his world of consciousness and couldn’t help but turn silent. He had never considered himself a vampire because there were also humans who had obtained the power of darkness. This was especially true on Evernight Continent where demon hunters and roteaters with pure darkness origin power were still battling against the dark races. But what was that just now? Why did he sense the calling of the vampire bloodline river?

Song Zining patted his shoulder and said, “Qianye, I’ve always wanted to tell you that strength belongs to no specific faction. As long as we’re strong enough, we will be able to control the power and not become its puppet. I’m very happy that you were still lucid just now.”

Qianye nodded solemnly.

Atop the tallest mountain range on Twilight Continent, within the most ancient of the Perth clan’s castles. All of the clan’s important characters above the level of marquis were presently gathered here. Even the biggest and most historic hall within the castle seemed somewhat crowded at this point. Just from this fact, it went to show just how powerful and rich this ancient clan was.

The superior vampires were conversing in hushed tones. There was no lack of people among them who hadn’t seen each other for centuries. Meanwhile, the coronation of the Sperger clan lord, Habsburg, which shook the entire river of sacred blood, was also a topic of endless discussion.

It was at this moment that an indefensible suppressive might descended quietly upon the people. A projection appeared on the high throne at the end of the hall. Even though no one could see the figure clearly, all the vampires knew she was the bloodline fountainhead of all those present—the Queen of the Night, Lilith.

Everyone became silent as they placed their hands upon their chest and fell on one knee, a ceremony of utmost reverence. No one was talking any longer, and even the sounds of breathing were no longer present. Silence was the greatest form of respect in the queen’s presence.

Lilith gently raised her hand after a while. Only then did everyone dare to stand up.

This was the first time after Lilith’s awakening that she had convened the clan's upper echelons. Her index finger tapped lightly on the handrest. No one knew what she was pondering about, but none dared make a sound, lest they interrupt her thoughts.

Moments later, Lilith finally spoke, “How are the Monroes doing?”

A duke in charge of intelligence said respectfully, “The Monroe clan’s development was steady throughout the years. The Black-Winged Monarch never appeared again after he went missing, but there were recent clues as to his hidden treasure which alarmed a group of people. We also dispatched people to search for it, but in the end…”

The duke continuously recounted the things that had transpired in recent years. He spoke so fast that even the marquises could hardly catch up. But this was not a problem at all for the Queen of the Night. Lilith’s awakening was an extremely rare occasion, and her time was indescribably precious. Naturally, everything had to be arranged at the fastest possible speed.

Lilith only sat silently, and no one knew whether or not she was listening. Suddenly, her tapping finger stopped mid-air, and at this moment, the duke immediately paused his narration.

“You said that the Monroe clan has a descendant who’s awakened Andruil’s bloodline?”

The duke immediately replied, “Yes, her name is Nighteye. She was originally the descendant of a small branch family. Later on, she was found to be a primo of fairly pure blood.”

Lilith listened until the end, then said slowly, “Primo, is it? What ability did she awaken?”

“According to the present information, we believe she should be the owner of the Eye of Destruction. It’s just that she hasn’t manifested it just yet.”

“Eye of Destruction?” There was a fluctuation in Lilith’s voice. The temperature in the hall fell sharply as killing intent pervaded the air. Even dukes couldn't help but tremble under this frosty killing intent, almost falling to their knees along with the other members of the clan.

“Since the Eye of Destruction has appeared, where is the Eye of Control?”

That duke’s face turned pale. It was fairly difficult for him to stand still under Lilith’s killing intent. He forced himself to speak with a steady voice, “We’ve already searched carefully, but up until this day, there are no other clan descendants who have awakened the Eye of Control.”

Lilith remained silent for quite some time before her cold voice spread out throughout the great hall. “Have Nighteye come see me.”

Some of those in the hall were immediately delighted after hearing these words. Among them, a young vampire seemed to have made up his mind. His face was full of determination as he took a step forward with a deep bow and said with a clear voice, “Your Revered Majesty, can you spare some of your time to listen to my suggestion?”

Lilith’s brows broke into a frown. The grand duke beside her quickly said, “This is Edward. He’s awakened your bloodline and has been appointed by the council as the Holy Son of our sacred blooded race.” This almost meant that this young vampire was Lilith’s primo. The council’s conferment of this title was apparently a gesture of goodwill toward her, recognizing her as the most honored in the entire vampire race.

Edward, who had been standing far below the throne, felt his face flush red upon hearing this. He was clearly proud and excited. He was never one to lose his cool under normal circumstances, but today was just too special.

Lilith wasn’t just the Perth clan’s primogenitor, but also the most supreme existence for the entire vampire race. In a thousand years, there was only one person who dared challenge her authority, and that was the Black-Winged Monarch Andruil. But even that legendary character never confronted the Queen of the Night directly.

If Edward could obtain a single word of praise from Lilith, it would be a supreme honor for him. This was especially true since he had awakened her bloodline.

However, Edward didn’t hear Lilith’s praise as he had hoped. On the contrary, the Queen of the Night snorted coldly, “When did we ever need the council to get involved with our sacred-blood descendants?”

All of those present belonged to different generations of Lilith’s bloodline. Her ire immediately caused the vampires in the hall to tremble uncontrollably.

But Lilith’s gaze still fell upon Edward’s face as she said indifferently, “What suggestions do you have? Speak.”

Edward tried hard to calm down his boiling blood energy and said as calmly as he could, “This suggestion is also related to Nighteye. Your Majesty is the second drop in the river of sacred blood, and in the recent millennium, only the Black Winged Monarch’s blood remains unthreatened by you. In the entire vampire race, the blood flowing in my veins is the strongest and purest of your bloodline. Meanwhile, Nighteye possesses the Eye of Destruction, which proves that her bloodline is extremely pure. Hence, my idea is for me to combine with Nighteye. An offspring from this reunion might be integrated with our bloodline and become an exceptionally powerful descendant.”

The Holy Son had been carrying out this plan for a long time, but the Monroe clan’s power at the moment was also quite significant. Not only did Nighteye herself refuse resolutely, but the Sperger clan had also interfered. As such, he hadn’t yet succeeded amidst the many obstructions.

On the other hand, the Perth clan was sufficiently old and powerful. Consequently, there were also many factions within it, and not every person hoped to see the Holy Son grow powerful. Presently, those from the other factions could hardly sit still after hearing the Holy Son describe his plans before Lilith.

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